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Chapter 12


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The fortunate thing is that my remarks were so shocking that he stopped moving.

Ahaha. How did I fix this? I added with a smile.

“Of-of course I won’t move. haha.”


“Cesare. I can explain everything.”

Cesare raised his eyebrows as if annoyed. But I had to say something.

“It was an accident. Really.”

I had no intention of touching Cesare man. In this novel, I am the one who wishes the best for the two.

Never! Never! I have no intention of getting tangled up with Cesare and Gabriel!

“I was going to give him a cake, but I got tangled and fell.”

“Your feet are tangled? What do you do to make your feet entangled and stay in that position?”

Cesare grinded his teeth. It seemed that Cesare was only listening to what he wanted to hear.

“Why did you come to this slave room for in the first place, Daphne?”

“That… he got better from the cold, so I thought it would be good to congratulate him…”

“So, you prepared the cake and came to this dirty servant’s room, isn’t it? I didn’t know you were so interested in the treatment of servants.”


At Cesare’s words, I was momentarily furious. How much I care about the servants for my honorable exit!

But I just kept my mouth shut, knowing that it would be impossible if I confronted him here.

“No. I don’t…”

As I became quiet, Cesare’s countenance grew more sinister. he muttered grimly.

“I think this guy was the problem, maid. Get the whip right now. You should be punished for being arrogant.”

“… Are you planning on punishing Gabriel?”

“A slave who doesn’t know his place. Isn’t it natural?”


I screamed in amazement. No matter how much this novel is a R-19 BL novel! How can you say you will whip that pitiful  Gabriel?

Even in front of me! I have no intention of watching that live in real time!

It’s just a medicine that is free from colds and body aches. He barely got better, but if Cesare’s whip was added, it was obvious that he would get sick again.

And in the end, today’s events will cause a fight.

Cesare will regret his past actions.

‘Is that all?’

Maybe Gabriel came to me for nothing and resented me for creating an element of conflict.

Now, I seem to have a good image in Gabriel’s eyes, but in the face of original love, reason is of no use.

Cesare should never have bothered Gabriel outside of bed.

I wholeheartedly advised Cesare.

“Cesare. Don’t do anything you’ll regret.”


“… Instead of beating Gabriel, you would rather scold me.”

I closed my eyes tightly and stood in front of Gabriel.

No matter how much Cesare loved Gabriel, I was still his wife.

His pride will not tolerate the ugly act of beating his wife.

Besides, I also had a family of close relatives. The punishment that Cesare could inflict on me was at best probation.

Cesare stopped moving. He stared at me with dark, sunken eyes.

Those eyes were so tense that it felt like my heart was about to explode.

A suffocating silence passed.


Fortunately, Cesare, who bit his tongue once, eventually let Gabriel go. And he looked at me like he didn’t want to see me and left the room.

After he had completely disappeared, I hurriedly ran to Gabriel. Gabriel, lying on the bed, did not look good at first glance.

“Gabriel! Are you okay?”

Gabriel looked up with a dying face. There were tears in his eyes. He cried.

“Daphne. The reason you fought with the master was because of me….”

“Never mind, Gabriel.”

Is Cesare a madman for no reason? He just crazy.

Gabriel’s room was in a mess after a storm had passed. I sighed as the cake fell to the floor and smashed mercilessly.

That’s why he’s so jealous

It seemed that feeding Gabriel a cake would be difficult forever.





Cesare returned to his room and kicked the wall. His displaced anger burned his head. Tsk, Cesare grinded his teeth.

I couldn’t even imagine how much Daphne had played with that slave.

As Cesare passed servants room, Daphne got on Gabriel’s waist and was about to kiss him.

It is also very bewitching and alluring!

“You dare to commit an affair in front of me?”

The seeds of uncontrollable obsession were growing out of him.




Day 5 from the day Cesare slapped Gabriel in the face.

I was currently doing self-reflection in my room.

Cesare did not order me to be in custody. I thought he was going to be mad, but he wasn’t.

