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It was a face that wanted to chew Marquis Gallard to the bones right away.

He muttered, thinking that he had won.

“Haha! Yes, that’s where you have to stop, I’ll forgive you no more of your arbitrary behavior!”

“Who’s unforgiving of what?”

Cesare said grimly.

He pull my neck.

Then, Cesare began to approach Marquis Gallard.

Fear flashed in the Marquis de Gallard’s eyes.

“Hey, didn’t I tell you to stop!”

But Cesare did not listen to Marquis Gallard.

Suddenly, our distance became very close.

The one holding the hostage began to fear more.

The Marquis Gallard shouted urgently.



Marquis Gallard trembled and stabbed my neck with a knife.

It wasn’t deep, but red blood dripped down.

Tears welled up in my eyes at the physiological pain.

And at that moment, the white blade of the sword passed in front of my eyes.


Cesare’s sword, which he swung in an instant, cut off Marquis’s wrist.

The Marquis Gallard fell with a painful scream.

At the same time, Cesare caught me in a hurry as I fell to the floor after being released.

He put his big hand on my neck and stopped the bleeding.

“Daphne, are you okay?”

Cesare looked at me with a worried look.

Tears were pouring down.

I thought I was acting strongly, but now that I was safe, I started to cry.

I hugged Cesare tightly with trembling hands.

“Cesare, Cesare….”

“Shh. I’ll have to stop bleeding from the neck first.”

“Cesare. I was so scared.”

I thought I might die this time.

If Cesare hadn’t appeared at the right time, I might have been really dead.

“Hah. I’m glad it’s not too late.”

“How did you find me, and where am I?”

“This is the small residence that the Marquis Gallard used to make bariols in the past.”

Cesare grunted.

“They had a carriage ready and moved you after putting you to sleep. I’ve captured the lowly knight and maid who did it, and I’ve locked Jacob up again. They all…”

Cesare gritted his teeth and muttered.

“They’ll never see the light of day again.”


“Ha, Daphne.”

Cesare hugged me tightly.

“I’m really glad that you’re safe.”

The tension was instantly relieved.

I leaned on Cesare.

Now it’s really safe.

Cesare is with me.

But at that moment, I looked over Cesare’s shoulder.

The image of the Marquis Gallard approaching Cesare, his eyes flashing madly, his sword drawn.

“Cesare, it’s dangerous!”

I shouted in furious voice.




Gabriel raised his head with a cold expression.

After Cesare ran out like that, the trial was put on hold.

Gabriel had persuaded the displeased Emperor himself.

The condition was that the Duke and Marquis of Gallard must be brought to trial, and that the Duke of Burstoad would later explain today’s event.

The moment Daphne’s name came out of Cesare’s mouth, Gabriel’s heart became impatient.

Marquis Gallard, who didn’t appear, the Empress who was calm, Joseph who had a pale face, and Cesare suddenly ran out.

All that points to is one answer: Daphne is in danger.

As soon as he received the Emperor’s permission, he ran straight to the place that the subordinate, who had followed Cesare, had told me.

Gabriel entered the room with some uneasy feeling.

Cesare seemed to have taken care of those who guarding it.

Gabriel’s escort knights, who checked those lying on the floor, shook their heads.

It seems they are already dead.

The fact that Cesare put his hands so cruelly…

Gabriel stepped forward.

No matter what happens inside, Cesare and the Marquis of Gallard must be brought to court.

As promised with the Emperor.

It was when Gabriel entered the place where the presence could be heard.

“Die! You bastard!”

What Gabriel saw was the appearance of the Marquis, swearing and swinging his sword at Cesare.

Cesare was showing his back and holding Daphne in his arms.

If Cesare dodges now, Daphne will hurt.

But it was too late for Cesare to escape it with Daphne.

Even Gabriel noticed that it wasn’t a good situation.

‘This is crazy.’

I knew I had to do it.

Gabriel stopped in front of Marquis Gallard, and a sharp blade fell over him.

