Author: Byuon

Chapter 18


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Gabriel blushed in embarrassment and went into the bathroom. When he finally disappeared, I sighed heavily and sat down on the bed.


My mind was very upset. Now what?

“I need to wash up quickly and give him something to eat, then put him to bed quickly.”

I couldn’t leave the injured child alone in the forest, so I brought him… I had no intention of running away with Gabriel.

Gabriel must return to Cesare tomorrow. Even if he insists he won’t go, he won’t be able to follow me on his ankle anyway.

And I was going to leave him here early tomorrow morning.

I’m sorry to hear that he was here to help me, but I can’t help it, Gabriel.

Shouldn’t I have to spare my life too? Now I’ve already run away from him!

Just imagining how angry Cesare must be is terrifying. The last time the cake incident, he was so mad and wouldn’t it be like this time too?

After all, Cesare’s goal is Gabriel, so if Gabriel is reclaimed, I wish I could close my eyes just once.

Still, there’s a feeling we’ve been together as a couple, right?

Gabriel finished taking a shower while  revising the flawed plan. Gabriel poked his head out through the bathroom door and said with a face red as a tomato.

“Madam Daphne…”

“Huh? Oh, are you done?”

“Yes…That, some of my clothes….”

Gabriel’s gaze turned to the new clothes on the bed. Oh, by the way, I forgot to give him.


I grabbed the clothes and walked towards the bathroom door. Gabriel’s face reddened from how long he had bathed.

Yes, you look happy. The main character was happy, so that’s it.

I handed him the clothes.

“Come on, here.”

“Thank you… oh!”

As I handed over my clothes without looking inside the bathroom, my hands bumped. Surprised, Gabriel stepped back and slipped on the wet floor and thumped his butt. The towel he was holding gently fell like petals flying in the spring wind.

Gabriel’s face burned bright red.

“So-sorry! Madam!”

Gabriel picked up the towel he had dropped haphazardly and covered himself with it. But I already… after seeing it all.

Ah, well.

It was more than I thought… huh

“Uh…. I didn’t see anything.”

Gabriel’s face grew even redder. It’s going to explode at that rate. He closed the door carefully.

Sorry. Actually, I was a little happy.

Moments later, Gabriel, who had changed into new clothes, crawled out of the bathroom. I bought the clothes he was wearing, so the size didn’t fit, but he was so skinny that it looked like it would fit in.

“Did you wash the wound well?”

“Yes Yes! Madam Daphne….”

“First of all, the ointment I received is over there. put it on… I have also sprained my ankle, so fasten it with the bandage that comes with it. That way you get better soon.”


Thump thump.

While I was asking Gabriel to do this and that, I heard footsteps coming through the wall. It’s a shabby inn, so the soundproofing isn’t good.

“Then we go down and eat. We have to eat something.”


Thump thump.

“You will catch a cold, so dry your hair quickly.”

Gabriel nodded his head as if he was a good listener.

Thump thump thump.

Oh, but can’t you hear those footsteps getting louder and louder?

As I tilted my head, the sound of footsteps suddenly stopped.

Was I too sensitive? Well, I was tired today.

“Then I will wash up and come out-”



Startled, I jumped out of my seat.

Maybe this voice… 


“Was it fun to run away?”

Cesare, in the form of a predator, was glaring at Gabriel with his eyes twinkling fiercely. Then he looked back at me and smiled.

Are you smiling? why?

Cesare’s lips were raised and twitching.

Ugh, that scares me even more…

This situation may have been foreseen since Gabriel followed me.

Ah… I’m screwed.




Cesare walked across the room and came towards me. His gaze turned to me and Gabriel, who was wet with a bewildered expression.


I’m sure it’s moist and chaotic right now.


He burst out laughing as if he was out of his mind. Then he swept his sweat-drenched hair back. He was sexy to death and I’m scared to death.

“Looks like the bathroom was pretty far away.”

