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She tapped Shannet on the shoulder.

“Get out of the way, Shannet.”

I went in front of Shanett and stood in front of the child.

I moved in front of her and stood in front of the child.

I crouched down and made eye contact with the child.

“Do you know where the master went?”

The child held out his palm.

The child smiled brightly as he sniffled.

“3 Gold!”

This little boy knows how to do business.

3 Gold was an expensive price to buy information.

“1 Gold.”

“Then, I can’t tell you with that money!”

“Hey, little boy.”

Shannet was getting impatient, but this kid was the only clue she had right now.

I decided to gently seduce the little boy.

“Okay. I’ll give you 3 gold. But why does it have to be 3 gold?”

“… I need to buy some medicine for my mom!”

“If you know where the owner of this Hucklebane is, you can go there and get some medicine. Do you really know?”

“You need money to buy medicine! How can I buy without money? And I know where he was!”

The kid stomped his foot in frustration.

I needed to make sure the information was true before I gave him the money.

The little boy rolled his eyes.

I took out 3 gold from my pocket and showed it.

“How can I trust you?”

“Why can’t you believe it!! Hucklebane is my dad! After my dad died, my mom started getting sick!!”


I caught him

The little boy kept his mouth shut as if he knew what he was saying.

The Empress obtained medicine from this apothecary.

And to cover it up, killing the apothecary would have been the best way.

The apothecary didn’t have the backing of the kingdom like the princess.

No matter how much they were shunned, they weren’t someone you could kill.

“Little boy.”

“I messed up…”

I tapped the shoulder of the crying little boy.

“Lead the way.”

“Why why! You’re trying to torment my mom! don’t do that! My mom is really sick!”

The little boy stopped with his arms wide open.

I could see what was going through his mind when he shouted for three gold.

“Did you really mean to take us to your house?”

“… No.”

The kid turned his head and whimpered.

What a brat.

I blinked at the knight who followed us.

The knight flashed a hug and raised the little boy.

“Hey ah! Let me go! let me go! I did nothing wrong!”

And I gave orders to other knights.

“Now go to the villa and bring a doctor.”

You need the right cards to negotiate.

The little boy’s eyes widened at my words. Blowing his nose, he said to me.

“Uh, are you going to help my Mom?”

“Only if you really help me. Did you see the money earlier? I have a lot of money, but if you lie to me…

The knight shook his head.

Realizing that there was no doctor to treat his mother, the little boy said urgently.

“I know! I’ll take you to my mom!”

The child rubbed his eyes vigorously. His wrists were skinny, showing that he hadn’t eaten properly.


I turned my head and gave the knight a small order.

“Bring some food for the child.”

“Yes, madam.”

I dismissed the knight and followed the child down the path.

And there, just as I had planned, I got another key.

Of course, the price of that key was very expensive!




“The Empress seems to have a business, so I will see you next time, Your Majesty.”

Cesare bowed his head and left the Emperor’s auditorium.

Cesare, passing by the Empress, had a chilly smell.

‘I know…!’

I thought to myself.

Because that’s probably the only reason Cesare is so hostile to the Empress.

The Empress’s shoulders trembled.

The whole truth had been revealed.

The Empress bit her lip hard.

She swallowed hard at the tasteless blood in her mouth.

She couldn’t let this happen.

It was a place that she protected even after she killed her son whom she loved so much.

The day she killed Franz, the Empress felt like tearing her heart out.

If it collapses now, Franz’s death will be in vain, and so would the Marquis Gallard, who was watching her.

The Empress smiled softly.

I closed the door to the auditorium and went inside.

The Emperor was looking at the Empress with an indifferent face. It didn’t contain any emotions.

I had seen that look before.

At Franz’s funeral, the Emperor looked at the Empress with that expression.

I was obviously trying not to do this.

A sharp word came out.

The words came out.

“Did you know that day?”

“Know what?”

The Emperor let out a low voice as if tired.

“The day Franz died…”

“Don’t talk about that day.”

