BJ Villainess Chapter 97

Author: alyalia


[The Constellation ‘Broadcast Genius Theresa’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[At this rate, even I would think that the world revolves around Theresa;]


“Enough, stop talking weirdly.”


“What do you mean weirdly! Because of these things, everyone in the society is eager to invite Lady. Social season has begun now.”


The social season usually starts at the end of April. And it’s May now. The invitations to parties indeed come from all over the place. Still, many people seemed to want to meet me because of a series of events in the meantime.


Eloise said sullenly, “But Master has rejected all of them.”




“Good?! Lady is supposed to sweep society more splendidly than anyone else, so what is this!”


Eloise cursedly glared at books, and magic calculation tables piled up on my table with a frustrated expression.


Ilya stayed in the duchy and directly guided me to the parts I missed in the <Attribute Magic> test.


“Does that professor think this is a school? Why did he give Lady strange homework!”


At that moment, I heard a knock.


“Lady, Professor Ilya Bernstein is here.”


“Hiiik!” Eloise was horrified and asked in a low voice. “He didn’t hear me, did he?”


“Maybe? I don’t know.”


“Uaaa, Ladyyyyyy.”



[The Constellation ‘Absolutely Protect Squire’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[The more I see Eloise, the better it gets ㅋㅋ.]


Eloise’s evaluation was bound to get better over time. Because she’s a maid character whose loyalty and abilities increase proportionately as intimacy increases.


Eloise hung on with a teary face, but I patted her on the shoulder and got out of the room with my book.


Ilya, who was always neatly dressed at school, was wearing a loose outfit and let his hair down. Maybe that’s why his blunt impression, which was difficult to feel a single emotion, seemed more like a human.


“Let’s go.”


Due to his relentless, goal-oriented nature, which goes straight to the point without even a light greeting, he might appear robotic, like a machine.




We headed towards the library along the corridor where the sunlight gently invaded and the round, arched shadows were drawn on the floor. Before I knew it, roses were in full bloom around the area, signaling the peak of spring, and a wind blew with lukewarm heat.


It was an exquisite day, with everything moderately good. I was flipping my hair behind my ear in the breeze and suddenly felt someone’s gaze and lifted my head. Ilya was looking down at me obliquely.


He opened his mouth when he looked curiously. “Am I interrupting?”






Ah. He heard Eloise. It must have been more difficult not to hear since she complained so loudly. Anyway, I shook my head, thinking there was no way to pretend not to know.


“Not at all. Objectively, I’m not in a position to go to a party right now.”


Raul couldn’t be at home even for a moment due to handling the cancellation of my funeral, handling the dungeon report, managing miscellaneous rumors spreading in the society, and going to school to meet the Willow family.


“I’ll take care of everything on my own, so you stay home.”


That’s how I made a new request.


At first, he didn’t like Ilya staying with the family, but since work got busy, he even welcomed the presence of a man who could help him in a crisis.


In particular, I think he was most pleased to hear that Ilya would be in charge of my studies. My family still had no idea how my midterm grades were going.  Even Raul seemed to think I was going to be expelled this time.


In the original story, the story was carried out with a scenario where he managed to prevent being expelled by throwing a huge donation. Anyway.


“I prefer studying with Professor like this rather than going to a party.”


Now, the male protagonists, including Ilya, aren’t as scary or reluctant as they were in the early days of possessing.


Creek. When I arrived at the library and grabbed the doorknob, a large hand suddenly landed on my hand.


Huh? The hand was withdrawn instantly before I had time to react.




Ilya grabbed the doorknob I had placed in my hand. He opened the door without any further explanation of his actions.


“Let’s go in.”




I entered the library, fiddling with my hair in bewilderment.


Ilya easily and simply explained why the <Attribute Magic> test I took was a B-.


“You lack basic skills.”


Of course, I am, Professor. I probably didn’t get a good grade because I lacked basic skills. It’s so natural like the earth is round and the objects fall from top to bottom.


