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Even if a new road was built, all the damage in the past had to be paid by the Count of Madrid.

So Gabriel was also thinking about how I would repay the amount.

Lee Jong-woo was sitting on the sofa with a comfortable face as if he was at home, playing with his fingers.

“… How the hell did you know? Daphne and you too. Did Daphne know how to solve this?”

The book of Revelation only mentions the problems that will arise, not the solutions for them.

Lee Jong-woo turned to Gabriel.

“Daphne may or may not know.”

If Daphne remembers, then she knows, but she doesn’t know even those details.

Lee Jong-woo shrugged.

“What’s your relationship with Daphne?”

“Because we knew each other when we were young.”

Lee Jong-woo said casually.

“So I’ve come up with a couple theories, first.”

Lee Jong-woo stared at Gabriel with an interesting expression.

“You and Daphne must be descendants of a clan that can be prophesied.”

Was this a fantasy worldview?

Lee Jong-woo thought for a moment.

“Those races are often depicted in fairy tales.”

“They’re fairy tales because they only exist in fairy tales, my friend.”

Lee Jong-woo laughed for the first time in a long time.

When I think of Gabriel, who must have thought about this seriously, I thought it was cute.

Lee Jong-woo’s laughter made Gabriel’s ears red.

Gabriel said, turning his head softly.

“Of course, I knew it wasn’t!”

“Is there a second one?”

“Second is… A messenger from God sent for the two of you from the future. That’s why you both know what happened in the future. The theory is that you both are regressed.”

Daphne saved Gabriel’s hellish life and then Lee Jong-woo was helping him, so it seemed like the most appropriate theory.

Lee Jong-woo listened with a serious face, and then let out a faint smile.

“I suppose that could be true.”

“Isn’t that…?”

“Think of it as you wish, my friend. There are things in the world that can’t be explained with words, and there are secrets that can’t be revealed. The important thing is that I and Daphne are helping you, my friend, right?”

Gabriel nodded slowly.

That was correct.

Besides, Daphne’s revelation was too valuable to dwell on.

If Gabriel could know and prepare for all of this ahead of time, it would certainly help solidify his foundation.

“I was planning to take the Book of Revelation to His Majesty the Emperor.”


“Now that I think about it, taking it to my father would just end up being me begging him to fix it.”

Gabriel shared what he had been thinking about.

“… I want to do it myself.”

Gabriel’s blue eyes looked straight at Lee Jong-woo.

Even in the novel, Gabriel was a growing character.

Gabriel, who was engulfed in a sense of shame that he was a slave, gradually finds his identity as an Emperor.

It was with Cesare’s help in the process, though.

This time, only the assistants have changed to Daphne and Lee Jong-woo.

“You can do it, my friend. It’s hard to have courage once, it’s not hard to have it twice.”

“… To some extent, it seems that heaven is helping me.”

Gabriel looked at Lee Jong-woo for a long time while saying that.

In the end, I realized that Gabriel thought of Lee Jong-woo and Daphne as messengers of God sent for him.

I barely held back my laughter.

‘But. It’s much better than thinking that this place is in a novel.’

However, it was strange not to have any doubts about Lee Jong-woo and Daphne.

Lee Jong-woo leaned on the sofa in the hope that he would not be questioned.

‘By the way, Daphne is doing well, right?’

I understand Daphne’s feelings for leaving Lee Jong-woo here and running away, because she had to.

She doesn’t deserve to be stuck in a place like this for long.

That was a lot of patience.

Daphne is probably trying to solve the Bariol-related matter.

And in the process, Daphne will empower Gabriel.

She’ll get rid of the Empress.

‘In a way, that’s true. A messenger from God sent to help Gabriel.’

Lee Jong-woo glanced at Gabriel.

Gabriel was the main character prettier than a woman.

Until now, he only had a pretty face, but now that he works hard like that, for some reason…

‘I seem to know Cesare’s feelings.’

Lee Jong-woo leaned against the sofa and stared at Gabriel.