The Emperor raised his voice sharply.

The Empress took a step backward as the Emperor leapt to his feet.

“Did you know about it?”

“Hah! I didn’t know the Empress would put that day in her mouth first. Why, now, what are you curious about? Did I know?”

“You looked at me that way that day too. Not with consolation for his wife who is grieving at the loss of her child, but with contempt! You didn’t even mourn the death of a child! Was it because you knew?”

The Emperor gritted his teeth.

The truth that was hidden deep down there was approaching with mouths wide open.

It’s like devouring everyone.

The Emperor pointed at the desk.

“… What if I told you I knew?”

“From where, from where?….”

“Did you think I would take Franz’s death lightly? Am I going to cover it up without knowing anything?”

The Emperor’s voice grew ferocious.

“No way! Even if you gave birth to him, that child was my son! The first cry of a child, the first babbling, the first step! We spent all those moments together. I liked Franz more than the other kids! and it was I who introduced him to the teacher of his new political ideals!”

The Empress embraced herself.

The sharp words she vomited without realizing it seemed to attack her.

Even if Eilish killed him, it was as if the Empress had killed him.

Ever since she killed Franz, the Empress hated and hated his teacher.

Cutting off Franz’s succession was also a problem, but what pushed the Empress even more miserable was that he fell in love and wanted to abandon the Empress according to his teacher’s wishes.

Mad with love.

That’s how I rationalizedit.

He was close to the radical aristocrats introduced by his teacher and joined hands with them to get his hands on the corruption of the Marquis Gallard.

The Crown Prince held the evidence in front of the Empress and urged her to back down.

Looking back, she was on the edge of a cliff, and in front of her was her beloved son.

The Empress had only one choice.

“Th-that kid… abandoned me because he was mad with love, that’s the truth!”

“Love? Yes. Franz loved his teacher. Was that really all? He was born as a Crown Prince and lived as a Crown Prince! He was going to become Emperor in the future! He was more interested in the corruption of the country than anyone else! He wanted to listen to the lowly. I introduced him to someone with the right political ideals, but he came first!”

The Emperor struck the desk.

The eyes staring at the Empress were full of anger like flames.

“He had deep thoughts about the country he would create as an Emperor! It was the Empress who destroyed his ideals!”

“That can’t be… That can’t be!”

The Empress shook her head.

The Empress had pacified herself, choosing to be an unkind mother.

She was just trying to teach the crown prince a lesson.

That he was a disloyal bastard who abandoned his parents for love.

But that wasn’t it?

“If a child tried to get out of your arms, you should have made a way out! In the end, the Empress broke the child’s wings!”

The Empress swallowed dry saliva.

“If you knew that… Why did you keep quiet until now, because you felt sorry for me?”

The Emperor slumped into a chair.

When he had learned everything, he had been filled with a fierce hatred and murderous intent toward the Empress.

But it was the man who had come to see him that made him hesitate.

He was the one who worked as a servant of the crown prince’s palace.

He said that if things went wrong, he had to go to the Emperor.

The Emperor couldn’t ignore Franz’s last plea.

“… Forgive my mother, father.”


“Please forgive my mother even by looking at me, father. I, this son, risk his life, please. Forgive my mother on my behalf.”

At the Emperor’s words, the Empress collapsed on the floor.

Her legs were so weak that she couldn’t stand any longer.

Tears that she had been holding back for so long were flowing down.

“There was no reason why I couldn’t grant the wish of the child who was leaving for the last time and while I mourn his loss, I will honor the promise.”

The Empress’s body trembled.

“Forgive me, forgive me…”

The mother abandoned her child, but the child didn’t abandon his mother.

Come to think of it, he was a very sweet kid.

It was the child who picked the first flower that bloomed when spring came and put it on the Empress’s table.

A child who was smiling at the arrival of spring, his mother’s favorite season.

Was such a child really blinded by love and wanted to betray the Empress?

It was none other than the Empress herself who was blind.

Blinded by my own greed, my son… my son…

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