BJ Villainess Chapter 91

Author: alyalia

At my question, Ozworld lowered his head and looked at me as if checking how he was dressed before opening his mouth.


“While discussing the new outfit, I ended up trying on various options.”


Speaking like that, he sounded like the CEO of an entertainment company.


“It’s fascinating. I didn’t know you cared about that.”


I thought the bright red suit was his preference.


“Because what is shown is everything. Are these clothes weird?”


A person who used to wear only a red suit all of a sudden is wearing a different outfit. Of course, it’s weird.


“No, it’s not weird.”


Ozworld smirked as he pulled whiskey out of the minibar. “I guess you’re at ease.”


What nonsense are you talking about?


“You seemed to be quite sincere about lying in the past, but now your expression and words are playing separately.”


It was obvious. What he said was also true that I was somewhat relaxed as I often watched Ozworld these days.


“I didn’t mean that it didn’t suit you…”


I hurriedly turned my gaze out the window. Wow, the night view is so nice.


Ozworld poured himself a glass of wine and sat down next to me, befitting a guy who was born selfishly from his appearance.


Why are you coming here? Go on, do your work. Huuh.


He asked me. “How is your life in Pantheon?”


The broadcast was not on, so I wondered why he interviewed me, but there was nothing I couldn’t answer.


“It’s quite interesting and fun. I was curious about where the Constellations live. The night view is especially the best.”


Ozworld tilted his head and stared out the window. Then he murmured as if realizing it all over again. “It is beautiful. The night view.”


We only looked at the outside for a while without saying a word. Then, I suddenly glanced at Ozworld with a wink. He looks different when he flips through his flashy rainbow-colored hair.


Today, Ozworld’s hairstyle was neat pomade hair. In addition, he looked much more mature than usual, probably because he was wearing dark clothes.


Ozworld, who was drinking while enjoying the night view, looked at me unexpectedly. I was caught glancing.


“Why do you keep glancing at me?”


“…Well, I have a question.”


It was the reason why I glanced at him from before. Ozworld’s sleek eyebrows lifted slightly.


“Are you interviewing me again?”


“……Well, I have a question.”


That’s why I’ve been glancing.


I have no choice. I’m really curious about something this time.


“I’ve been to Jyang’s abyss before.”


When I hinted at the changing topic, Ozworld smirked. His attitude showed that he understood my question even before hearing it.


“Do you want to know if I have an abyss?”




“Why are you curious about that?”


“Because I’m curious about you?”


Would I have wondered about the abyss if I were a different person? Why is he asking me the obvious? But my answer didn’t seem obvious to Ozworld.


“I didn’t know Miss Theresa had any questions for me. I thought you were always asking unnecessary questions to avoid the situation.”


That was half right and half wrong. I had more questions about the existence of Ozworld than he thought.


“You seem to know everything about me, but I know very little about you. Oh, I know you have a big company building and are a legendary channel manager.”


Ozworld squinted and nodded slowly in reply. “I’m also a citizen of Pantheon, and of course, I have an abyss. I just don’t bother looking into it.”


“Why don’t you look in? Apparently, the abyss can be transformed into a desired form of one’s past.”


Don’t you usually want to change the past?


Ozworld asked me. “What if you had an abyss?”


My abyss…


I narrowed my brows at once. Even if you do your best to decorate that kind of past, it’s already a world where all the characters are wrong.


“I think I’ll just leave it.”


In response to my reply, Ozworld smiled as if he was thinking the same.


…What? Why is he smiling like that? Like someone who even formed a consensus with me. To me, Ozworld was created to make others unhappy, but he wasn’t the type to have an unhappy past.


Arriving at the castle before I knew it, the room, which had only been turned on with indirect lightning, suddenly became brighter, and the airship began to land.


“You’ve arrived.”


I asked, looking towards the room where Kike and Benito slept. “Should I wake them up?”


“They will come out on their own.”


Ozworld spoke nonchalantly with a smile on his face, and then he went out with me to the entrance.


The moment I yawned and rubbed my eyes one after another in the pouring drowsiness. Flutter— The black butterfly seen in Jyang’s abyss reappeared.


Didn’t I see it wrong? I felt something just like the last time, but the appearance of the butterfly was strangely familiar.


