Author: Byuon

Chapter 11


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After a tough time, Gabriel’s health improved a lot. I was worried about him, but fortunately, the medicine I brought seemed to work well.

I think his body is better now so I prepared a present for him. It was a strawberry cake.

One of the things I liked most about entering this novel was the mansion’s chef.

He was so good at cooking that I was now able to eat foods that he had never eaten in Korea.

Besides, how delicious is this fresh cream strawberry cake made by the chef.

Therefore, it must have become Gabriel’s favorite food.



“Are you on your way to that slave again?”

Shannet asked in a low voice. As if she was worried that anyone around would hear it.

I nodded my head.

“Yes. His cold seems to be getting better to some extent, so I’m going to bring him something delicious. why?”

“I, that….”

Fortunately for Gabriel, Cesare seems to have never visited Gabriel while he was sick.

How sad it must have been to see a man who worked together every day on the bed.

What Gabriel needed now was warm comfort. Also delicious strawberry cake.

After all, the real power of this novel is Gabriel, the protagonist, right?

With this kind of devotion, life on the flower path after divorce was guaranteed.

As expected, no one can beat the protagonist, right?



Shannet looked at me with dim eyes and shook her head.


“That ..Wouldn’t it be better to give your excellency the cake?”

“To Cesare?”

Shannet nodded enthusiastically.

“Yes. It’s a cake prepared by madam so the master will be very pleased when madam visits.”


As I looked down at the delicious strawberry-topped cake, I thought for a moment. But it soon came to a conclusion.

“It’s okay.”

“However… ”

“And Cesare hates sweets.”

Did you see Male lead like whipped cream cake? They are a diseased race that will die within a minute from eating sweets.

Besides, I don’t think I need to bring this cake to Cesare.

Will I be able to see him now? Giving a cake as a gift is nothing more than following Daphne’s steps in the original story.


Shannet continued to hold me back as if she was offended.

“It’s okay, don’t worry.”

Shannet smiles awkwardly. Still, it seemed that the servants had not given up hope between me and Cesare.

It is probably because of the fact that I formed a better relationship with the servants than Daphne in the original work.

Daphne in the original work was a character who was respected and loved by servants just because she was a Duchess.

And I was loved because of my personality as a duchess.

Hah. How hard I tried!

In the original work, the servants betrayed Daphne and started to take Gabriel’s side and contributed to her death.

To prevent that, it was necessary to approach more kindly, rather than being arrogant and evil like Daphne.

While keeping the right line.

It was a very tearful day, hah… 

So it wasn’t that she couldn’t understand Shannet’s reaction now.

“Don’t worry, Shannet. Let’s go.”

“It’s not…  madam…”

Shannet blurted out the end of her speech.

Hah… These people are so clueless. If you make a mistake, you all will die. Would Cesare leave Gabriel’s bullies alone?

Of course, after I left, I had nothing to do with it.

“Don’t be too mean to Gabriel, Shannet. He will be sad.”


I’m really sorry.




Fortunately, Gabriel was awake. Just seeing him lying in bed for the past few days made me feel happy.

“The fever is almost gone. It’s a lot better.”

I lowered the hand that was on Gabriel’s forehead. I don’t need to worry about this. I was worried that the original setting would be a bottleneck, so I’m just messing around with it. Surprisingly, he overcame it.

“Thank you.”

Gabriel said blushing. His white face was as red as a red ripe apple.

Well, the fever seems to have gone down, but is there still a slight fever? As I tilted my head, Gabriel lowered his gaze.

“Thanks to madam. I got better because madam Daphne is by my side.”

Our Gabriel speaks very nicely.

I smiled softly at his words, which seemed to have accumulated enough favorable feelings. Gabriel followed me with a big smile. It seems that a halo is shining above him.

Phew. There is an angel here.

“G-Gabriel. The fever has gone down and you will feel better. I brought you a present.”

At my beckoning, Shannet brought the strawberry cake I had prepared in advance. As she set the cake down on the bedside table, Shannet glared at Gabriel lightly.