He just ignored me. We ate separately and didn’t even look at me if we ever met. Still, the number of maids staying by my side has increased, probably because the number of people monitoring me has increased.

Should I like this or not?

Due to the circumstances, I couldn’t even go see Gabriel. It was irresistible.

Anyway, during this probation period, I thought a lot and realized one very important fact.

I was underestimating the fear of the obsessive maniac. To be honest, I think I looked down on it.

But I was wrong.

They wouldn’t call him a madman without reason? There is no medicine for crazy dogs.

The most important thing for me wasn’t to get Gabriel’s liking.

Just to avoid the wrath of that crazy obsessive maniac Cesare.

His obsession pierced the sky. Of course, I thought that the last situation was an attitude that could be misunderstood, but neither me nor Gabriel was innocent. But you don’t listen to me and you get angry right away.

In front of love, Cesare seemed to lose his mind. Thinking of Cesare of that day, I got goosebumps on my arms again.

“It’s dangerous, really.”

Maybe I should stop building Gabrielle’s affinity.

I’ll have a funeral first if I build a good relationship with him.

Cesare is the owner of this mansion, and there are people everywhere to replace his eyes. Even if he doesn’t see it in person, they will talk to Cesare in some way.


So what should I do? Should I just stay like a dead rat and wait for the two people who have confirmed their love and tell me to leave?

… Should I talk about divorce now?

I haven’t talked to Cesare about this anyway, but I had been preparing for a long time to escape from the flow of this original work.

The alimony is a bit disappointing, but…  Rather, it was more urgent to save my lifeline.

Originally, I was going to talk about the divorce after I had developed a good relationship with Gabriel and created an atmosphere in which I could reach an agreement with Cesare.

Take the nuance that I’m going to step down for your love and get some more alimony.

No matter how bad a villain is, shouldn’t I take care of what I need to take care of?

I suddenly fell into a novel and took possession of this body, so I need some money.

The decision was made because the negotiations had to be carried out in a favorable state in order to end in an advantageous manner.

But now I have doubts about whether I will be able to leave safely.

Only last time his twisted jealousy turned to violence to the one he loved, you never know when he’d turn to me.

Later, when the original story progresses further and he truly falls for Gabriel, it was hard to tell how he would act.

Aren’t you just blaming me for everything? If it’s Cesare who’s crazy about love, it might be the case.

Shall we try some luck?

Yeah, let’s just say it!

I’ve come to a conclusion about what I’ve been thinking about for the past 5 days.

“Madam. Where are you going?”

When I got up from my seat, Shannet asked, stomping her feet as if anxiously.

Shannet seemed to think that the last time I told her I would go to Gabriel, she couldn’t stop me from going.

Well, right now, Cesare and I were in the Cold war, so the atmosphere in the mansion was brutal.

Don’t worry though! It ends today too.

When I get divorced and leave, the only obstacle to Cesare and Gabriel’s love affair will be gone, and the atmosphere in the mansion will naturally improve!

This will be a mansion full of love.

“I’m going to Cesare.”

I relieved her anxiety by kindly answering her questions. Shannet’s face brightened as if she won the lottery.

Anyway, she is a child whose emotions come out right through her facial expressions.

I wondered what would happen if I went to the hunting grounds, but luckily Cesare was in the room. He looked quite surprised at my sudden visit.

I cautiously opened my mouth.

“I came here because I have something to say.”

“… Sit here.”

Soon, our tea was served flagrantly in front of him and me. I came to say divorce, but when I sat down with Cesare, I was nervous and trembling.

I cleared my throat.

“I was surprised that you came all of a sudden.”

“… Is that so?”

“Yeah. What happened today?”

Cesare looked at me with curious eyes. He seems to have made quite a bit of progress in his love affair with Gabriel since I stayed for self-discipline.

Otherwise, there would be no reason for a faint smile to appear on Cesare’s lips.

Well, things work better without me. 

As expected, the answer was to leave quickly?

Having gained a little confidence, I plucked up the courage to open my mouth.

“We are getting a divorce.”

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