Author: Byuon

Chapter 2


I purposely welcomed him warmer than usual.

Today is a historic day when he first met Gabriel. There was no need to ruin his mood, which must have been heightened unknowingly.

“Did you enjoy hunting? Are you going to wash first? Or would you like to eat first?”

Cesare’s gaze, who had handed the robe to the butler, turned to me.

Cesare, who was over 190 cm tall, it felt intimidated just by standing next to him.

Cesare, the main duke and obsessive maniac, was a really manly character.

The dark red eyes close to blood under the thick eyebrows made the viewer feel a chilling thrill, and the sharp jawline boasted a rough masculine beauty.

Because he enjoyed physical activity, his body was also full of muscles.

Since it was a R-19 BL novel, there was no need to mention other parts.

In terms of his outward appearance, he was the most coveted man.

But I was a person who valued my life more than a fleeting pleasure.

Remember, Daphne. You can’t be greedy here. I was a character who has to quietly step behind so that the two main characters can fall in love.

“Let’s start with eating.”

“Yes, I got it. I think you will say that, so I told the chef to prepare dinner ahead of time.”


“It should be ready by now. But Cesare. That one…”

I carefully glanced behind him and spoke.

Behind Cesare, a man in a large robe stood trembling.

It was Gabriel, who had been captured by Cesare.

Gabriel, a former slave, ran away after he could not stand the abuse of his former master.

He meets Cesare in the forest where he escaped from pursuit, and Cesare brings Gabriel to his mansion regardless of his will.

Gabriel is probably very anxious about the current situation, as the man who makes his stomach tremble just looking at him, has taken him somewhere.

‘I want to see his face.’

It was a pity that his face was not visible because he was wearing a robe hat.

I approached Gabriel cautiously.

Cesare’s eyebrows twitched slightly at my action, but I didn’t see it.


The robe that was covering his face turned back, revealing Gabriel’s curious face.


The moment I saw Gabriel’s face, I couldn’t help but admire him.

Because a truly beautiful man like an angel appeared before my eyes.

Lightly waving pale blonde hair, blue eyes, and red lips contrasting with white skin.

He had suffered a lot in the past, so he was sullen overall, but his beauty was still shining.

That’s why you’re the main character.

“Daphne. Back off.”

As I was gazing at Gabriel’s appearance, I heard a voice as cold as ice from behind.

I turned around and saw Cesare staring at me with his eyes wide open.

Are you already jealous? Did you feel annoyed even if I stare at it a bit?

His eyes are already killing someone.

Ugh, that’s brutal

I showed as much as possible that there was no malice, and meekly backed away. It wasn’t because I was afraid of Cesare’s eyes.

It’s just that we don’t have to touch that madman here.

Okay, that’s it

Fortunately, as I moved away from Gabriel, Cesare’s terrified expression softened slightly.

He said as he loosened his stiff lips.

“You are not the one to care.”

To be precise, you mean I don’t have to know about that person, right?

I secretly stuck my tongue out at Cesare’s lust for monopoly.

Although the original had only just begun, Cesare was already showing the seeds of obsession.

Can’t you even look at me?

“Yes. I know.”

I guess I shouldn’t approach Gabriel when Cesare is around.




The meal ended dull. It went from being dull to being bleak.

Normally, Daphne would babble about what had happened all day to get Cesare’s attention.

But today, after asking a few polite questions, I shut my mouth.

I was disturbed by the seeds of obsession, and I wondered what to do if my words offended Cesare.

Cesare also didn’t seem to pay much attention to my silence.

After eating, Cesare left immediately, and I sat back and enjoyed dessert.

Tonight’s dinner was finished with Black Forest, a sweet and chewy cherry jam and soft chocolate sheet.

Well, it’s delicious too.

The fact that I can enjoy delicious desserts from a first-class chef at every meal was one of the few things that I liked when I possessed this novel.

While moving the fork happily, I thought of the next storyline to follow.

‘One of the beds is going to break tonight.

Inevitably, Gabriel’s waist is also about to break.’

Tonight, when the main characters first met, the first night of the two was scheduled.

And that was the part I was most looking forward to.