Haah, don’t do that.

No matter how much I tell her not to neglect Gabriel, she doesn’t listen at all.

However, unlike the other maid, Shannet is the type to follow all my requests related to Gabriel, so I want to take care of her…. I’ll have to advise her not to do that again later.

Gabriel dropped his pretty face, as if he were familiar with other people’s vigilance. A slight pallor of sadness smeared from his face. I clapped my hands to refresh the atmosphere.

“Strawberry cake! Gabriel, do you like strawberry cake?”

“yes? yes… I like it.”

“That’s great! Our chef’s cooking skills are amazing. How about I told him to make dessert again?”

As I spoke with a smile, Gabriel’s face reddened once more.

Also, it seems that the fever hasn’t subsided yet.

I put the fork in his hand.

“Eat a lot, Gabriel. It’s really delicious.”

“All, madam Daphne, eat first.”

“I ate a lot. I usually eat it often. Don’t do that, go ahead and eat it.”

“Still, I can’t eat first. Madam Daphne first…”

“I told you it’s okay.”

A small quarrel broke out between Gabriel and me.

Cakes are eaten as dessert after meals every day.

Rather, I couldn’t wait to see Gabriel eat my favorite strawberry cake. He will look like a cute rabbit eating.

I took my butt off the chair because I felt like I had to feed him. And tried to grab him by the wrist so he could scoop the strawberry cake himself.

But the moment my hand grabbed his wrist, Gabriel jumped up in shock.


Because of this, my feet twisted and I had no choice but to fall over Gabriel. Still, I was able to prevent an accident by putting my arms around Gabriel’s side.

In the midst of the frenzy, Gabriel’s face appeared right in front of my eyes.

“Gabriel, are you okay?”


Gabriel mumbled, half insane.

He’s still in pain, but he’s very surprised.

And it was then.

“What are you doing?!”

Cesare’s roar was heard.

I turned my head and met Cesare’s eyes. That moment… 

‘Oh, it’s ruined.’

I thought so.

I don’t know why I fell over Gabriel.

Because of that, it became like I was attacking Gabriel.

“Get away now, Daphne.”

Cesare’s eyes burned with anger that could not be hidden.

I’m going crazy. He’s an obsessive maniac.

As he said, I got up from the bed in a hurry. However, my heart was rushed, and my movement became more twisted.


Right on Gabriel’s chest.

“Madam! Are you okay?”

Gabriel lifted me up with a worried face.

I felt the warmth of his body touching.

The bare skin on my fingertips was surprisingly soft, but it was not the time to admire it.

What should I do! I ruined it!

I’m sure Cesare would be very upset.

And my predictions came true.

In a slightly different direction.



Gabriel’s head turned at Cesare’s slap. Gabriel staggered, and I, who had been on top of him, was pushed aside.

He grabbed Gabriel by the collar and growled frightfully, revealing his teeth.

“A slave who doesn’t even know his place.”

Oh My God. What’s happening.

Pushed behind the bed, I opened my eyes wide. Cesare slapped Gabriel in the face. Gabriel’s fragile cheeks were quickly swollen red, as if he had hit them so hard. His lips were a little torn and blood flowed. What the hell are you doing now! To scratch that national treasure, look!

Because I have Cesare’s prestige and I have a family, Cesare couldn’t hit me, so he hit Gabriel.

It is also an example of an obsessive maniac. You mean if he don’t have it, he’ll tear it apart?

Gabriel gasped hard. Cesare shuddered as if chewed.

“You don’t even know your place  and you act as you please.”

Cesare’s hand gripped Gabriel’s collar, and strength entered. Gabriel was about to lose consciousness at the pressure he felt from Cesare.

I was so startled that I grabbed Cesare’s arm without thinking about what happened next.

“Don’t do that! Cesare.”

“Leave this.”

“You can’t hit me in the face!”


Cesare turned to look at me as if it were ridiculous.


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  1. You know if you think that your husband is having affair, what about some evidence not from your head 🤔