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Chapter 14


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Daphne returned and Cesare closed the door to his office and sat back on the chair.

“It’s the mental part.”

Looking back on Cesare and Daphne’s marriage, it was understable. Daphne made excuses for a romance novel, but the things she has endured and built up so far must have exploded all at once.


“Yes, sir.”

The secretary, who had his head down on the papers, answered Cesare’s call.

“Is there any way to make a lonely person not feel lonely?”

“… Did you say that she was lonely?”

Apparently, it was clear that Cesare’s secretary had a spirit. Same thing when he was against Gabriel in the past. Even now.

“That is… ”

“Whoa. It’s understandable. It would be good to refresh the atmosphere.”


“Yes. How about a picnic?”

A picnic

“The boat ride is a pretty romantic date course.”

Boat ride.

It was a very good suggestion. Of course, I planned to take Gabriel on this picnic.

Cesare’s eyes flashed with possessiveness.




It seems that my excuse was quite a shock to Cesare. He offered me an outing.


‘There is a large lake in the hunting grounds. Let’s go there and ride a boat.’


Do you feel sorry for leaving your wife and having lust with Gabriel?

Then Cesare was at least a man with a conscience. It doesn’t really matter, though.

To be honest, I didn’t expect that excuse would work so well. If I had known that would happen, I would have talked about the novel earlier.

Anyway, the mansion became bustling as the owner couple decided to go out. Cesare’s hunting grounds were not far from the mansion, but things change when a companion is there.

We’re not going to go hunting, it’s a picnic, so there are probably things to prepare.

And like them, I prepared myself.

“If I stay here longer, I won’t be able to eat happily.”

Get ready to run right away.

The world of the R-19 BL novel is a place where reason and plan do not work. Only wit and quick execution can protect me.

To the extent that I have decided to step back without interfering between the two main characters, their actions will not be completely identical to the original.

It should be love, but maybe you feel sorry for me. Like Cesare’s behavior, suggesting that we go on a picnic.

Perhaps even the hope of a safe divorce is just a dream.

See you again. I was just trying my luck, but Cesare asked me if I was having an affair with Gabriel, and asked me the other way around.

Who is cheating? 

Anyway, I was less confident that the future development would only go as I expected. The worst was Cesare’s saying he couldn’t divorce her because he needed a wife.

Even in the original story, Daphne tried to kill Gabriel and Cesare executed her, not Daphne from the position of his wife, not throwing Daphne out of his wife’s position.

But I never want to remain by their side as a wife.

It was not my will that I possessed this body, I wanted to live the life I wanted.

That would be a much better life than getting caught up in here and dying.

Looking back on my past history, I thought it would be better to implement the things I thought about, since I was timid and did nothing and left only regrets when I die.

Still, trying it out will have less regrets than not doing it.

‘Do you understand this? Because I just slept with that junior. nothing happened. I didn’t even cover myself with a blanket.’

I regret that I didn’t blow the face of that motherfucker back then.


‘My homework too… Please do my homework…’

I regret that I couldn’t turn down the friend who had been teasing me like that.


‘I’m sure you’ll understand. Our divorce is a choice for you.’

I also regret that I didn’t curse at my parents for saying it was my choice.

After putting up with all that, I became a fool.

This life will never be like that.

I have to live doing everything I want to do.

“If we can’t get a divorce, I have no choice but to run away.”

I took this trip as an opportunity. The forest is thick and complicated, so if I hide in the gap, even Cesare will not be able to find me easily.

Even if I get caught, you just have to excuse yourself for getting lost because the forest is too deep. And I’ll have to look for the next opportunity.

“Leave this behind. Hmm. Would it be better to take the cash?”

Because she was Duchess, she had a lot of precious metals, but it was too heavy to carry all of them when she ran away.

Throw it all away and just take cash. You can buy what you need, and if you run out of money, you can work.

I’m a modern person, can’t I just cover myself up?

I made up my mind




“The weather is really nice, madam!”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“I think the water at the lakeside will be very clear! Oh my, look at that flower over there! They are as beautiful as you, madam!”

I barely nodded at Shannet’s babbling words.

It was hastily, but by the time I checked the plan I had made quite meticulously to the end, dawn was drawing near.

Besides, I was so nervous that I couldn’t fall asleep even when I lay in bed.

“Madam Daphne. Are you okay? You look tired.”

Gabriel, who was walking behind me at some point in time, came up to me.

Still, Gabriel looked at me with a worried face to see if all her efforts had been in vain.

Maybe it’s because I refused to spend the night with Cesare.

It’s an original story where the scene goes round and round, but Gabriel’s crush was a good thing.

“I woke up too early today because I was looking forward to the picnic. So I’m just a little sleepy. I’m not too tired, so it’s okay.”

Naturally, Cesare accompanied Gabriel to this excursion.

My wife said that arranged marriage was lonely, so I decided to have a picnic, and he put his lover there.

If it had been Daphne in the original story, she would have been very disappointed and even insulted Gabriel, but I wasn’t.

‘Cause today I’m leaving to find my freedom!

Now goodbye to this trash destiny!

Eat well and live well, protagonists!

“Aren’t you thirsty? May I bring you some water?”

“It’s okay. Anyway, Gabriel. There is also a large lake where we are going today. I’m pretty much relaxed now, so it’ll be good for a swim. Do you like swimming?”

“Yes… I like it.”

Gabriel blushed and said he liked it.

Whoops, no matter how hard the supporting role is, one of my favorites is to see the main character’s face.

After today, there will be nothing to see for the rest of my life, so today I’ll watch it as I want.

“Uh, did I get something on my face?”

“Fufu.. no. It’s nothing.”

Even while talking to Gabriel like this, Cesare did not look at me with jealousy.

Yes, how do you even know that today is my last day!

I felt more at ease.

Upon reaching the lake shore, the servants hastily installed a small canopy. It was a quick move, lest the hot sun damage the owner’s skin.

As I got off my horse and sat on a chair, Cesare came up to me, who had been instructing the secretary to do something.

“I think we will have to wait a bit to go boating. Would you like some lunch first?”

“No. Well…”

I looked around. Everyone seemed busy preparing for the next meal and boat ride.

Even Gabriel, who doesn’t do anything special, is helping to prepare the meal.

Should we check the site when everyone is busy?

“Can I take a walk around?”

“Let’s go together.”

Cesare reached out to me. If I tried to say I would go alone and refused here, I thought he would be more wary for no reason.

He should let his guard down, because if I make him worry about it, things can be annoying when I really have to run away later… 

“All right.”

I took Cesare’s outstretched hand. Cesare’s face lit up at him.

Of course, Cesare is also the main character. He was usually handsome, but when he smiled, he became more handsome.

Yes, today is the last time I see your face.

The escape from the original makes a person’s mind gentle. I responded to him with a smile, too.




Cesare accompanied Gabriel to show the cheeky bastard that Daphne was mine.

To that guy who doesn’t know his place and looks over Daphne!

No matter how much Daphne says no, only his eyes are not hidden.

His eyes and the way he looked were the same in that aspect.

It was clear that Gabriel had feelings for Daphne that he shouldn’t have.

Every time he looked at Daphne with those dark and dirty eyes, Cesare’s stomach turned upside down.

Because of that, Cesare wanted to show Gabriel how vain and wrong it felt.

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