Cesare said with a trembling smile. But even though his expression was funny, he could not hide his anger.

“I’m bringing you a slave to watch over you.”

There’s really no excuse for this. In an instant, I became a wife who seduced Gabriel whom he loved and ran away with him.

Why, somehow, Cesare arrived tonight. Maybe it was the same time Gabriel had just finished taking a shower!!

If he had arrived one day late, I would have already left at dawn!

“Cesare, this is… That’s what Cesare thinks….”

“You seem to know what I am thinking.”

It was a voice that took my breath away just to hear it. He squeezed out all the courage he had and said.

“Really, really it’s not. I admit it can look weird! But there was a reason— Akh!”

My excuses didn’t end there. All of a sudden, my body floated and my vision was turned upside down. Cesare lifted me up and wrapped me around his shoulders.

As soon as I was hung on his shoulder like a sack, I struggled as I felt the blood rushing to my head.

“Take me down!”

“Stay still.”


Cesare slapped my ass.

“Hey! Cesare!”

Where are you hitting now?!

exclaimed in astonishment. It didn’t hurt, but I was surprised!


Cesare frowned lowly. I noticed for some reason that Cesare was holding me as long as he could.

He grabbed my thighs as if he would never let me go. Thanks to him, no matter how hard I struggled, my body never fell. The blood flowed like crazy.

Behind Cesare’s body, Gabriel with surprised eyes can be seen. It must be very funny to see me wrapped around like a sack.

It’s embarrassing.

I covered my face with my palms.

“I have found my wife, so let’s go back.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Make sure to bring that cheeky slave too!”

The brief run was over in an instant.




It was a dark, blind night, but they drove without delay. It took half a day to run away, but it took about an hour to get caught and dragged.

Fortunately, Cesare dropped me on the floor when I got to the mansion.

“Listen to me, Cesare!”

Cesare grabbed my hand and dragged me as I screamed.

You bastard, listen to me!

But Cesare didn’t budge, as if he couldn’t hear anything. He led me to the side of the garden, not the mansion.

So we arrived at an old tower that is no longer in use. He dragged me up to the top of the tower. He pushed me into the room with a strong grip and closed the door.

The sound of the door being locked was heard.

No way!


Are you going to imprison me? Not Gabriel, but me?

“Cesare! What are you doing now!”

“This is your new room.”

“I beg your pardon? How could you keep me in a place like this! I told you! I was just lost!”

“Okay. Alone with that slave at the inn.”

“Because that’s a misunderstanding!”


Cesare groaned. He shuddered with a voice filled with anger.

“Stop making excuses, Daphne.”

Yes, that’s an excuse. You quick-witted bastard! Still, I never meant to run away with Gabriel!

To be honest, it’s because of Gabriel that you’re mad at right now! Thinking that I flirted with Gabriel and ran away!

I mean, I had no intention of going with Gabriel at all.

My mouth poked out of the injustice, but there was no way I could get through with Cesare. After that, he sighed and said.

“Let your head cool down in there for a while.”

“Cesare! Cesare!!”

I called out Cesare’s name desperately, but he didn’t look back at me until the end. He went down the stairs, leaving me only a word of warning!

The only echo left by me was the sound of the echo hitting the tower.

“Aww! You crazy bastard! Argh! It’s hurt…”

I kicked the old stone wall with my feet, but only my feet hurt. After walking for a long time, I blew my hair back with the wind.

All right, this is how it’s coming out.

I looked around the room slowly. Even though it was an old tower, it was not so bad because maids sometimes came to clean it, but I couldn’t stay at all.

Although the bed is creaking and there are white dusty spots everywhere.

“Is it a sin?”

No matter how much I thought about it, that wasn’t the only reason Cesare would imprison me.

You must be thinking that I persuaded Gabriel to run away with me! If not, why would you lock me up in a tower and get so mad?

I guess I should be lucky that it’s not a dungeon.

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