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Chapter 15


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Cesare wrapped Daphne’s shoulders and lifted the parasol.

“Let’s go over there.”


Daphne laughed softly.

“It’s nice to come out like this. I meant to come out earlier. I wish I knew you were so lonely…”

Cesare frowned.

Actually, when he heard such a story from Daphne, his mind was complicated. If that was the reason Daphne looked at Gabriel, then Cesare was right.

The two were married by arrangement as a result of family unity.

And there was no love between Cesare and Daphne, and if the two agreed, they could meet the other gender.

Most of the nobles living in this world lived like that.

No matter how angry Cesare was, if Daphne wanted it, social custom could not stop him. That was the point that made Cesare boil.

I don’t like Daphne seeing Gabriel.

I held it and tried to hold it, because telling this to others could cause ridicule.

Wouldn’t it be better to put some effort into it instead? Cesare had no reason why he couldn’t do what that a slave did.

If the slave attracted Daphne’s attention with a delicate and neat appearance, Cesare only needs to show adult-like tenderness.

His secretary advised that it was okay to show a sincere side, but for Cesare, who had been indifferent all his life, that wouldn’t be easy. So I got a little help from my secretary.

Holding the parasol directly and wrapping the shoulder was the kindness he recommended.

Cesare smiled awkwardly.

“Thanks for saying that, Cesare. Thank you for caring about me.”

Daphne smiled wider as she said that.

Cesare thought that the two of them had a sense of connection to some extent. 

I don’t know what Daphne was thinking inside.’




Gabriel’s eyes were filled with anger and disappeared as he saw the back of Daphne and Cesare.

Cesare firmly ordered Gabriel to accompany him on every schedule today. Gabriel had a basket in his hand and a shawl for Daphne.

He was a far different look from Cesare, who was carrying a parasol and wrapped around Daphne’s shoulder.

It was clear that Cesare was trying to make Gabriel realize the difference.

Because Gabriel had Daphne’s favor, but Cesare didn’t have a single piece of Daphne’s heart!

It was something that Daphne could tell from the dry gaze of Cesare.

Then shouldn’t Cesare make concessions for Daphne’s happiness?

The other day, on the way to work, I accidentally overheard a conversation between Cesare and Daphne.


‘We are getting a divorce.’


It was definitely Daphne’s voice. Daphne was hoping for a divorce from Cesare!

Of course, Gabriel couldn’t take responsibility for Daphne. But it was clear that Daphne hated him enough to wish for a divorce.

So Cesare had to let Daphne go. However.


‘What do you mean?’


Cesare ignored Daphne’s sincerity.

Hearing Cesare’s words, Gabriel’s eyes lit up.

There was little Gabriel could do for Daphne. All he could do was stay by Daphne’s side. He didn’t like Cesare who even bothered him.

‘The monster that torments Daphne…!’

Gabriel clenched his teeth.

Gabriel grabbed Daphne’s shawl. It was a shawl that was as soft and warm as Daphne’s heart.




If I had known in advance, I wouldn’t have done it.

That’s not important.

It was bittersweet.

I just didn’t want Gabriel to be a used as  shield.

When I first read the novel, I did not understand Daphne’s actions. Why are you so obsessed with Cesare and tormenting Gabriel?

Of course, I still don’t fully understand her. But I was living her life instead of the original Daphne and some part of her became understandable to me.

Daphne was a comparator and shield against Gabriel.

I finally understood Daphne’s anger and the woman’s regrets.

Daphne deserved to be angry. If you are destined to be with such a character, you should be angry.

I just didn’t understand that Daphne didn’t give up on Cesare and leave.

So I leave.

Find freedom!


This place was a good place to hide because of the dense forest and many trees. Besides, there was a village right next door.

Wouldn’t it be more comfortable for Cesare if I disappeared? Can’t you make love to Gabriel without looking at me anymore?

Of course, it’s a little unfortunate that the country’s guilds disappeared. I need them to find someone else.

“Daphne. What are you thinking?”

“Ah! I was thinking that the scenery was really beautiful. I feel like my eyes open.”


Cesare coughed and turned his head.

This was sincere.

After checking the scenery of this place with my own eyes, I felt open.

I somehow felt like I could escape today. To a place where no one can find me.

A hum came out of nowhere.

Before this day came, I asked the servants and maids about this place again and again.

They felt sorry for me, saying I was doing this because I was excited about the picnic. If Cesare had been so indifferent in the past, the madam would only go there for a picnic.

It was just those eyes.

Originally full of goodwill towards me, they informed me in detail about this place.

Their pity helped my plan to escape today.

So why don’t you do it well, Cesare.

Now that I have to avoid their eyes, all I have to do is wait for the timing. When everyone’s eyes are not looking at me. It was a good time to be alone.

At times like this… The image is crumpled, but that’s it.

I scratched my cheek.

It seems like it will be difficult right now, so I thought I should bring it up in the afternoon when they feel drowsy.

I glanced behind me to see Gabriel and other servants chasing me.

Cesare and Gabriel are very pathetic.

Cesare will want to have Gabriel next to him, and Gabriel will be rotting inside.

No. He’s already spent countless nights, just being a servant. How upset Gabriel must be.

My heart goes crazy at the thought that a neat face will shed tears.

How much more do you suffer from Cesare, who is experiencing a period of denial?

As expected, I’m an obstructionist.

“Why are you looking back?”

“Ah… Well. I never thought Gabriel would be with us today.”

In fact, it’s not conscience to make Gabriel walk like this. Every night while being  abused!

Cesare frowned.

Ugh, did I do something wrong again?

After promising not to be nice to Gabriel!

I’m afraid of my habits… 

I quickly cleared my throat and shook my head.

“No, of course Cesare would have taken care of him.”

“…  Right. Does Gabriel bother you? I heard you punished the janitor who brought the slave. The family knights questioned Triever and reported to me what they found him.”

Oh, Triever?

I couldn’t hold back my true intentions with a gloomy expression on my face.

“That person must become an eunuch.”


“Please let me know if he goes around like that, I will get him a big nose injury…”

I have to.

My lips fluttered again.

I can’t believe I said this to Cesare?

I cleared my throat and smiled softly. As if I didn’t say anything.

I should know that I never said that to Cesare.




I chewed my lips.

Belatedly, I thought that Cesare might misunderstand if he heard this wrong. In fact, Cesare did the same.

Cesare is spending the night with Gabriel while feeling guilty for me and intimidating his sexual orientation.

In the meantime, his wife says something like that?

Oh, my god.

Anyone who sees it knows that I know something! In a word, I almost became Daphne in the original who was jealous of Cesare and Gabriel.

That’s why a single word pays off a thousand debts.

Also I had to leave.

It’s hard to say a single word with my heart pounding like this, so it’s better to feel comfortable even for a day.

I glanced at Cesare, who was eating with a calm face.

He’s been speechless, right?

Still, he keeps his mouth shut like that, so he looks sexy.

Why are you saying that? All handsome men have wife or they gay. It was the same in the world of fiction, so Cesare’s beauty was no joke.

If Gabriel is a delicate and neat beauty, Cesare is a sculptural beauty with a strong will.

Seeing the two of them standing together, it was clear that anyone would be happy.

Again, I support them in many ways.

Be happy.

I looked at Cesare’s eyes and tried to talk to him.



Cesare turned to me.

Fortunately, the atmosphere is not bad, right?

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