Gabriel raised his head and met Lee Jong-woo’s eyes.

Lee Jong-woo smiled brightly.

For some reason, Gabriel didn’t feel bad at this moment.

Gabriel cleared his throat and turned to the papers.

For once, he could stop thinking about Daphne.




“Count Peliard, The Duke?”

“Yes, Your Majesty the Empress!”

The Empress stood up.

He’d been so quiet all this time, and now he was doing this.

The Countess Peliard has been taking care of Gallard and the Empress affairs.

‘The Crown Princess…!’

The Empress clenched her teeth when she remembered that the Countess Peliard was still watching that girl.

Eilish might be addicted to drugs, but she was a princess of a country.

Even if she was abandoned, her words were bound to have a ripple effect.

“Find out what Princess Eilish is doing now!”

The Empress’s voice was shrill.

She was confident in everything she did.

Even when it came to killing Prince Franz.

He was the son who betrayed his mother who gave birth to him and Marquis Gallard and turned his back on him.

Moreover, Franz fell in love with his teacher.

If Franz had been just a commoner, it wouldn’t matter, but Franz was heir to the Emperor.

It was only natural that Eilish was dissatisfied with Franz.

This was the kind of thing that, if you do something wrong, could lead to a conflict between countries.

What if Eilish told her country that Franz was married to fraud?

The Empress needed a way to tie the ankles of both Eilish and Franz, so she used Eilish’s hand to kill Franz.

It was perfect until that point.

“I should have killed those damn bastards back then!”

It was the two poor children that the Empress kept alive.

Cesare and Gabriel.

The two, whom she thought were the weakest, survived and are now strangling her throat.

The Empress grinded her teeth.

The Empress waited anxiously for the call.

The handmaiden returned with an urgent face.

“That, it is said that Princess Eilish has disappeared!”

It was the last thing the Empress wanted to hear.

“Find her right now and bring her to me!”

Her heart began to race with an unknown fear.

The maid rushed out of the room again.

The Empress, who was wandering around the room, swallowed her saliva.

“I must do something…”

I couldn’t stand still and get stabbed.

The Empress slammed the door and came out.

“I must see the Emperor!”

Already, the work of Count Madrina has been distorted.

The Emperor must have a great deal of respect for Gabriel.

And the Emperor may have come to think that Gabriel was more than capable of dealing with the Empress.

Each step was precarious.

The Empress walked down the hall, her eyes narrowed.

‘I shouldn’t have killed Franz!’

I didn’t expect it to be a defeat when I prepared a great card to replace Franz!

Gabriel, you damn thing!

The Empress arrived at the Emperor’s audience room, chewing on the rude abusive language in her mouth.

The servant, who was guarding in front of her, had a puzzled expression on his face.

“Your Majesty the Empress.”

“I have to go inside.”

“That, that…”

The Empress frowned.

Even the servant didn’t listen to her word.

The Empress pushed the servant and opened the door to the audience with her own hands. And there was already someone inside.

“… Empress. What kind of rudeness is this?”

The Emperor.

“Long time no see, Empress.”

It was the Duke of Burstoad with a cold smile.

The Empress’s hand fell off the doorknob.




As soon as she received Eilish’s promise, she sent Cesare to the Imperial Castle.

In any case, it was to bind the Emperor.

This was a speed game.

I had to stab the Empress in the back of the head before she realized what was going on and was ready to withdraw.

And for this kind of thing, Cesare, not me, was perfect.

I had other things to do.

“I think this is the place.”

Hucklebane’s Apothecary.

I frowned at the shabby sign.

What should I say?

I wondered if I should take any of the medicines sold here.

The cobwebs and rats crawling on the floor made me feel uncomfortable.

“Ugh, that place is closed!”


Shannet blocked my way.

The cheeky boy who was snooping in front of us smiled broadly.

“The door is closed!”

Judging by the way he spoke, he had mixed intentions.

It was as if he knew where the apothecary from here had gone.

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