My Family is Obsessed with Me Chapter 5 - Do you want to be my sister?

Author: eris421

Chapter 5 [Do you want to be my sister?]


I didn’t ask what old memories he had remembered. 


The Big Bear then picked me up slowly. His rigid body somehow felt more pitiful than before. I let him hug me one-sidedly. 


‘…But I don’t think I should do that right now.’


It was awkward, but I moved my hands and hugged the Big Bear’s neck back lightly. Making it so that I could feel his warm body temperature below me. 


I’m here, Big Bear. 


The Big Bear paused for a moment and then began to walk again. This time hugging me more preciously. 




When we returned, Little Bear had already finished organizing the tents.


When he saw me, his face suddenly held an expression of surprise. 


‘What’s wrong?’


Soon the Little Bear came smiling. 


“Come on, try it on.”


“Wow, it’s new!”


Since I grew up in an orphanage, I naturally didn’t see, let alone come in contact with new clothes. I also rarely wore new clothes in my previous life. The temple did indeed give me new clothes, but that was only at first.


Every night, under the whip of the Cardinal my clothes would soon be torn and stained with chunks of blood and flesh, eventually turning them old overnight. When I was finally allowed out of the temple to hunt the Demon Lord, the clothes I wore under my armor were never changed. 


“Is this your first time wearing a new outfit?”


The Little Bear asked with a startled look. 




It was indeed the first time in my life. 


“The shoes you gave are pretty too. The fit is perfect and it’s not uncomfortable at all. Thank you.”


I smiled and thanked him. 


In truth, I thought the Little Bear would puff up in pride, but he just patted my head affectionately with a look of discontent. 


The Big Bear approached and asked. 


“Can you use thermal magic?”


Thermal Magic was magic that could only be used by the spell caster themselves. It served to warm the body. 


In my previous life, the people of the temple did not teach me such magic, saying that warriors were born innately strong and that it wouldn’t be necessary. But being strong did not mean that I did not feel cold and hot. 


When I was in pain from frostbite while fighting in the freezing cold, a female magician taught me a thermal spell. 


‘She was a very nice person.’


If I remembered correctly she was a magician who used a two-handed magic sword. 


“No. I can’t…”


Thermal Magic was quite special so I could not use it with my current body. 


“It’s a shame we didn’t bring temperature regulating artifacts with us. Juliano, tell me you at least bought a coat or something?”


“Yes, I bought some.”


“Good job. Take it out.”


From the subspace, the Little Bear took out a big, thick coat, gloves, a scarf, and a fur hat. 


I was happy because it was new, but as I put each item on my body, the more heavy and stuffy it became. 


“It’s uncomfortable, right? But you have to be careful so as to not catch a cold, so wear it well. It’s going to get colder.” 


I nodded. 


“Come on. Let’s go,” the Big Bear said as he hugged me. 


It was still awkward to be hugged by someone so I curled up a little. The Big Bear patted my back affectionately as if to say that everything would be okay, and then began to fly using magic. 


It was so fast that I couldn’t even see clearly. 


‘It feels a bit strange.’


I never imagined that I would leave the place where I lived for more than six years in this way. It was cool but also unfortunate as I couldn’t punish the bad guys. 


‘I must come back in three years.’


I decided again. 


However, as I settled in the Big Bear’s comfortable and reliable arms, I started to feel sleepy. 


‘I can’t sleep comfortably when Big Bear is working so hard…’


But I still fell asleep. 




“Dia, you have to eat.”


The Little Bear shook me awake.


As I opened my eyes, I took in the sight of an unfamiliar space, with Big Bear sitting on a chair holding me.




“We’re at a restaurant.”


The Little Bear across me laughed at the play in words he himself spat. 


Of course, I glared at the fool. 


The Big Bear looked at the Little Bear too. Only then did the Little Bear stop laughing and changed the topic. 


“I ordered you some pork cutlet because I thought it would be quite delicious.”


“Pork cutre… cutlet?”


It was a very difficult word to pronounce first try. 


“It’s a wide piece of pork covered in bread crumbs and fried.”


“Oh, I know what that is. I’ve had it before.”


“Really? I guess the food in the orphanage is quite good.”


“No. The orphanage food is bad. I ate it at the Lord’s Castle.”