He muttered as he checked the new assignment he had given me.  “I wonder why this idea came up. It’s a fact that you can tell just by interpreting your major books correctly.”


Literally translated, he meant that I’m so stupid.


Ilya said two things alternately to me.


“Why don’t you know this?”




“Why can’t you do this?”


I stared into the air with my eyes wide open. Wasn’t there a somewhat fuzzy and warm atmosphere earlier? Was it all my imagination?



[The Constellation ‘Future Ilya’s in-law’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Ilya, I just want you to live here forever… I like him to be my son-in-law.]


It’s weird. I definitely had taken a video of a campaign to eradicate malicious sponsorship, but why does this kind of sponsorship come in?


Ilya’s scolding didn’t end with that.


“The key to attribute magic is to deal with all five elements. But you couldn’t even start two elements. If you do this, you will get a similar score in the final exam.”




I thought I wasn’t expecting to hear compliments that my grades have improved a lot, but I guess I was waiting for Ilya to compliment me. Seeing him makes me lose my energy. Even though I studied so hard.


Normal school starts two days later, on Monday, but I must return to school tomorrow. Because I had to take the rest of the exam. Perhaps if there were no major incidents, it seemed that I would be able to avoid being expelled.


Phew. It’s all studying to save my life, but what about praise? I’m like an idiot waiting for it.


I slapped my face to wake up and concentrate on my private lessons. Then Ilya grabbed me by the wrist.


“What are you doing?”


“Yes? Ah, I’m trying to pull myself together.”


A big hand wrapped lightly around my face like holding a tennis ball.


“That doesn’t make your head better. Don’t do something stupid like this.”


“Yees,” I replied dazedly, and Ilya withdrew his hand.


“Don’t be in a hurry. Your hopelessly poor academic performance is steadily improving.”



[The Constellation ‘Sunfish’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Is this a compliment? Or is he cursing you?]


I think it’ll be somewhere in between…



[The Constellation ‘Question Mark Killer’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[I’m curious about something. Anyway, aren’t the things BJ has been doing in opposition to Ilya’s attempt to turn the human world into a demonic world? If so, wouldn’t he try to kill Theresa, who is against his goal?]


Oh. There’s already a constellation that is questioning this? As I admired that constellation, I almost forgot that Ilya was beside me. This was because the constellation asked the question I wanted the player to feel during the game scenario.



[The Constellation ‘Crazy Setting’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Ilya is a crazy, single-minded person who tries to judge the twisted celestial world with his own standards. Usually, characters like him have godlike abilities and don’t bother controlling minor issues like ordinary people. Beyond indifference, his seemingly generous nature is likely to be due to his overwhelming power.]


Wow. There hadn’t been a scene deeply intertwined with Ilya yet, so how can you figure it so accurately?


If Ilya decides to materialize and open the gates of hell, the human world will collapse helplessly. In order for the human world not to perish, the only way was to make Ilya give up his revenge and justice. But the problem is that this is a story that only works when you play as Libby.


I glanced at Ilya.


<God’s Play> is a reverse harem game. In other words, the way to solve the problem is a worldview that all results in ‘love.’ For that reason, love was the only way to prevent the destruction of the human world.


It was a natural thing in the game, but now that it has become a reality, it’s really a crazy solution. How the hell am I going to make this crazy robot man fall in love? The progress of the future scenario felt bleak.


But Ilya’s likeability for me has built up strangely well.


Is the system all fixed now? Just in case, I checked his likeability.


[Recovery operation due to system failure (50%) – Some systems are functioning normally.]


Hmm, it was still being restored. But do some systems work normally? If so… Broadcast settings.


[Broadcast Setting]

Channel Name: BJ Villainess

Channel Rating: Platinum

Channel Ranking: 66th

Sponsorship: 24,414,000 coins



Oh, it really works… Eh?!


The channel ranking is already 66th?!


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