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She made a friendly voice so that the other person could feel at ease.

“Don’t look at me so terribly, princess. I’m really trying to make an offer that will help the princess.”

I had compassion for Eilish.

Eilish’s life was a mess.

She was born as a princess and came to the Empire to become a Crown Princess, but her husband was gay.

In a way, the situation was similar to Daphne in the original.

If there is a difference, is it that Cesare was bisexual and former Crown Prince Franz was truly gay.

Every time this happens, I realize very desperately what kind of worldview the world I possess in.

The former Crown Prince Franz didn’t even appear in the original.

It was only mentioned a few times in flashbacks between the Empress and Marquis Gallard.

It was the Empress who decided to harm the former Crown Prince Franz, but it was Eilish who breathed her last.

It was hard to believe that such a skinny girl had killed the former Crown Prince Franz.

Of course, at that time, the former Crown Prince Franz was on drugs and hovering between life and death.

Even if he survived, he would have been crippled and made a perfect puppet for the Empress.

Then, when he becomes useless, he would have been completely abandoned by that time.

Eilish just hastened that time.

Considering Daphne’s decapitation by Cesare while trying to kill Gabriel in the original story, this one at least succeeded.

Now, that doesn’t mean I’m defending Eilish’s actions.

Even if you feel pity, that doesn’t justify murder.

And Eilish is still being punished anyway.

Countess Peliard told me.

Currently, Eilish is addicted to bariol and is struggling.

As if to prove it, Eilish is still shaking.

She doesn’t seem to be afraid; she just can’t seem to control her body’s sensations.

She was even Jacob’s lover.

The criminal, imprisoned in Cesare’s dungeon, who extracts and reassembles hallucinogenic drugs from bariol.

It was a fact known only to the Countess of Peliard that the two were lovers.

To be honest, I didn’t even know about such a detail.

Especially extras like Jacob.

It seemed that Cesare was tracking the body by stepping on its tail.

Thanks to turning him on, he was convinced that Count Peliard was handling the bariol, and he came this far.

I looked at Eilish.

It’s not like I’m going to perform a human sacrifice in front of her, so let’s get to the point.

“Do you not want to get out of the Imperial Palace, Princess?”

Eilish raised her head and looked at me.

Several emotions ran through her face.

Even if she leaves the Imperial Palace, she has nowhere to go, but who knows.

Her mouth pursed, Eilish spoke.

“Reveal your identity first.”

I shrugged and took off the mask.

Eilish looked at my face and frowned slightly.

“I see. You’re Daphne Burstoad.”

“Do you know me?”

“I know that you’re the only daughter of Count Peliard and is now married to the Duke of Burstoad.”

She wrinkled her nose. And she asked in a voice full of doubts.

“Do you want to get out of the Imperial Palace? I hope you don’t ask because I think it’s possible.”

“It might be possible. If something big happens, you can hide the fact that the princess is gone. For example, about the death of the former Crown Prince Franz.”

“If you are asking about the death of Crown Prince Franz, I have no answers.”

Eilish hardened her face.

“I too feel sorry for my husband’s death. But it was just that the medicine was mixed by the doctor’s mistake…”

“It wasn’t.”

I have no intention of arguing with Eilish.

Anyway, as far as I know, the original content is the truth.

I decided to adopt the Orthodox method.

“I know that the Empress threatened the princess and made the former Crown Prince Franz take the medicine. You deliberately used a drug he was allergic to.”

Eilish’s body trembled slightly.

She raised her eyes

“Is there any evidence?”

“Evidence that you’re still alive.”

“Hah…. If you go around saying things like that, you’ll be gone before mice and birds know it.”

“Because of the Empress?”

“It happened before. People saying that it was actually the Empress who killed the crown prince. Do you know what happened to all those people?”

Eilish raised the corners of her mouth and smiled eerily.

“One person suddenly fell ill with an incurable disease, went home and died a few weeks later. Some were found under the bridge. It was a tragic loss.”

“The Burstoad can protect the princess.”

“Isn’t that why the Duke and Duchess of Burstoad died so easily?”

I opened my eyes wide.