“At the Lord’s Castle?”


“Yeah. I took the part that the Lord didn’t eat and tried it.”


Suddenly, the Little Bear looked at me with eyes full of sympathy. I felt a little burdened, so I raised my chin and asked, looking at the Big Bear. 


“Where is this place?”


“The village at the edge of the next estate.”


The Big Bear was expressionless as usual, but his eyes seemed a little warmer. 


‘I feel like I can see the emotions of the Big Bear better.’ 


It was amazing to think that I just met him. Then, I suddenly noticed, I was on the Big Bear’s lap.


“I don’t think you’d enjoy the chair.”


The food would soon be served, and it would be even more inconvenient to eat like this. Thus, I made my decision. I wriggled down to the next chair. The Big Bear looked disappointed. 


“Juliano and I will now use Illusion Magic artifacts. Don’t be surprised.”


The two pressed some part of the ring on their hands. When the Illusion Magic in the ring was triggered, the two suddenly assumed ordinary appearances. 


After a knock, the staff dragged the trays in. 


Thanks to the Illusion Magic, the staff was not intimidated by the size of the two bears. His eyes even sparkled as he looked at me. 


“Oh, how cute you are. Here’s a set of little bears.”


The employee gave me a bear-shaped pink tray. Next to the circular pork cutlet was some round lettuce salad that had red ketchup over it shaped like a smiling face. They also added two cute round pickles to make ears and attach them to the pork cutlet.  


“Is this a bear…?”


“Yes, it’s cute, right? Well, I hope you enjoy your meal.”


The staff gave the two bears their own meals and headed out. I was actually a little excited, my heart pounding. I had never had such cute food before. It was food personally made for me too. 


“I’ll cut it for you.”


The Big Bear picked up his knife and split the pork cutlet into twenty small pieces in an instant. 


“You have to chew it well.” 




I looked at the smiling salad every time I took a bite of the pork cutlet. It was really good. 




When the Little Bear said that, the Big Bear nodded in agreement. I said aloud, 


“Yes, the bear face is so cute!”


“Not that.”


The Little Bear’s eyes twinkled as he tilted his head. 


“What’s wrong?”


“Nothing. Do you want some more?”


“No. I’m full.”


The Big Bear and Little Bear’s meal was soon over. 


“Stay here. I’ll get the carriage.”


“We’re not going by magic anymore? Are we going by carriage?”


“Yes. I don’t want to use magic anymore.”


I wondered what was going on, but I didn’t ask this time either. 


The Big Bear rubbed my head lightly and disappeared out the window. I looked over the window.


‘It’s so different from the Spania estate…’


The buildings were big and the roadsides were well organized. The people who came and went were dressed properly and had clean faces. Above, all their expressions were not dark nor bad. 


“It’s so much more beautiful than where I was. Why is it so different when it’s so close to the next area?”


Compared to this place, the Spania area where I lived looked like hell. 


“Because of the Lord. The owner of the Spania territory you were in is the worst piece of garbage.” 


The Little Bear’s eyes shone fiercely when he pressed the ring button that released the Illusion Magic. 


“We need to clean him up quickly.”


“Why not just clean him up now?”


“That Lord’s backing is a little strong.”


“Backing? Who is it?”


The Little Bear replied with an expression of difficulty. 


“Just know there’s someone like that.”


‘There’s someone strong enough that the Duke can’t clean them up?’


The Little Bear giggled and looked at me. 


“You’re so cute.”




“Yeah. Here, look.”


The Little Bear conjured a little magic mirror in front of my face. 


“Try a smile.” 


The pink blush that spread across the cheeks filled with baby fat enhanced the small dimple at the side of the cheeks. The small lips opened slightly, and the front teeth peeked through slightly. The big eyes that glittered with loveliness only enhanced the picture. 


‘I didn’t portray this feeling in the past.’ 


After I washed clean and wore neat clothes, my appearance was emphasized. The smile on my face was a little awkward, but it was indeed undoubtedly cute. 


‘I’m a little shy for some reason…’


The Little Bear then asked with a smile, 


“Dia, do you want to be my sister?”


“Do you want me to be your little sister because I’m cute?”


