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Chapter 17


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In that sense, Joseph had a high regard for Daphne. Perhaps the same goes for the servants of the mansion.

Daphne had never thought of anything else. Cesare continues to flirt with Daphne, but Daphne has endured the loneliness alone.

It was completely different from other nobles who brought the mistress inside as soon as the wedding was over.

Besides, she was fair and gentle, so who could have hated her?

Due to the evil governments, he had a more comfortable day than other mansion servants. It’s called Hell.

In the meantime, Gabriel intervened, so it was only natural that all kinds of hatred towards him.

“Is that so?”

“Yes, sir, and there is nothing strange about the misunderstanding. There are people who are actually doing that. It’s not that your wife doesn’t engage in social activities, so you must have heard something.”

Cesare frowned.

As Joseph said. Daphne was living in a situation which it would not be strange to misunderstand.

And yet, she had never urged Cesare or even got angry. She just embraced him like water.

Even though I was angry that she saw Gabriel with that kind of heart.

After all, it was Cesare, and no one else, who made this happen.

“… It was a good choice for me to cut the schedule outside. Thank you, Sir Joseph.”

“No, sir.”

“Then what should I do to free the slave from Daphne?”

“It’s… It’s a beauty.”

Joseph said frankly. Observing from his side, Daphne was weak against Gabriel’s appearance. And in Joseph’s eyes, Gabriel and Cesare were equal in appearance. Even if the atmosphere is different… 

Of course, there is also the taste, but the fact that he is a beauty is not enough to beat half of him.

The beauty world was the best way to earn new points that had been forgotten.

“Let madam do the things she likes. Focus on making her laugh.”

“You think I can change Daphne’s heart just like that?”

“Yes, sir. Even a little thing like that can move a woman’s heart.”

“Hmm. You know so well, why haven’t you been married yet?”

Cesare asked lightly without a second thought. But the question was not easy for Joseph either.

Said Joseph in tears.

“If I didn’t accompany you to a picnic on a day off like this, I would have gotten married sooner!”


Cesare agreed.

“Paying incentives.”

Joseph was also convinced.

But why doesn’t Daphne come?

Cesare called Daphne’s maid.


“Yes, sir.”

Cesare confirmed that they were the only one thing, and asked in a low voice.

“Did Daphne have constipation?”

“Ah. It’s different every time.”

So it’s taking a long time.

Cesare was convinced once again.




Still, there was an end. Perhaps by now, Cesare was also aware that I had disappeared and was searching for me. Or maybe he didn’t care.

Gabriel is… I don’t know.

Once I straightened out my clothes. I took off the dirt on my clothes and brushed off the dirt from my shoes.

I wouldn’t have been able to run away like this if it wasn’t for the luck that I wore outing shoes today.

Before entering the village, I couldn’t give people a suspicious impression.

Once in the village, I was thinking of buying simple clothes and changing according to Ropan’s standard.

After that.


I really need to go to the bathroom. ahh. Who knew I’d really wanted to go to the bathroom?

After deciding on the route, I boldly moved forward.

Again and again-

Tak Tak Tak-


I don’t think this is the sound of my steps. Did they already have a chase group? I can’t!

Haven’t heard any sound so far.

Was the sound buried in the forest because it was a dirt road?

Goosebumps swelled up in an instant.

The reason I was sure it wasn’t the sound of my footsteps was because the weight was different. If I walked faster, he got faster too. And if it is delayed, it will also be delayed.

I guess I’ll have to look back and check it.

Holding down the fear, I slowly turned my head.

Then, for an instant, I lost my strength and almost sat down.


Gabriel, who should be by Cesare’s side right now… 

“Where are you leaving me?”

Was in front of me

Why are you out here…?




I had a headache.

Gabriel, why are you here… 

The madam, who went to the bathroom because of a stomach ache, disappeared, so I thought Cesare could pretend to find me.

But Gabriel was planning on coming after me!