“What do you mean, it was the Empress who killed the former Duke and Duchess?”

After the son, a mysterious woman, and even the former Duke and Duchess.

In fact, I was thinking that the woman in question might be Gabriel’s biological mother.

No matter how much I thought about it, she was the only woman the Empress would want to kill.

In fact, it was entirely possible, given that Gabriel’s birth mother had banished her from the palace when she was carrying Gabriel.

But they’re a Duke and Duchess.

It means that even Cesare’s parents lost their lives at the hands of the Empress.

I flagged down the Empress’s long list of hunts.

“Tell me the truth!”

“I don’t know.”

“You know everything, so why are you hiding it?”

“Otherwise I will die!”

Eilish, who screamed, wrapped her arms around her with both hands and shook her body.

Her condition suddenly looked bad.

She muttered.

“I don’t want to die. They said they’d let me live if I stayed quiet. If I stay quiet. If I live like a dead rat.”

“Princess, are you okay?”

“I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die!!”

Eilish shouted like a seizure.

The whites of her eyes were visible. Soon she lost her mind and collapsed.

Startled, he ran to her.

“Princess! Wake upwn!”


The door swung open and Cesare, who was waiting outside, came in.

Seeing Eilish who collapsed and my panicked state and assessed the situation.

Cesare ordered Joseph.

“Take her to the villa. And let the doctor see her.”

“Yes, sir.”

Joseph took Eilish and went outside.

Cesare looked at me.

“Daphne. Are you okay?”


I was just a little surprised.

I didn’t know that the Princess would faint just by talking about the former Crown Prince Franz and asking about the Empress.

I wonder if the fact that she’s addicted to drugs and her body isn’t in a normal state is affecting her.

Lost in thought, Cesare sat me down on his lap.

He patted my back

“Don’t worry. The Princess will be fine.”

“I hope so.”

“Do we need the former Crown Prince Franz? I was surprised when you suddenly said that you had to take Princess out of her palace.”

“I can’t tell you yet, but I definitely need it. especially to keep the Empress hand out of her.”

“I’ll have the knights deployed.”

“Thank you.”

I was grateful to Cesare, who did what I wanted without asking anything.

He didn’t know yet that the Empress had killed her son, the Crown Prince of the Empire.

It would be easier to seek help if I told Cesare, but there was no way I could explain how I knew it.

‘Actually, I am not Daphne, but the person possessed in the novel.’

Can’t you say it like this?

Originally, Daphne had no friends and was abandoned by her family.

Besides, after marriage, she only lived in the Burstoad estate.

But how do you even know such a detailed story?

Of course it will feel suspicious.

Even now, if it feels suspicious, it is a situation where it will feel suspicious…

When I glanced up at Cesare, my eyes met and Cesare trembled. Then, suddenly, he turned his head to an oblique angle.



“Hmm. Why?”

“What’s wrong? Are you sick?”


He hesitated for a moment, then said.

“I think you look pretty today.”

For a moment, I blinked because I couldn’t correctly input what I heard.

Suddenly…. Become romantic?

I’ve heard that when you’re newlyweds, just looking into each other’s eyes can set you on fire, but I never thought that would be my situation.

I guess it’s right.

Cesare avoided my gaze, as if embarrassed by what he had said.

My ears are slightly red.

It was funny and cute, so I asked him playfully.

“Did you fall for me again because I was so pretty?”

I thought it was both funny and cute, so I asked him playfully.


“You’ve already seen me in a wedding dress.”

To be precise, it must have been the original Daphne, not me.

I’m a married woman, but I couldn’t get down the aisle in person.

Even if it hurts a little, I can’t help it because my possession is after marriage.

But Cesare made a surprising statement.

“It didn’t feel like this back then.”

“What do you mean it didn’t feel like this?”

“It feels different. Now, somehow, I feel more alive and alive. Like you were the same person then and you’re a different person now…”

He stopped talking.

He seemed to think he hadn’t said it right.

Cesare hastily corrected his words.

“Of course I’m not saying you weren’t pretty back then, but…!”


I hugged Cesare.

Cesare stiffened in embarrassment.


“Thank you.”

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