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Count Peliard thought as he looked at Cesare. Obviously, Cesare knew everything and came here.

From the beginning, this plan was not for money, but for bariol.

Count Peliard shook his head violently.

“Oh no! no!”

Count Peliard spoke, even though he knew it was pointless.

“I did this alone! No one else was involved!”

If he sold Marquis Gallard, there would be no one to save him.

Cesare blinked at Joseph.

“There are people who don’t listen when you say it.”

Joseph grunted and kicked Count Peliard on the back.

Joseph put his sword against the neck of Count Peliard, who rolled over with a clattering sound.

“Sa-save me!!”

“So, would it be nice to listen to them when we talk in a good way? Huh?”

Leaving behind Joseph and Count Peliard, Cesare turned to the guests.

They were famous aristocrats.

Cesare asked, resting his hand on his chin.

“Do you have any story to tell me?”

“I, that, that…!”

The guests exchanged glances. They knew very little. all they had to do was buy a bariol and that was it.

But if I showed any nuance that I didn’t know anything here and now, they’ll get chewed up by Cesare.

The guests gulped their saliva.

Who could they sell now to survive?

“Ah! Duchess, yes! Daphne, the former Duchess, is also involved!”

“You’re right! The woman who betrayed the Duke is also involved in this!”

Oh no.

Joseph, who was holding Count Peliard’s collar, clicked his tongue.

Those fools had dragged in a bomb to save their asses.

When Joseph saw Cesare’s bitter expression, he prayed for them.



Hearing a painful scream, Joseph said to Count Peliard.

“You see now what happens when you say the wrong thing?”

Count Peliard nodded his head broadly. The moans of those who were rolling on the floor made his head feel dizzy.

“Now then, let’s talk frankly, Count.”

Joseph lifted Count Peliard lightly like a piece of paper.

“To the sixth power, in detail. You can do that, can’t you?”


Seeing Count Peliard listen well, Joseph smiled brightly.

“Your Excellency. The Count has graciously offered to cooperate, so things should go smoothly, and we should be on our way.”


Cesare answered, wiping his hands with a handkerchief.




As expected, the Marquis Gallard was above him.

The Marquis Gallard introduced Jacob to Peliard and sold all of his bariols to Peliard.

And instead of producing drugs directly, he was receiving a commission.

Although he was not directly involved in the manufacture and distribution of drugs, he was collecting huge amounts of money from commission alone.

“Awesome, really.”

Cesare stuck his tongue out at the papers he’d brought with him.

All these documents were kept by Count Peliard.

While he was attached to Marquis Gallard, he was worried that he would be ripped off in the meantime, so he was collecting documents such as correspondence and purchase details one by one.

Thanks to this, I was able to get the evidence right away without any effort.

“But it would be difficult to weave into Marquis Gallard with this, right?”

“Yeah. The Marquis Gallard is actually out of the drug business, so all we have to do is cut Count Peliard off. He’ll take a hit, but it won’t be enough to bring him down.”

“That’s sneaky.”

He clicked his tongue inside.

In the end, it seemed that there was no other choice but to bring out the case of the former Crown Prince.

It seemed that the Empress and Marquis Gallard couldn’t be completely cut out if it were not for the poisoning of the Crown Prince of an Empire, and the case where the Empress had her own son.

“Daphne. This is a report of the business that Count Peliard is running.”

I read what Cesare gave me.

After reading it all, my impression was that it was amazing.

He’s running his business into the ground, so he doesn’t have enough money.

He was buying the wrong assets instead of investing where he should have.

He was even using segmental accounting to inflate his performance and raise more money.

Many of his victims were signed to crappy contracts that were unfair.

You’re really crazy, Count Peliard.

As he was doing this, he must have been coveting my share of the legacy.

He couldn’t sell the estate right away without my permission, but you were borrowing money by holding it as collateral.

False collateral.

“I’ll have to kick him out too.”

Still, he’s Daphne’s biological father, so I tried to dress him up and drive him out, but I can’t.

I’ll have to strip him down to his panties and kick her out.

Even the outrageous humiliation I had received from Count Peliard and the Countess in the past suddenly came to my mind, and heat rushed to my head.

I got up from my seat and said to Cesare.

“I want to see the Count and Countess.”

“I will guide you.”

The Count and Countess were now imprisoned in this villa.

Still, as a Count, he didn’t imprison him in a dungeon, but in a cool room with no heating.

Outside, the knights keep watch with their eyes lit.

He will never escape.

When Cesare and I arrived in front of the room where they were locked, the knights stood right there.

Cesare shook his head.

“Open it.”

The door opened and I saw the inside.

The Count and Countess, who were sitting on the bed with gloomy faces, raised their heads in surprised.

Then he looked at me and made a face as if he had seen a ghost.

“Daphne? how are you here…”

“What’s weird about me being with my husband?”

I spoke naturally and smirked.

I clasped Cesare’s arms and hummed a tune.

It was then that the Count and Countess seemed to realize that they had been tricked.

Their faces were dyed dark red and they were trembling.


Count Peliard ran to me.

But Cesare stopped in front of him.

Cesare growled and said.

“I will cut off your fingers one by one if you leave Daphne a single scratch.”

If it was Cesare, he would cut off his fingers as if he was eating a piece of shit.

The Count’s energy died in his lifeless eyes.

But the mouth didn’t die and fluttered.

“Daphne. Did you deceive your father?”

“What did you say I did?”

I groaned deeply.

Cesare only captured Count Peliard, who was processing bariol, an illegal drug.

For justice in this world! And for our happy future!

“It’s not too late for you. If you repent of your mistakes and let everything go unnoticed…”

“It’s not me who needs to make amends, Father, it’s you.”

I interrupted the Count’s words.

It’s not worth listening to.

I spoke firmly, not avoiding the gaze of Count Peliard, who was looking at me with astonished eyes.

“Even now, you should reflect on yourself and think about how to minimize the punishment. His Majesty the Emperor will not forgive reactionaries who disturb the Empire.”


“And you voluntarily borrowed money with my share of the estate as collateral. If the other party finds out that it is a false contract, a lawsuit will come immediately. If you want to pay off the alimony, you will need to organize all your business.”

Count Peliard trembled.

Why are you shaking this much?

This is very obvious and there is still more to say.

“And I’m going to sue.”


“Father used my private property without my permission, so of course you have to pay the price. And you’ve been selling drugs with narcotic properties, too.”

Although it is not enough to defeat the Empress, it is a crime sufficient to root out Peliard.

“I don’t want Peliard to be tainted by drugs, so I’m going to petition the Emperor to strip you of your position. So that Peliard can no longer commit sins and live a righteous life. After paying off all your debts and getting my share back, I will give back to society the rest of Peliard’s fortune to be used to treat people who have suffered from the drug.”

The Count’s face turned pale.

Now I am declaring to him that I will destroy Peliard.

It’s not such a silly thing to say.

It was a realistic enough story.

The Count said, trembling the corners of his lips.

“No, you’re joking, Daphne. You are not that kind of child.”

“What kind of child am I?”

“You were always a good girl who obeyed your father and listened to me well.”

“It may have been like that in the past. But now there is no such person.”

“Daphne, you must have been very hurt. But you must know that it’s all for you. You’re still young, so you don’t know, but if your family is doing well, then you too…”

“Don’t make excuses when you’ve never thought of me. It was all for your sake father, no, Count. I was like a non-existent being in Peliard.”

Daphne in the original would have been like that.

Her mother died, her father only saw Daphne as a tool, and she had no close friends.

Today I was going to break all the shackles that bound Daphne.

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