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[To Gabriel.

I told you before, our relationship is poison to each other. Gabriel, my last request. don’t look for me, don’t follow me any more.

I think it’s right for us to parted like this.

I want Gabriel to find Gabriel’s life too. With someone who really likes you.

Gabriel said no one was with you, but that’s not true.

There is also His Majesty the Emperor who cares for Gabriel… And there is also Mr. Lee Jong-woo. And there are people in this mansion.

If Gabriel treats them sincerely, they will treat Gabriel with sincerity too.

Don’t hurt Lee Jong-woo. This is…… for Gabriel’s sake, not mine. He’s your first friend.

Even if you’re not, you seemed happy when you were with Lee Jong-woo. and he’s the first person you’ve ever been comfortable with.

Gabriel, don’t try to keep yourself alone.

And I left you this… It’s a revelation I made with the help of Mr. Lee Jong-woo.

I can’t reveal everything. It’s not like I know everything about the future.

But I’ve only written down things that will help Gabriel.

This will help Gabriel become Emperor.

Actually I was going to make a deal with His Majesty for this. I’ll give you this, and you’ll set me free.

But Gabriel. I’m going to try to trust you one last time, as a friend.

Please know that I’m giving this up to help you, Gabriel.

Please, be the Emperor, and don’t look for me.

Gabriel should find Gabriel’s happiness, and I will find my own happiness. Please.


-From Daphne.


P.S. I think Mr. Lee can help Gabriel, get his help.

And just so you know, he didn’t know anything, he was just used by Cesare].


Gabriel turned to look at the book.

It was definitely something Daphne had been working on lately. What did she do with Lee Jong-woo…

Gabriel opened the book of Revelation with trembling eyes.

And Gabriel, who looked at all the contents of the book, closed the book as if in disbelief.

Daphne suggested what Gabriel should do based on what would happen in the future.

“How is this…”

The book also described the events that were now secretly taking place around the Emperor and Gabriel.

Gabriel made the mistake of making Cesare an enemy, but he didn’t give up on becoming Emperor.

His stepmother was trying to get a grip on his leash, and her family was pushing him.

It is trying to attract people to highlight Gabriel’s flaws and put the family bridle on him.


‘The Empress seems to be trying to make you her puppet, Gabriel. Are you going to play like this? You are my son and I swore to make you Emperor. But Gabriel. I can’t make a man without any power an Emperor.’


This problem was the homework given to Gabriel by the emperor.

Now the Empress was putting pressure on the Count of Madrina.

The main business of the Countess of Madrina was exporting trees harvested from the family estate.

However, in order to export it, they had to pass through the Empress’s estate.

The plan is to pay a certain toll fee and stop using the road that has been used in the past.

Wood is heavy, so the longer the transit time, the higher the shipping cost.

If the Empress doesn’t give way to the road, they have to go back, and then they will have to pay about three times more than the current transportation cost.

The Count of Madrina was silent, but Gabriel knew he was in contact with the Marquis Gallard behind the scenes.

He was pushing for a new road project to solve this problem.

No one knows what’s going on.

It was a secret project, known only to Gabriel and his closest secretary.

I’m going to make a big announcement soon, but…

‘Daphne knows this…!’

Power entered Gabriel’s grasp.

This Revelation was real.

My mind is confused

Besides, what shakes Gabriel’s heart is…

‘Didn’t you deceive me?’

The fact is that Lee Jong-woo didn’t deceive Gabriel.

In retrospect, Gabriel’s anger was not because Daphne had run away, but because he thought Lee Jong-woo had deceived him.

Gabriel’s anger gradually dissipated.

Gabriel sat still and remained silent.

He didn’t even answer to the voices of the servants calling for Gabriel.

Gabriel, who was sitting like a stone statue, let out a long sigh. A creaking sound came from his body, which had only been sitting still.

He was so engrossed in thought that he even skipped meals. I didn’t know that I was hungry or that my body was stiff.

Gabriel admitted.

‘It wasn’t because Daphne ran away, but because Lee Jong-woo deceived me and I became angry.’