“No, Your Highness!!”


“Your Majesty the Crown Prince!!”

Daphne’s voice mingled with the voices of the knights calling him.

Cesare was looking at Gabriel with a pale face.

It was the same with Marquis Gallard.

Marquis Gallard couldn’t believe his sword pierced through Gabriel.

It seems he was right in front of him when he stretched out his arms.

Marquis Gallard dropped what he was holding in his hand.


Red blood traces were drawn on Gabriel’s pure white skin.

The knights rushed to support Gabriel, who vomited blood while bending his body forward.

At that moment, he could not even figure out how he had summoned his superhuman power to block Cesare and Daphne.

It was just desperate.

Marquis Gallard, who had paused for a moment, squeezed his last strength and struggled.

After learning that it was not Cesare or Daphne that was stabbed, but Prince Gabriel, Marquis Gallard took up the sword that fell on the floor and attacked Cesare again.

But this time Cesare was faster.


The Marquis Gallard lay on the floor.

Cesare clicked his tongue briefly as he saw the red blood dripping beneath it.

He harmed the Crown Prince, and he died too easily because he deserved the right punishment for the sins he had committed so far.

Daphne, who was hiding behind Cesare, approached Gabriel.

Gabriel gasped and reached out to Daphne.

“Da-Daphne… I’m glad you’re safe…”

A faint smile remained on Gabriel’s face.

It was the first time they’d seen each other since the bad parted at Gabriel’s house.

Daphne bit her lips.

“Gabriel… You’re bleeding too much, you’re bleeding too much blood. What should we do.”

Daphne burst into tears.

Although she resented Gabriel, she never wanted him to die.

She wanted Gabriel to live happily in his place.

Daphne covered the spot where Gabriel was stabbed with her palm.

Cesare let out a low sigh as he checked Gabriel’s condition.

“Your Majesty the Crown Prince, do not lose your mind!”

The knight shouted desperately.

The only remaining direct descendant of the Imperial Family.

The repercussions of his death would be devastating.

“Your Highness!”

Gabriel followed Daphne’s voice in the midst of many deafening calls.

She was crying, calling his name in the softest voice.

“Daphne, don’t cry…”

Gabriel smiled faintly.

The accumulated guilt toward Daphne weighed heavily on Gabriel.

“Don’t cry for someone like me…”

Gabriel stretched out with a trembling hand.

Daphne squeezed it firmly and shook her head.

“I’m not going to die. Why is Gabriel dying? I will never die. So… Don’t die.”

Cesare sighed and wrapped his robe around Daphne’s shoulder.

Daphne also shed a lot of blood.

She was pale, but she didn’t look like she was going to leave this place anytime soon.

It would be nice if Gabriel could be moved to receive treatment, but there was already a lot of bleeding.

Besides, Gabriel’s breathing sound was not good either because he was stabbed in a bad position.

Everyone predicted Gabriel’s fate for the worse.

Daphne’s heart was pounding.

‘You can never die. You are the main character here, so why are you dying? There’s no way the main character can die!’

Daphne’s lips trembled.

‘Is it possible that I took your place? So that’s why you’re going to die?’

Her head spun.

Daphne was sobbing, only calling Gabriel softly.

There’s a gap.

It was Lee Jong-woo who poked his head through the gap.

“Oh my gosh. What is going on… Gabriel! Daphne!”

Lee Jong-woo, who had frowned at the bloody scent, approached quickly.

Lee Jong-woo clicked his tongue when he saw that Gabriel was on the verge of death.

“Mr. Lee Jong-woo! Save Gabriel. Gabriel… I think Gabriel is really going to die from this. It shouldn’t happen.”

Daphne continued crying.

“You can save him, can’t you?”

Lee Jong-woo sighed as he saw the blood running down Daphne’s neck.

Lee Jong-woo, who placed a hand on Daphne’s neck and healed her wound, spoke as kindly as possible.

“Don’t cry, just wait and trust me. Can you do it?”

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