“Of course you’re adorable. But that’s not the only reason. I feel like we get along quite well. Should I say you’re like my own sibling. My sister. What?”


I shook my head immediately. 


“Hyuk! How can you say no right away? Dia, my family is great! We’re Dukes you know!”


“I don’t want to.”


“You can have even prettier shoes and clothes! You’ll be treated well.”


“I don’t want to.”


“You can eat bear-shaped food often!”


My will shook a little, but I still answered firmly. 


“I don’t want to.”


“Even candy! No, you can eat even more delicious desserts than candy!” 


My will once again shook, but this time again I overcame the temptation. 


As I repeatedly refused, the Little Bear with a sullen face asked, 


“Why don’t you like it?”


I couldn’t trust the two bears just yet. Besides what kind of sibling could I be? 


I answered roughly. 


“I don’t want to be a noble.” 


“Huh? Why?:”


“The Lord is bad.”


“You must hate all nobles because the Lord of Spania was bad, but not all nobles are like that. I and my father are both nobles, but we’re good people.”


The Little Bear pointed at himself with his hand and spoke proudly as if he had no shame. 


I asked, pretending not to see. 


“How about the Duke?”


“The Duke?”


“Juliano’s Dad.”


I couldn’t say Big Bear after all. 


“My father is not the Duke.”


“Then why do you say the word, Duke?”


“Ah, is that why you thought so? The Duke is not my father, but my mother. My father is the Duke’s husband.”


The Little Bear pointed his hand to his face. 


“Look, my hair is black and my eyes are gold. I also have black mana. These are the three characteristics of my family’s direct lineage. You can only become Duke if you have these.”


Suddenly, I remembered the fact that my mana was black. 


“So Juliano’s mother is the Duke, and she has those features?”




I suddenly recalled the reason why the black leopard with golden eyes was used as a family crest. 


It was because of its appearance. 


‘But if you look at Little Bear, isn’t he more bear than leopard?’


Other than the color of his eyes and hair, he looked just like a Big Bear. 


“Then what do you call him? I mean, Juliano’s dad? Duchess?”


“No, we call him Count. If you marry a Duke, you become a Count. It’s in the papers.”


“I see… Oh, by the way…”


The Little Bear was the Duke’s Son and commoners had to use honorifics when talking to nobles. No matter what my actual status was, I was currently indeed a commoner…


‘Come to think of it, I’ve been talking informally until now, but they haven’t gotten angry at all.’


If it was Spania’s Lord, he would have already killed me the first time he heard it. In a very cruel way too. 


I made up my mind to be polite to the Little Bear. 






“Sir! Should I call you Young Master? After all, I have to use honorifics.”


The Little Bear’s eyes opened wide, before closing his mouth as if trying to suppress a smile. 


“Hmm, I see. Call me by my first name, not Young Master.” 


“Is this allowed?”


“Yes. Of course. Or you can directly call me brother.”


“About that–”


The Little Bear grinned before his face suddenly hardened as he put his right hand on the bracelet on his left wrist. 


“That’s strange. This bracelet is a set so you can see where the other person wearing it is. My father is getting farther and farther away. He’s going out of town. What happened?”


“Let’s go.”


“But he told us to stay here.” 


“Let’s go.” 


The Little Bear looked worried but nodded. 


“Okay, let’s go.”


The Little Bear once again cast his Illusion Magic, paid for the meal, and hugged me. It was a little awkward, but I hugged the Little Bear’s neck back with my hands. 


The Little Bear opened his mouth after a while but soon recovered his expression as we entered the deserted road. The Little Bear, who used Invisibility Magic and Presence Erasing Magic to get there faster, hugged me and started running fast. 


We got out of town in less than five minutes. Soon we arrived at a forest full of large, leafy trees. The Little Bear’s pace did not slow down at all because of this. 




Because my magic was stronger than the Little Bear, I felt something through Detection Magic. 


I tapped one hand on the shoulder of the Little Bear holding me. The Little Bear understood my intention and stopped at once. I pointed to one side with my hand and whispered very quietly towards the Little Bear. 


“A hundred meters ahead. Three bad guys.”


The Little Bear nodded knowingly and dropped me on the floor. 


“Wait here. It might be dangerous.”




I started running fast in the direction I just pointed out. 

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