I don’t really know what was what.

I don’t know if I fell for Jong-woo shamelessly calling me friend and pretending to be close.

The fact that Lee Jong-woo deceived and betrayed Gabriel was more painful than Daphne’s escape.

It’s funny.

He’d gotten himself into this mess just to have Daphne.

To think that something more important than Daphne had come along.

‘It’s kind of like a thank you.’

Gabriel gave the order in a cold voice.

“… Go and bring Lee Jong-woo.”

“Yes, His Majesty the Crown Prince!”

The butler replied in a loud voice, overcoming his nervousness.

Soon, the butler returned with Lee Jong-woo.




“Are you really going to kill me?”

Lee Jong-woo muttered as he was locked in a dungeon.

It was a bit difficult to teleport because the power hadn’t returned yet.

However, I thought that it would be better to extract power by force than to die like this.

This is a novel, and the opponent was Gabriel.

He was a character who was willing to be cruel to get what he wanted.

Even in the original, when I look back at the things he did to get Cesare…

“Hah, you’re crazy.”

Gabriel, who became Emperor, had cleared all obstacles to get Cesare.

He dismissed the loyalists who advised him to stay away from Cesare, and punished those who opposed Burstoad.

Eventually, it stopped when the nobles no longer paid attention to the Emperor’s private life.

Cesare was a madman, but Gabriel wasn’t easy either.

How could a man as soft as Lee Jong-woo be thrown into this madman’s lair?

It was because of Daphne that I accepted Cesare’s request.

Even if she hadn’t made that face.

The expression Daphne often showed moved him.

I didn’t send Daphne to this world because I wanted to see Daphne making that kind of expression.

Lee Jong-woo let out a long sigh.

He couldn’t stop thinking about the look on Daphne’s face when she had asked him to deliver the heart to Cesare.

So he showed up,


‘Get Prince Gabriel out of the house.’


I had no choice but to accept Cesare’s request. Because Cesare’s goal is Daphne.

The fact that Lee Jong-woo might get hurt didn’t matter to him.

Cesare is the type that only sees one, so it might be natural.

“Ha. If it wasn’t for this candy.”

Lee Jong-woo’s eyes darkened.

This Daphne and the other Daphne are crazy over these candies.

It was Lee Jong-woo who swapped the current Daphne’s soul with the original Daphne.

It was a choice to save both of them. I don’t regret it.

Lee Jong-Woo was lying on the floor.

Even if the sky were to fall, there would still be a way out.

Even if he had to kill himself to get out of this novel, that was all that mattered.

With so much time on his hands and nothing to do, he couldn’t think of anything else.

Daphne was still the same. Even the character who can’t stand still.

Lee Jong-woo laughed.

“I always thought she’d be good anywhere.”

That warm personality, bright smile, and boldness were still there.

Lee Jong-woo wiggled his feet. It would be nice to untie his hands, but this was uncomfortable.

If I could teleport like this and return to the real world, he’d be surprised…

Lee Jong-woo laughed.

Still, he had no idea that Daphne would fall in love with the Duke of Burstoad.

That’s when he was reliving the past.

“Come out. The Crown Prince is calling.”

“Am I being released?”

Lee Jong-woo jumped up.

He could see the butler who had come to pick him up with a slight frown. Whether he did or not, Lee Jong-woo smiled.




Fortunately, Gabriel was not likely to kill Lee Jong-woo right now.

Lee Jong-woo, who looked at Gabriel’s eyes, smiled softly.

‘Fortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s going to kill me, right?’

Lee Jong-woo sighed.

‘Cesare, you bastard…!’

I knew that he was the least person I wanted to see when I got here, but I never imagined that he would make a choice that would put him in a corner like this.

In Cesare’s eyes, he can only see Daphne.

Lee Jong-woo sighed because of the main characters who went crazy in a different direction from the original.

“Lee Jong-woo. Do you know what this is?”

Lee Jong-woo looked at the Book of Revelation that Gabriel was holding.

Gabriel held out the letter.

Lee Jong-woo read the letter and bit his lip.



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