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In recent years, there were only two places Gabriel traveled back and from: the palace and his private residence.

He always slept at his private residence, where Daphne was staying.

The Emperor showed him a feeling of discomfort that he had to stay in the palace, but he couldn’t stay overnight, leaving only Daphne in the mansion.

It was kind of a rule.

Daphne was like a bubble to Gabriel.

She seemed to run away if he didn’t watch, and it seemed as if she would disappear at any moment.

He felt he had to be with her, even if she didn’t welcome him.

But the sudden breaking of his rule was not as… unexpected as he thought.

Daphne wasn’t the first person he thought of when he woke up.

I was just thinking about where this is.

Rather, I slept soundly and woke up feeling refreshed.

That can’t be right, Daphne is an angel to me.


‘It’s funny how we think we have the most precious thing in the world, and then it turns out we don’t.’


Why did Lee Jong-woo’s words suddenly come to my mind?

Gabriel shook his head.

Daphne was his only hope from the time he stayed at Burstoad as a slave.

Even if all the other servants ignored him, he was able to survive because Daphne was kind to him.

Even in the Imperial palace where only the chilly wind blew, he endured only thinking about Daphne, who was waiting in his house.

But how can I forget Daphne like that?

It shouldn’t have happened.

“Oh, my friend. You woke up.”

The creaking door opened and Lee Jong-woo entered the room.

Gabriel raised his head.

He was holding a tray of steaming cream stew.

“How are you feeling? I brought it for breakfast, would you like to eat it too?”

“… Give it to me.”

“I knew that, so I got two bowls.”

Gabriel took a bite of the stew using a wooden spoon.

The slightly watery stew was not very tasty, but it was edible.

Most of all, as warm food entered my stomach, my stomach, twisted with thoughts of Daphne, felt a little less.

“Are you hungry? You eat very well.”

Seeing Gabriel scratching the bottom of the bowl, Lee Jong-woo said as if surprised.

Gabriel, who had completely emptied the bowl, put it back on the tray.

Lee Jong-woo handed him the clothes.

“I’ll take you home.”

Gabriel nodded without answering.

Returning to the house, Gabriel realized he might have overstepped.

Just as the night away from Daphne was an unexpected break for him, he didn’t know that Daphne would need such a time.

Maybe she was just getting frustrated with being locked up in the mansion all day and not having the freedom to go anywhere.

“I need to give Daphne some free time.”

“That’s a good idea, mate!”

She must not go back to Cesare, but I will give her a little taste of the freedom she desires.

But when he arrived at the mansion, he was told that Daphne had gone missing.


Gabriel’s blue eyes shook terribly.

The butler, who had rushed out, bowed to him and said,

“I knocked on the lady’s room to bring breakfast, but no one was there. I thought maybe she was out for a walk, so I looked all over the mansion, but the Lady was nowhere to be seen. The knight said that last night, she said she wanted to rest, and after sending everyone away, she went to sleep early.”


Gabriel stumbled.

Lee Jong-woo was startled and ran to him.


“Let it go!”

Gabriel shook off Lee Jong-woo’s grip.

Gabriel’s blue eyes glaring at him were burning with anger.

“You betrayed me, Lee Jong-woo.”

“No! I mean this is…”

“Did Daphne ask you? Is that why you were so brazenly coming in and out of my house? Was it all just to get Daphne out of here that you lured me last night?”

Gabriel’s fist clenched and trembled.

His face, as beautiful as an angel, was terribly distorted.

“My friend, will you listen to me…”

“Don’t call me friend!”

Gabriel screamed.

Lee Jong-woo flinched and stopped on the spot.

There were no tears, but it looked like he was crying.

He was angry and hurt at the same time.

Gabriel shuddered as if he was chewing on each word.

“You lied to me and betrayed me.”

“It’s not…”


The butler, who had been waiting nervously, quickly stepped to Gabriel’s side.

Gabriel glared at Lee Jong-woo with bloodshot eyes and shouted.

“Take him into custody immediately. He’s a suspect in Daphne’s disappearance. Tie him up properly so he can’t escape!”

“Yes. I understood.”

“I, my friend…! My friend!”

“I have to go find Daphne.”

Lee Jong-woo called him, but Gabriel ignored it.

His path was filled with nothing but the anger of an outcast.




Cesare took me to a mansion near the capital.

Some of the Burstoad people had already moved in.

Cesare took me up to the bedroom.


My Cherry was waiting for me.

“Cherry! How have you been?”


Cherry rolled over like a fluffy ball and scratched my leg. I embraced Cherry, who was doing all he could to make me hug him.

It really feels like home.

Cherry, who had been acting cute in my arms for a while, seemed to have lost interest in me and jumped out.

Chasing the new toy and waving its tail, I watched Cherry roll around the room before heading out onto the balcony.

Cesare followed me without a word.

“Wow. How long has it been since I’ve smelled fresh air?”

I open my arms and enjoy the freedom.

Welcome, outside world! I miss you. You put me through this to teach me to appreciate everything I have.

I seemed to know very well now how grateful I was for the things I had been enjoying.

“You look good.”

“Because it’s been a while. And it made me feel at ease.”

Cesare shook his head.

“What kind of letter did you write to the Crown Prince, Daphne?”

Did you keep that in your mind? Somehow, I felt bad the whole time.

Just before Cesare checked outside and left, I thought of Lee Jong-woo.

It bothered me that I took Shannet, forgetting him.

Lee Jong-woo asked to go out for a drink, and I took advantage of that time to leave, so I thought Gabriel would fall for it.

When he finds out that I was gone, Gabriel will put all the sins on Lee Jong-woo.

I couldn’t leave Lee Jong-woo, who had helped me in the past, like that.

Besides, I was worried about the Revelation.

If I bring it out as it is, I can use it as a means to coax the Emperor.

Of course, even better than that was Gabriel gave up and let me go.

But I decided to take the last gamble.

I left the book of Revelation to Gabriel, and instead came out with only a letter written by the late Empress.

I saved Lee Jong-woo and left a letter with the revelation to convince Gabriel.

I thought that if Gabriel really had feelings for me, he would respect me at least once.

“What did you write to tell him not to come after you?”

“… I wouldn’t have had to.”


Looking at Cesare, it seemed that he didn’t like the letter I had left for Gabriel.

“I didn’t realize you wanted a letter, too. I’m sorry, Cesare. I’ll be sure to write to you, too.”

Cesare looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“Not that. I was trying to say that you didn’t have to write a letter. Even if the Crown Prince pursues us, he can’t find you here.”

“I see. Next time something like that happens, I will never write a letter.”

Finally Cesare nodded his head.

The end result was jealousy. Then you should tell me you’re jealous…

Cesare looked cute. Cesare’s mouth still wasn’t honest, but his eyes and expression said it all.

Come to think of it, Cesare had been jealous ever since I was in the manor. He didn’t want to be around Gabriel.

Is this what a jealous man or an obsessive man is?

Ah, this is not the time…

Cesare had said that he was preparing to take down Count Peliard bariols.

I can’t believe Count Peliar was involved in the distribution of drugs like bariol.

This part was not even mentioned in the original novel.

The original focused solely on Gabriel and Cesare.

These specific incidents were briefly mentioned or not even mentioned at all.

Because Bariol and Count Peliard were related to Daphne.

Count Peliard was one of the greedy men in the world, trying to fill his own pockets by selling his daughter.

I’m sure Daphne is his daughter, but I doubt it.

That’s the way the family is….

Count Peliard has tried to take what I have, and I want it back.

Besides, it’s an inheritance from Daphne’s late mother. I can’t let it go to waste.

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