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“I missed you.”

“Me too.”

I fought back the tears that threatened to fall.

“How have you been? Did you know that Gabriel wasn’t there today? Just like this-”

“Of course, I sent him out.”

Cesare made me startled.

I opened my eyes wide and looked at him, and he smiled.

“I used the person Daphne sent.”

“Who… Lee Jong-woo?”

“Yes. He seems to be friendly with the Crown Prince.”

Obviously, Lee Jong-woo was the person who approached Gabriel without hesitation, aside from me.

“I asked him to keep an eye on him tonight, because I needed to see you.

“But Cesare, it was dangerous. What if Gabriel noticed something?”

“You sent me flowers, I couldn’t stay still.”

Cesare kissed my eye.

“We will be able to share the wreath again and celebrate. I promise.”

I think so too.

I have no intention of spending more than a year here.

“Did you get that drug? Bariol…”

“Yes. I even confirmed that Count Peliard has it stored in his mansion. He intends to dispose of it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and is planning a raid on the site.”

“Dispose it? Did Cesare say will buy it?”

“No. I told him to give me the money instead. My wife, who declared the divorce, caused a great loss to me, so I told him to compensate for the damage.”

Are you talking about me being the wife who declared the divorce?

Cesare smiled and hugged me tightly.

“The wedding gift is nothing compared to the fortune of the Duke of Burstoad, but I think I should get something in return. What do you think, Daphne?”

There was a slight playfulness in Cesare’s voice.

I suppose so.

I pretended to ponder for a moment before answering.

“That’s disgusting. Oh, he doesn’t have a conscience. I think Count Peliard must pay his debts to the Duke.”

“Isn’t the Count pitiful?”

“Is that so? I think a divorced wife should also be punished.”

“Punished for what?”

My body flipped over.

The soft bed touched my back.

Before I realized, Cesare was on top of me.

A large back of a hand ran across my cheek.

I flinched and tremble.

“Tell me. Daphne. What should the punishment be?”

A gentle low-pitched voice melts in my ears.

The room was quiet, all distractions blocked out.

With all the lights turned off, so that in the pitch blackness, only Cesare’s eyes could be seen.

His desire was felt in every gesture.

I gulped.

I put my arm around Cesare’s neck carefully, m without hesitation.

Perhaps this was a signal, and the weight began to gradually load over my body.

You’re trying to do this in Gabriel’s house.

I guess I deserve to be punished.

I’m sorry, Gabriel.

But why don’t you let Cesare take the punishment instead?




I didn’t know I was such a helpless person.

On the bed, Cesare had the clear advantage.

Being an obsessive reader of novels, I was thinking that I would be good in bed, but reading about it and experiencing it were two different things.

It is often said that it is better to see something once than to hear it a hundred times.

Had I ever spent a night with Cesare, even once, I would not have chosen to make such a bold move in Gabriel’s home.

I covered my mouth with both hands.

His touch tickles and makes me nervous.

A large, firm hand with calluses squeezed through the thick fabric of the dress.


I was a little nervous and called his name.

He was concentrating on me and slowly lifted his head. His dark red eyes were shining through his flowing hair.

It was so dark, but those eyes were clearly revealing his existence.

I felt like a herbivore about to be hunted by a predator.

He lightly kissed my forehead.

“Don’t worry.”

My body trembled at the low-pitched voice. The opened lips were blocked by Cesare.

Unlike dry, chapped lips, soft flesh touched my lower lip.

Cesare’s kisses were insistent, and every time I pulled back, he pressed harder.

I didn’t think I’d ever feel so lost. I really didn’t think about anything of it.

I could only feel the fact that Cesare really longed for me.


Cesare, nibbled on my earlobe. My shoulders jerked in surprise.

I looked up at him with watery eyes.

Cesare’s glare deepened. Cesare leaned into me, his weight resting on top of me.

My clothes finally slid off me.

It was dark in the room because the lights were turned off and all the curtains were closed, but I couldn’t hide the outline of my body that was exposed.

Cesare patted my back softly. A chilling sensation spread across my back.

The textured muscles stood out with the firm-looking skin color.

Without realizing it, I reached out and touched his chest. It was hard and stiff. It was a little strange to compare it to my skin, which was soft like a baby.

Then, Cesare grabbed my hand.

Our fingers intertwined and he held me tightly.

His actions were as if he was declaring that he would never let me go. My heart leapt in my chest.

He kissed me again and I closed my eyes.

Really, I wished this moment could last forever.




Morning chirp…

In a typical romance novel, after a hot night with a male protagonist, you would hear a sparrow’s chirp.

But I was still awake.

It’s not even morning, it’s very late in the middle of the night.

The body heat doesn’t go away.

Cesare was gently stroking my hair, holding me completely in his arms.

Our legs intertwined under the duvet touched the soft flesh like a playful play.

I pulled the blanket up just below my eyes.

There was only one thought in my head at this moment.

I want to get out of here right now.

Now being away from Cesare became something that impossible or shouldn’t have happened.

I discovered a new world today.

How dare a married couple try to stay apart.

Huh? I’m so crazy.

I was just determined to get the punishment.

A married couple should always be together, share the same bed, and have hot nights.

In that sense, I was a sinner and rebelled under the world.

It seemed to me that a single punishment wouldn’t be enough for me to be completely forgiven.

I really deserved a long punishment.

You can’t do it just once.

Yes, yes. Not once. Daphne. You should be scolded more.

Thinking about it again sent a fever through my head.

No matter how much I think about it, all I can say is that it was amazing.

Cesare… lived his whole life with such a huge thing.

I’ve come to understand Cesare’s slightly ridiculous confidence.

He was entitled to be confident.

This can’t be refuted even by the Emperor power.

“What do you think?”

As I was immersed in my thoughts as I looked up at the ceiling, Cesare asked in a relaxed voice.

He seemed genuinely relaxed.

Even though Gabriel isn’t in the mansion today, it’s like the middle of a tiger’s den…

I am amazed at his boldness.

Cesare reached out and ruffled my hair.

It’s a careful gesture, like someone handling something precious.

He had acted like a hungry beast until just a moment ago, but now he has become a craftsman working with precious works of art.

He rubbed my cheek with his hand and whispered.

“I’ve been thinking about getting out of here.”

“You can go out any time you want.”

Of course you can go out.

It’s just that you’d get caught again.

If Gabriel uses me as an excuse to declare war on Cesare and Burstoad, then things will really get out of hand.

But here I was, eager to let him go, knowing all the possible problems.

I swear I didn’t want to be separated from Cesare.

The thought grew stronger after we put our bodies together.

My place was next to Cesare. It wasn’t Gabriel’s house, which was just suffocating and painful.

Cesare whispered if he had read my thoughts.

“If it’s Gabriel, don’t worry. Because I can only protect you. I can get hit once, not twice.”

“Gabriel could call you a traitor.”

“No, he can’t. This time, the Emperor won’t allow it.”

Cesare said coldly.

“In the last trial, the Emperor also lost nothing but gained nothing. There are many nobles who turned their backs on the Prince because of his behavior. It seems that the Emperor wants to somehow put Gabriel on the throne, so he’ll try to take a hand if anyone can help him.”

“Then Cesare…”

“Yes. It’s upsetting to have to support Gabriel, but for now it’s the best.”

Truly my husband! Cesare was thinking the same thing as me.

We are of one mind after all.

“So don’t worry and do whatever you want. I’d rather not have to leave you here.”

“… I’m getting out. I’m getting out of here with Cesare today.”

“This is the answer I’ve been waiting for.”

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