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I cleared my throat.

I never thought I’d say something like this, but what will I do with what has already happened?

Cesare, who was looking at me with an interesting eye, smiled lightly and asked

“What do you want to say, Daphne?”

It’s obviously a friendly question with a soft tone, but I don’t know why I’m getting goosebumps.

Maybe it’s because I know the essence of Cesare?

Cesare is smiling like that, pretending to be kind, but in fact, isn’t he the ‘Male Lead’ who plays the role of an ‘Obsessive Maniac’ in this novel?

I knew from A to Z what that man had done to get his master, Gabriel.

And what fate will I face in the future.

“We’re getting a divorce.”


Cesare tilted his head and let out a voice.

“Divorce me, Cesare.”

I’m sorry, but I can’t move on with that kind of nod!

Cesare appeared with the owner, Gabriel.

This meant that the novel had now started properly and that my death route would be set.

Daphne in the original was the wife of an obsessive maniac. That was Cesare, the man sitting in front of me.

Their married life was dull.

But the weight was clearly leaning towards Daphne, because she loved Cesare.

Daphne, who witnessed Cesare’s obsession with Gabriel and falling in love with him, couldn’t resist.

Daphne thought that if Gabriel left, Cesare would come back to her.

So she tortured Gabriel to death.

But the indomitable Gabriel did not give in… 


‘Just because you’re like this doesn’t break our love, madam…!’


It couldn’t help but be a mature novel.

And those words perfectly provoked Daphne,so she decided to kill Gabriel.

It was a decision that could have been made because Daphne was risking her life to Cesare.

And the moment she stabs Gabriel with a dagger, Cesare finds out about the scene and kills her.

I became that Daphne!

Wouldn’t it be better to leave both legs intact than to suffer like that?

I’ve been trying my best to keep an eye on the two main characters.

To win the favor of the two. I was just trying to show that I never hate Gabriel.

And avoid sleeping with Cesare as much as possible.

It’s time for me to leave for their happy ending. Naturally!

That was the reason for our divorce.

Cesare’s smile deepened.

See. Was it what you wanted too?

“Are you having an affair with him?”


“Gabriel. The slave I brought.”

… I’m not cheating…?

Wait, I’ve been nice to Gabriel… Maybe he misunderstood that Gabriel and I were having an affair?

Could it be that Cesare was jealous of me?

Cesare’s eyes lit up.

“To be honest, you can find the light, Daphne.”

I swallowed my saliva and thought.

Now is the time to take a step back.

I didn’t do anything right, but I knew intuitively that I had to return the knife I pulled.

So I said with a big smile.

“… I’ve made a slip of the tongue, Cesare.”


“Ser-Seriously, Cesare has been busy lately. That’s why I think I feel lonely.”

It was me who had avoided sleeping, but I brought it up as soon as I could.

For some reason, Cesare’s eyes seemed to kill someone.


Cesare’s eyes softened at that moment.

Hah. I think I’m about to die now.

This damn novel. What the hell is going on?

But my troubles didn’t end there… 

“Wake up, Daphne.”


“So here?”

Cesare gave a sultry smile.

Wh-what! In broad daylight!

I stepped back with a pale and tired face.

“Why are you doing this, Cesare…?”

“You said you were lonely without me, it hurts me. I have to make up for leaving you alone.”

Cesare approached me without hesitation.

“Oh, no…”

I didn’t mean that…!

I was dragged straight into Cesare’s bedroom.




<Don’t Leave Me>

It was the title of the last novel I read before possessing this body.

As the title, it was a slightly exhausting R-19 BL novel, it was about a desperate main character that shows the end of obsession, and a potion like a flower.

Cesare, who was the main duke and had the setting of an obsessive maniac, brings a runaway slave he found in the hunting ground to his mansion.

And he prevents the owner from running away from him in various ways, and many readers were enthusiastic about the tightness that seemed to cross the line at any moment.

Locking him in a room, or distracting him… 

It’s a delusion because it’s a novel, but if it were real, he would be a criminal.

Anyway, there was also a villain in the love of the main characters, and that was Daphne, Cesare’s wife.

Daphne, who loved her husband, could not forgive Gabriel for taking her man.

It was a dull marriage.

Because Daphne loved Cesare, but Cesare did not love her.

But over time, she thought that her husband would eventually open his heart to her.

Meanwhile, a mere escaped slave, even a man taking her husband’s love, which she thought would return to her.

Daphne was furious and tormented Gabriel in many different ways.

If Cesare gave Gabriel a drug that made him lose his mind, Daphne poisoned him.

They look like a couple who get along well… 

The problem was that Daphne’s actions provoked Cesare’s wrath.

Still, Cesare couldn’t kick Daphne right away.

This is because Daphne cleverly harassed Gabriel so as not to get caught, and many maids in the mansion sided with her and helped Daphne.

But Gabriel is a good and beautiful owner.

Impressed by his good heart, who does not give in to evil deeds, the maids gradually repent of their actions and begin to help him.

Daphne, who was so neglected by everyone, eventually tried to kill Gabriel herself.

However, the moment she picks up the dagger, Cesare catches her and kills her by decapitation.

In this way, the two protagonists confirm their love for each other and live for a hundred years.

“The problem is that I became the main character’s wife…”

I moaned and put my head on the tea table.

The delicious afternoon tea set prepared by the maids had a sweet scent, but I couldn’t get my appetite back.

Daphne dies. Even in the hands of her husband, Cesare!

Of course, from the perspective of the main characters, Daphne was a villainess.

For the first time as Cesare, he met a man who made his heart race because I was in the way and to Gabriel I was always a life-threatening person.

In the first place, what does this mean in BL novel she is the obsessive maniac wife?

They just needed a villain to kill.

But I didn’t want to die.

I don’t want to die, and if possible, I want to live a happy life.

“Madam, Master Cesare has returned.”

As the maid next to me whispered, I raised my head that had been planted on the table.

Indeed, as the maid said, over the terrace railing, I saw Cesare returning from hunting.

Hunting was one of Cesare’s hobbies.

He used to go out hunting lightly two or three times a week, but one day he brought Gabriel with him.

After being possessed here, whenever Cesare went hunting, I used to spend all day sitting on this terrace.

It was to find out faster than anyone if Gabriel was in his arms when he returned.

The story begins when Gabriel starts coming to this mansion, but it’s a big deal if you get caught up in the flow of the story without any preparation.

And I finally realized that the story had begun.




“It’s the owner.”

A man was sitting in the back seat of Cesare’s horse.

I couldn’t see his face from a distance, but I guessed that it was Gabriel.

Cesare, who went out hunting, will return with anyone other than the owner.

My heart was beating fast.

I went down the back door and prepared to meet Cesare.

It is Cesare who kills Daphne.

Maniac Male lead, obsessed with love, did not hesitate to kill his wife.

So from now on, it was important to be gentle and not to offend Cesare.

After all, they are the main character in the story.

How can I stop the two of them from loving each other?

It is wiser to quietly step back rather than watch the terrifying ending of harassing the master because she is blinded by jealousy.

The huge door opened, revealing Cesare, who had returned from hunting.

I greeted him with a broad smile.

“Welcome, are you tired?”

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Comments (6)

  1. I am confused.
    I thought Gabriel was a slave but it is also mentioned he is an owner? Is ‘owner’ some kind of slang for top?

  2. I am confused.
    I thought Gabriel was a slave but it is also mentioned he is an owner? Is ‘owner’ some kind of slang for top?