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“Is Count Peliard the only one you can catch by using bariols?”

“No. I’ll have to use Count Peliard as a bait. I believe the Marquis Gallard was also involved.”

“If it’s Marquis Gallard…”

“The Empress’s family. I’m sure the Marquis Gallard is connected to Bariol in some way.”

“If this incident reveals the sins of Count Peliard, what will happen to their assets?”

Isn’t it all confiscated? Wow, that would be really unfair.

It’s not my fault, but I’m paying the fine with my own money!

“Daphne’s inheritance must be returned. I’m thinking of negotiating with the Emperor about this. Of course we should take what you have.”


My husband. You’re so smart when it comes to handling things like this. You don’t miss anything even if I don’t say it.

“And I’m going to make a deal with the Emperor for this, Daphne. I’ll clear the way for Gabriel with this, and you’ll stay out of Burstoad’s business.”

Everyone is saying that they’re going to spread a flower path for Gabriel.

As a result, it was similar to the original.

Gabriel grew up on the streets and became Emperor.

Nevertheless, there were many people who helped Gabriel. The main character, Buff.

In some form or another, the original story was continuing in parallel.

Wait a minute.

The villain who tormented Gabriel to the end was the Empress.

So, in the Book of Revelation, I wrote down every detail of how to keep the Empress in check.

ItIn the original, the last person to deal with the Empress was Cesare. It’s a different way than it is now.

The Marquis Gallard attacked Cesare, who supported Gabriel.

Cesare’s vineyard was set on fire.

Why are there so many arsonists here?

It was a setback to the main business of the Burstoad, and Cesare had used it to push the Marquis Gallard.

He thought that he would take his eyes off Gabriel to restore the vineyard if it was set on fire, but Cesare expanded his business with the money he had saved while also gaining power in the Imperial capital.

It was a kind of loan sharking, where you invested in noblemen’s businesses and took money in return.

If the business was successful and made money, they would share in the profits. He kept his investment as a stake in the business.

In the end, Cesare succeeds in imprisoning more than half of the nobles of the Imperial capital with his money.

There are people who don’t drink, but there is no one who drinks once.

It’s not for nothing that they say alcohol makes you want to drink more.

The amount of money that Burstoad had earned from the brewing business was staggering.

Vast sums of money had accumulated in Burstoad.

Those who were bought with the money abandoned the Empress.

The Empress, Marquis Gallard, who had their tail cut off, was completely isolated.

And he threatened the Empress with a secret that should never be revealed, and the Empress, who lost her hands and feet, committed suicide.

She’s going to die in her most dignified form.

She said that she would not be deposed from the position of Empress.

If you die as an Empress, you will not lose your status as an Imperial.

Anyway, apart from the Marquis of Gallard, the important thing is the Empress…

“So once you’ve got Marquis Gallard involved, the Empress can’t do anything to Gabrielle anymore?”

“No. The Empress will cut off her tail. She will abandon her people and try to survive on her own.”

“Then we should think of another way to entangle the Empress. Cesare, Wouldn’t the Marquis of Gallard try to sabotage the Burstoad?”

“It’s quite possible.”

“… For example, arson.”

Who knows, but let’s throw it out there. After all, if it’s right, it’s good, and if it’s wrong, it doesn’t matter.

“It’s like setting fire to the Burstoad estate. Burstoad is mainly in the brewery business, so he might set fire to the vineyard and try to get Cesare out of your mind.”

The way Cesare looked at me changed. He nodded his head slightly and said.

It’s because I’ve been playing and eating. Actually, I’m a person who knows how to roll my head like this.

“That makes sense. Even an earthworm will wriggle if you step on it.”

“I could have someone put a guard on the vineyard and if the criminal is caught, it could be another number to tie up the Marquis of Gallard.”

“It would be better to bear the loss of burning some fields.”

“The Empress… Maybe I have a way.”

As I wrote the Book of Revelation, I was able to review the content of the novel once more.

Up until this point, I hadn’t had to use it.

The first part of the novel was focused on romance.

I also had to adjust to living on the Burstoad estate with… Cesare, who loves me, not Gabriel.

What can I say, I love him.

However, this brain fight began in the middle of the novel and reached its climax in the second half.

There was also a part of the empress exposed.


“I’ll have to think about it a bit more before I say anything.”

“… Good. You look different today.”

Isn’t it surprising that I’m pretty and lovable and even intelligent? I’m originally attractive.

Cesare took my hand.

“I don’t think I have said this… I’m glad you’re back. The mansion was a desolate desert without you.”

How could Cesare be able to say such a thing? My eyes were also moist.

I spent the night with him yesterday? Why do those eyes look so sexy?

“Cesare… I also wanted to come back. I don’t seem to be able to sleep well without you.”

Cesare grabbed my wrist. The fingers that gently sweep away are hot.


Cesare pulled me in. He seemed to know what it meant.

Last night alone wasn’t enough.

In fact, it was not a comfortable place, and it was a bit urgent. I was swept away by emotions…

I heard him say he loved me, and I don’t know what he was thinking, that kind of movie-like confession.

I had been imprisoned, and Cesare had risked crossing the fence to see me.

The emotion of that day seemed to come back.

I raised my tiptoes and kissed Cesare’s lips.

“I missed you, Cesare.”

I seemed to understand why he said he missed me even if we were together.

Cesare grabbed my chin and wrapped his other hand around my waist. Pulling me closer, Cesare leaned towards me.

Our lips met.

Although it was certainly not the first time, a hot shiver flowed. It felt like my brain was being twisted.

Cesare opened my lips and poked in softly. My breathing was suffocating.

At that moment, I met Cherry’s black bean eyes.

Haha Cherry, close your eyes.




He knew no one would be there, but he searched for the last place she had stayed in order to track down the fugitive.

Gabriel entered Daphne’s bedroom with a rough foot.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince…!”

“Maid. Have you searched the room where the maid, Shannett, stayed?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Gabriel clenched his teeth. An eerie aura emanated from him.

Daphne couldn’t have done it alone, so Cesare must have involved.

There was a possibility that Cesare used Lee Jong-woo when he learned that Lee Jong-woo was going in and out of this mansion.

Because Cesare’s nature was to be willing to do anything for his own sake.

Anyway, there was a place where Daphne and Cesare would go.

The mansion in the capital, a villa in Burstoad, or an estate. Can those bound by imperial duties go anywhere.

The Duke’s duty was not so light.

‘They’re not people who will run away knowing they’ll get caught.’

Despite Gabriel’s warning, there is something they believe in.

‘Or you coaxed the emperor.’

In fact, if Gabriel tries to send Cesare to prison again this time, the Emperor will oppose it. Using the precarious position of Gabriel as a reason.

The foxy Cesare must have guessed it.

Still, the threat seemed to have worked for the fragile Daphne…

‘She must have left something behind, or she would have fled long ago if she was going to do this without a plan.’

Gabriel looked around the room and found a small notebook and letter on the table.

The maids were fidgeting outside the room. Nothing in the room was touched.

They were worried that Gabriel’s anger might turn on them.

Gabriel opened the letter with trembling hands.


There was no answer to Gabriel’s call.

No matter how angry she was, she didn’t ignore his call.

It felt so real that Daphne was gone.

Gabriel has been convincing himself. Even if Daphne thought of Cesare, she wouldn’t leave him.

That he could change her mind if he gave Daphne something she would like.

But Daphne was only waiting for the chance to leave Gabriel.

Gabriel opened the letter.

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  1. Yeah, Gabriel, that’s what happens when you unjustly imprison someone’s spouse, forcefully divorce them, and imprison them themselves in a gilded cage. People tend not to like it.