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Rather, it was more successful as if she had gained wings.

After the death of the Crown Prince, Eilish lived alone in a small palace inside the Imperial Palace.

Since she was already married, she couldn’t return to her hometown of Kestia.

In her homeland, when they saw the bizarre death of Crown Prince Franz, they despised her as a cursed woman.

Family members at home pointed at Eilish.

‘You’ve been cursed. That’s why the Crown Prince died.’

‘You can’t be the Empress. Wouldn’t it be more useful to die there? At least it will give us an excuse to get involved in the Empire.’


They abandoned Eilish.

In fact, she couldn’t even run away anywhere.

Eilish knew.

Since she had cooperated with the killing of the Crown Prince, her escape was death.

Rather, living quietly as if dead in the eyes of the Empress was the way to extend one’s lifeline.

At some point, Eilish was nicknamed the ghost of the cold palace.

After that, she heard that the Emperor’s lost royal bloodline had returned to the Imperial Palace as a new Crown Prince.

But she didn’t care.

It had nothing to do with her, and most of all, she was tired of hearing the word Crown Prince.

‘It doesn’t matter. I’m sick of the imperial family.’

The only place where Eilish could breathe was the mask party that was often held.

It was Countess Camilla Peliard who invited Eilish, who lives an imprisoned life, to a party.

The maids who were already by Eilish’s side were all the Empress’s people, but the Empress wanted to monitor her more closely than that.

So the Empress asked the Marquis Gallard, and the Marquis Gallard asked Count Peliard for a woman to approach Eilish.

Eventually, the role fell to the Countess of Peliard.

Originally, it was an order to visit the palace often to see what she was doing, but Camilla Peliard felt little pity for her.

It was pitiful that the princess, who would have been living a more gorgeous life than anyone else, lived alone in such a small palace.

So she threw a masquerade party and brought Eilish out.

It was a small gift.

Hiding herself behind a colorful mask made her feel at ease.

At the Masked Party, no one suspected that she was the former Crown Princess Eilish Kestia.

She often spent the night with a man she met at a party.

I also met a man I liked.

His name is Jacob.

I don’t know any other information.

He seemed to be of low rank, but he was quite intelligent and communicative.

She couldn’t reveal his identity, so she only met him at the party, but the brief encounter energized her.

In addition, the medicine Jacob gives Eilish would help free her from the tormenting reality.

Her head spins, she feels like she’s floating on clouds, and she’s just plain happy.

Of course, when all that happiness was over, lethargy like despair came over her.

Eilish looked down at the purple invitation in her hand.

‘I haven’t heard from you lately.’

It had been months.

The last time she’d spoken to the Countess of Peliard, she’d said she’d been busy with her husband’s business and would be out of touch for a while.

Eilish’s heart was pounding with excitement at the party after a long time.

She might see him for the first time in months.

Eilish herself didn’t know if the trembling hands were the joy of seeing Jacob or the drug withdrawal that forced her to quit.

The carriage arrived at a villa located on the outskirts of the capital.

Eilish checked her outfit.

It is a dress that emphasizes the chest and narrows the waist.

Soon, a brilliantly shining light enveloped Eilish.


The faint laughter of drunken people rang in Eilish’s ears.

Eilish put on her mask.

Then, knowingly and unknowingly, the shy attitude disappeared and a seductive woman appeared.

She raised her lips.


“Look at that girl. She can really make a man happy.”

“Wow! She’s gorgeous. Do you want to talk to her?”

“With that face? If it is me, I don’t know.”

The men around her whistled.

It was an act far from manners, but even that gave Eilish confidence.

She was an attractive woman who could attract so many men.

It’s all the fault of the former Crown Prince Franz for ignoring her despite having such a perfect wife.

Then, a person came into Eilish’s eyes.

She was a young woman with an elegant and gentle atmosphere.

The woman was wearing a white dress.

It was like a bride’s dress.

The wide-open dress line was elegant and delicately adorned with pearls and lace.

The luscious brown hair was hung down beautifully.

The mask was also made of white feathers to match the dress.

Masked parties are parties seeking freedom and deviance from the strict rules of aristocratic society.

A white dress you could only wear at a wedding.

I might have thought it was a bit unique, but my thoughts were quickly dismissed by the beauty of the other woman.

Eilish had once worn one of those dresses and sworn eternal vows to Crown Prince Franz.

At that time, I thought that all the happiness in the world would come into my hands.

Now it’s a story that’s been told too many times.

Eilish tried to guess who it was.

Although it was a party she had been attending in a long time, she knew almost everyone who frequented the party.

The party invited by Countess Camilla Peliard was restricted to nobles, with the exception of a few invited guests to set the party mood.

As the former Crown Princess, if it was a characteristic of the nobles of the Hylister Empire, I memorized it to the point of getting sick of it.

But I couldn’t recognize her.

It was then that our eyes met.

Even though I was covering my face with a mask, I felt as if my bare face had been caught.

A woman approached Eilish.

A gentle voice spoke to Eilish, who was a little nervous.

“Are you Princess Eilish Kestia?”

No one had ever recognized Eilish.

Even after marrying former Crown Prince Franz and becoming the Crown Princess, no one called her a princess.

Eilish nodded her head involuntarily.

Then, the woman smiled softly, curling the corners of her eyes.

“Can we talk for a while in a quiet place?”

“What conversation…”

“A conversation that wouldn’t be out of place for the princess.”

Eilish was wary.

Only a fool would trust someone she didn’t know and couldn’t even see her face.

But soon someone she knew appeared.

“Eilish. You are here.”

“Countess Peliard.”

Color came to Eilish’s face.

Then something surprising happened.

The woman waved her hand towards the Countess, and the Countess approached her with a cautious gesture and bowed her head.

Countess Peliard was from a humble background, and since becoming the Countess, her sassy figure has grown even higher.

It was the first time she had ever been so polite.

Who the hell is that woman who can make Countess Peliard be polite?

Her curiosity was turned on.

Eilish pondered for a moment before opening her mouth.

“I’ll listen to your story for a while.”


The woman laughed softly.

Eilish followed the woman into the room.




Phew. I sighed.

Eilish was more wary than I expected.

Still, thanks to the Countess of Peliard, I managed to persuade her to bring her into the room I had prepared for the secret meeting.

She is a character who doesn’t usually come out of the palace, so if I missed this opportunity, I might be able to meet her again.

It’s not like I, who ran away from Gabriel and hid myself, could enter the Imperial Palace.

Having the Countess prepare for a masked party was also the correct answer.

“Good job, Countess.”

Countess Peliard’s face was wrinkled mercilessly. Her ferocious face turned red and blue.

She must have resented the sudden act.

But she would say nothing. Cesare had caught Count Peliard distributing bariols. In addition to that, he had already obtained the unfair contract at the top operated by the Count and all kinds of evidence of corruption.

Me and Cesare have been trying to figure out how to get the word out that we’ve cooked the Count a good meal, so if you don’t want your life to end, you’ll have to listen to us.

“Close the door and leave. Don’t forget to watch out for people from outside.”

“… Yes.”

The Countess closed the door and left with a look of anger. She looked like she was about to explode.

Haha, this is exhilarating. I’ll be addicted to it.

Eilish trembled as Countess Peliard disappeared.

She glared at me warily.

She must be afraid of my identity.

Maybe she was worried that the Empress might have sent me.

But actually, the one sent by the Empress is Countess Peliard, and I have absolutely nothing to do with the Empress.

Rather, I was trying to help Gabriel by defeating the Empress.

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