“Daphne. I know everything.”

What do you know… do you know what I feel now?

Gabriel had to be by Cesare’s side. Because that’s the story the original set up.

I told him to love him as much as you want! Then, Daphne will be fine. You have to comfort him and stay close to him!

This means that it is time to capture Cesare while showing the qualities of a gentle and friendly owner.

But why is he here?

While I was watching, Gabriel threw a bomb.

“Please take me with you. If it’s run away, I can do it too!”


“Because I’ve already done it once. I won’t get caught a second time.”

Gabriel burned her will out of nowhere. A sense of professionalism shone in him.

Are you acting like this when I’ve been so nice to you?

I ran away with you and got caught by Cesare, what kind of misunderstanding!

“I heard Daphne say you want a divorce!”

Oh no. When did you hear that again?

“I will help Daphne!”

Gabriel’s blue eyes burned brightly.

“I know. The desire to run away from reality. Because I felt the same way when I was living in the hunting groundskeeper’s hut. Is Daphne tired too?”

Gabriel’s confession continued like a runaway locomotive.

“It was lonely, and very difficult. I don’t want Daphne to be alone.”

Did you feel a sense of identity there? Or did I do it because you are good at it?

That’s why everything in moderation is important…

At this point, it became difficult to make false excuses that I had lost my way.

It seems that Gabriel already felt sympathy for me and made me a runaway companion.

Of course, there was a scene in the original where Gabriel ran away from the main character.

Daphne torments him during the day, and Cesare bites, sucks and won’t let him go at night. It is so hard to hold on, and eventually run away.

But there was no Daphne in that way!!

What do we do? If Cesare caught us, they would be outraged that his man and his wife ran away.



There’s no answer.

OK, let’s just it slide.

“Daphne… ugh!”

I ran away with all my strength, but suddenly a thump sounded behind me.

I turned around to see Gabriel was following me, and his foot got caught in the root of a tree and he was lying on the floor.

Looking at Gabriel, moaning in pain, I slapped my forehead.

Apparently, this escape was ruined.




I got down to the village now.

I couldn’t spend the night in the forest. The property where I went on a picnic was originally used as a hunting ground, so it might be okay during the day, but at night some wild beasts might come out.

Of course, there is no way that Gabriel, a weak person, can defeat the wild beast.

It’s good if we don’t get along well with the beast’s dinner.

“I’m sorry. Daphne…”

“It’s okay, ugh.”

I clenched my teeth and supported Gabriel, who leaned against me. He said that once he fell, his ankle went out right away. I even underestimated the weakness of the sick main characters.

Thanks to this, I had to come down the forest with Gabriel, who is one head taller than me.

At first glance, he looks fragile, but why is he so heavy? No matter how fragile he looks, a man is a man?

Hah, it’s going to be hard.

“I’m so sorry, Daphne…”

Gabriel’s pretty face was filled with guilt and wept. Long eyelashes fluttered dizzyingly.

Are you using beauty right now? I like that… let’s move on, how did you know?

“It’s okay, Gabriel. Gabriel keeps smiling like that.”

Really! I’m going to push myself a little bit more, huh! My legs are still strong!

Trust only your sister, Gabriel!

“Oh. There is only one room left, are you okay?”

“Give me that.”

It’s a small town, but fortunately there was an inn. I got one room left and bought a change of clothes from the innkeeper.

I also bought Gabriel’s clothes, which had been blown over while following me.

I went up to the room on the second floor and as soon as I entered the room, I pushed Gabriel into the bathtub.

“Wash first.”

“But Daphne…”

“Hurry. You’re hurt, now.”

To be honest, I was nervous all day and wandered through the forest, so I wanted to wash up first… The sick main character. It’s a big deal if he gets sick even if germs get into the wound for nothing.

You tricked Gabriel into running away? I can be expelled, but can I be forgiven?

But what if Gabriel runs away with me, he gets hurt and dies? That day is also my memorial day.



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