Where did I see that?


The moment I was contemplating.




A huge scythe came out of nowhere and cut the airship’s body in half like a guillotine blade.


“…Kike! Benito!”


I immediately turned to the airship, but Ozworld held my arm.


“What are you…!”


Before I questioned what was happening, a roar sounded like the sky was splitting.




Sharp shards of ice scattered everywhere, and huge clouds gathered overhead, pouring down violent storms.




I was on the verge of losing my mind at the sudden natural disaster.


“They’re the antis.”


Ozworld swung his staff across. Then the clouds attacking us were thrown like a fish floating toward the antis who were rushing at us wearing bright red hoods.




Then, when Ozworld snapped his fingers, a white thunderbolt struck from the clouds, and the earth shook. It was truly a battle of the gods. I came to understand why Ozworld looked at me like a minnow.


“Damn it, all-out attack!”


“Kill Theresa!”


Seeing the antis appearing one after another, Ozworld, annoyed, clicked his tongue and pointed his staff in a somewhat whimsical direction.


Swooosh————— Ping!


The light from the staff shot out silently and almost soundlessly. But the results were enormous.




Suddenly, the air began to crack and break down in the form of a hexagon!


“What is that?!”


“It breaks time and space.”


The exposed time and space generated a strong tension and sucked in the constellations.


With a ruthless touch, Ozworld fired another shot of light right next to the broken space-time. Swooosh————— Ping! The tension of space-time, which collapsed like a block, became even stronger.


“Run away!”


The antis were horrified. The problem was that they weren’t the only ones at risk. I was almost sucked in by the tension, but I escaped the crisis thanks to Ozworld hugging my waist.


“If you don’t want to break your back, you’d better hold on to me.”


For once, it’s very kind of you to say. Even if he didn’t say it, the tension was too strong, so I hugged Ozworld tightly, whimpering like a cicada on an old tree.


Holds of the antis were sucked into the cracks in time and space and half fled. When the situation was settled, the space-time gap naturally closed. As soon as the tension wore off, I sprang away from Ozworld.


I want to go back to Valhalla. I’m nothing but a small, fragile human being to deal with antis who cause natural disasters.


Come to think of it, the black butterfly has disappeared. When I find a black butterfly, it seems like the antis appear. As if to inform me of the danger.


Then, the twins rubbed their eyes and approached.


“Master, shall we take care of the rest?”




Before Ozworld could open his mouth, I hurried up to the twins. There was nothing special except for their swollen eyelids from a light sleep.


“Aren’t you hurt anywhere? Don’t you need to go to the hospital?”


The twins asked Ozworld with an expression that they had no idea why I was worried “…?” Why is Miss doing this?”


Ozworld reacted with indifference. “Well, from a human point of view, it must have been a dangerous situation. And tracking is fine. If you get rid of too many constellations, there will be sanctions.”


No, what kind of nonsense is this?


“The airship split in half! It’s of course, something to be concerned about.”


Right. You’re a great citizen of the Pantheon, and I’m an insignificant human being. Feeling a bit flustered, I grumbled, “But it’s enough if you’re fine.”


By the way, I was curious about something. “What happens if you get sucked into the space of time?”


“You could fall into the Pantheon of a thousand years ago, or you could fall into another dimension in the future.”


You mean I almost got sucked into a place like that? It was a lot more nerve-wracking than I thought.


“That’s enough.”


Ozworld’s nonchalant words made me feel absurd.


“Is it okay to sleep here? Wouldn’t there be more antis attacks?


“I don’t mind, but Miss Therese may be dangerous.”


Then the twins said, “We will be with Miss.”


Ozworld raised his eyebrows unexpectedly. “Kike and Benito?”


“Yes. Aside from being noisy, Miss isn’t bad.”


When did I ever be noisy?


Ozworld’s eyes narrowed. “That’s a big deal. It’s rare for Kike and Benito to like someone. Alright, then, do as you please.”


The twins and I went to Ozworld’s bedroom, and Ozworld went to another room.

When Ozworld disappeared from sight, I opened my mouth with a serious expression. “I’ve been curious about it before. How did you get to know Ozworld?”


Benito covered his ears. 


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