That’s right, their first night was one of the top three favorite scenes in <Don’t Abandon Me>!

Today was the day Cesare tamed Gabriel for the first time, and it marked the beginning of numerous episodes to come.

If it goes according to the original, Cesare will probably catch Gabriel, who is trying to escape, and put it in his arms.

The two people depicted in the original work were fierce like beasts thrown into the jungle. If he doesn’t eat it, he’ll be caught and eaten.

It was often reminiscent of the beasts riding on each other at the end of a fight and gaining the upper hand.

According to Cesare later, the reason he was so cruel to Gabriel was that at first, Cesare was reluctant to hold a man.

Cesare was married and had a wife, so it was good enough.

Of course, I’m old enough to play the role of a miserable wife who lost her husband to a man…

With a generous heart, I agreed to understand Cesare’s behavior.

‘Cause I’m leaving anyway’

As my thoughts went all the way to that point, I suddenly remembered Gabriel.

Just looking at him, he looked like he had starved for a long time.

It is now a little past 8 in the evening. It is said that Cesare is usually in the library at this time.

Even in the original, the scene took place late at night… 

Do I still have some time?


“Yeah, ma’am.”

“Could you give me a little bit of easily digestible food?”

I’ll have to pretend to be a good and kind madan a little bit.




I immediately grabbed some food and went to see Gabriel.

Due to Cesare’s sassy personality, it didn’t seem like Gabriel’s meal would have been taken care of.

Even if he was imprisoned, he had to give him food, but in that respect, Cesare was a lesser bastard.

Anyway, I decided to take advantage of that opportunity and play the role of a good lady who feeds him.

They tend to have a crush on the person who gives you food.

“I brought something to eat, open the door.”

At my command, the servants guarding Gabriel’s door bowed their backs and stepped aside.

And the moment the closed door opened, I found Gabriel sitting narrowly on the window sill as if it were about to fall at any moment.

I met Gabriel’s eyes, startled, and he lost his balance for a moment.


Fortunately, Gabriel fell into the room, not through the window.

I put my food on the table and hurriedly approached Gabriel.

It must have been painful because of the loud noise, but Gabriel fell flat on the floor as I approached.

“So-sorry! I never meant to run away…”

It seems that he was really trying to run away.

But what about it, Gabriel? Even if you run away from there, Cesare will catch you right away.

And, of course, the punishment for running away is on the bed.

“It’s okay, it wouldn’t happen, right?”

Gabriel nodded hurriedly. But he was so surprised that he sat down and couldn’t move.

As I looked down at Gabriel’s shoulders, who were trembling sadly, I calmed him down.

“Are you hurt? Are you alright?”

“Yes-Yes. it’s okay.”

“That’s fortunate.”

I grabbed Gabriel’s arm and lifted him up.

Much taller than me, he followed my hand like a doll.

I smiled brightly at him, who was restless for fear that a bullying order would be issued.

“The garden overlooking this room is so pretty, isn’t it? Sometimes I also sit on the window sill and look out over the garden and I almost tripped over.”


“Ah. I thought you were hungry, so I brought some food. Have you eaten yet?”

Gabriel rolled his eyes filled with anxiety instead of answering.

I carefully led him onto the sofa.

“Sit here.”

Gabriel nodded and sat down next to me. In fact, it would be more appropriate to say that he was almost dragged.

I knelt on the floor and managed to calm him, who was about to commit a mortal sin, and showed me the food I brought.

“You haven’t eaten in a long time, so I brought food that is easy to digest.”


Gabriel, who was frightened and trembling, seemed to have no choice but to stand in front of a empty stomach.

I watched him silently while Gabriel stared at the food in silence.

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  1. Essa história faz sentido do ponto de vista do gabriel,se ela for gentil com ele,ele claramente vai se apaixonar por ela, já no caso do duque,oq ele teve foi mais síndrome de Estocolmo mesmo,porque,quem em sã consciência iria gostar de alguém com esse tipo de ação?

  2. Like she can’t just have the servants send food? “I don’t want to trigger the possessive madman who told me not to care about this person, so Imma go hang out with them caringly.”