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Chapter 21


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Gabriel let out a hollow laugh.

Shannet looked at Gabriel strangely and opened the iron door. Gabriel got up slowly and left the prison.

“Ne-never come back!”

Shannet mustered up the courage.

Gabriel heard the sound and raised his red lips. ‘Never come back‘ He must come back and have work to do. Giving Daphne the freedom she longed for.

Now that was Gabriel’s goal.

Gabriel walked into the light.

With a determined expression and gestures.




To keep Gabriel locked up in such a hideous place.

Gabriel’s skin and hair are damaged while in the dungeon, but as he spends his time in the dungeon, Gabriel’s anger and hatred towards Cesare grows. And the resulting conflict haunts the two throughout the novel.

No, actually, if you’re going to bite and suck him like that, you’ll have to give him some herbal medicine. Why are you locking him?

Anyway, for the fast happy ending of Cesare and Gabriel, Gabriel had to be released right now.

Even if Gabriel was a slave, would he really be just a slave? Gabriel also had a hidden secret of birth.

After all, I mean, I released Gabriel, it’s for the two of us!

Shannet should have been nice to him…

Gabriel was freed and I, who was a hindrance, was also in the tower, so wouldn’t there be more conflict between Cesare and Gabriel?

It’s the main characters. You have to do that one more time to build more affection.

Gabriel won’t really run away since he’s already built up a relationship.

After being released like that, when the two of them build up their body and mind, he will tell him that the fact he was caught with me was not an escape from love. Then Cesare will be relieved, and he will release me from here.

Well, it doesn’t matter if you release me.

Where did you find a wife like me.

It was then.

Shannet returned.


“Uh, huh?”

A shock struck me that made me completely forget what I was thinking.

Inside Shannet’s arms, there was a creature that was clearly born into the world to be cute.



“Yes, madam. Your Excellency has sent it. He is worried that you would be lonely 


You are making dreams come true that I could not achieve in my previous life!

It’s a puppy, it’s a puppy!!

In the house I lived in before, it was absolutely forbidden to have pets, so I couldn’t keep them.

The puppy sat on the floor and washed his face with his paws.

It was a little golden puppy.

Then he looked at me with round, black eyes as if he had finished washing his face.

The puppy, who was looking at me with a small tilted head, rolled over and ran towards me.

“Ahhhhh! cherry!!”

Cherry was the name I promised to give when I had a puppy.

“Yes? Ah… You have already given it a name.”

“Isn’t it so cute?”

Shannet nodded awkwardly.

“I think I’m really good here.”

I said bitterly.

This was the perfect place to enjoy the vacation.

It’s next to the garden and it’s on a high floor, so the view is no joke. Standing on the balcony, I could almost sing. I am also looking forward to seeing the night view tonight.

How pretty the sky is here, looking at it from a high place!!

Besides, if it’s vacation where you can raise a puppy…

Yes, I’ll bury the bones here.

I can’t go out




The news that Shannet had released Gabriel was reported to Cesare. In the end, it was Daphne’s will to set Gabriel free.

Cesare’s eyes narrowed darkly.

Daphne worried about Gabriel until she was locked up in the tower.

Is he that good?

In Cesare’s eyes, Gabriel did not meet the standards of manliness he had set. His body was too thin, as if about to break, and his skin was thin and white. At first glance, he was so pretty that he thought she was a woman.

But then Gabriel swore at Daphne that he was a man.

Cesare knew. How dirty the slave was looking at Daphne.

Gabriel was obviously looking at her with lustful eyes when he found the two of them who had run away from the inn room in the remote village.

After getting everything ready to go to bed.


Cesare grinded her teeth. Even thinking about that day, I still feel like my stomach is twisted.

To be honest, I wanted to tear Gabriel’s limbs to death, who dared to flee with his wife.

But he could no longer be hated by Daphne. So, he entrusted Daphne with everything and quietly freed the damn slave.

The fortunate thing is that Gabriel has left completely.

If he had stayed in the mansion as it was and stayed by Daphne’s side, Cesare’s already worn out patience would have run out in an instant.

Cesare was determined not to ever pick up a slave from the street again.

“Did you give Daphne a present?”

“Yes. Madam was very happy and gave the puppy the name Cherry.”


“Yes. Master.”

Cesare shrugged at Shannet’s answer. Cherry is a rather random name.

Among the fruits that Daphne went to, There were no cherries among the fruits that went to Daphne. But why cherry?

No way.

Cesare’s red eyes resembled the color of a ripe cherry. In addition, even the name is similar to Cesare.

‘Is it a nickname…?’

Cesare’s cheeks turned red. Daphne never called Cesare by a nickname. She always just called you, or Cesare.

But cherry…!

This may be Daphne’s signal of reconciliation to him.

It was a cute nickname that was a bit burdensome to give to Cesare, but Cesare ignored this point.

Cesare, coughing.

“Hmm… It seems that Daphne is reflecting a lot.”

It didn’t seem like it at all… 

Shannet laughed softly.

Daphne was still living an enjoyable and leisurely life in the tower. With a cute new puppy.


‘Shannet. look at this yep! Isn’t it so cute? The soles of my feet are soft.’

Until this morning, Daphne had just given her a full speech about the cuteness and cuteness of cherry.

But Shannet was a smart maid. For her, now may be the time for the couple to reconcile.

Even Gabriel had left the mansion, so there were no elements left in the mansion that could worsen their relationship.

Shannet quickly affirmed Cesare’s words.

“Yes. Even if madam doesn’t express it, she regrets it a lot. Because she said she would not leave the tower.”

“I need to go see Daphne.”

If his wife is reflecting on her own wrongdoing, it is the husband’s quality to accept it generously.

He will heal Daphne from the loneliness of the past.




Three days after leaving Cesare’s estate, Gabriel returned to his hometown on his own.

After waking up in a dungeon, his head was clear as if the fog had lifted.

He remembered who he was and how he lost his memory and became a slave in the woods.

Nevertheless, he was pretending to have lost his memory because he could not predict what would happen if he revealed his identity prematurely.

When he was released from the dungeon, he wanted to go rescue Daphne right away.

But he had no power. So he came back here. He has all the memories.

“Oh My God! Ma-master Gabriel!”

The gray-haired old man stood up from his seat, horrified. The old man, who had rushed to the point where his feet crossed and fell, looked down at Gabriel’s body with tears in his eyes.

“Oh my God, my God. Thank you master! Are you hurt anywhere?”

Gabriel nodded without answering. It seems that several months have passed since Gabriel’s disappearance, but they are still encamping here and searching around for him.

I really couldn’t go back.

It must have been after they had already reported Gabriel’s existence to their superiors.

Gabriel had already run away once. In front of the wheel of fate that is holding him tight.

He couldn’t accept the truth given to him. He thought of himself as a place full of anger, and he was afraid of the expectations and contempt mixed in the eyes of those who looked at him.

But now I have a reason not to run away.


Daphne, who had given Gabriel the gift of freedom, went into the cage instead. Gabriel bit his lip painfully.

Gabriel will have to repay the favor.



He was oppressing Daphne. Gabriel had only seen it several times.

He was violent and dangerous. I couldn’t have dared leave Daphne with such a dangerous man.

But as the slave Gabriel, there is no way to free her from Cesare.

At best, other than being her companion and giving her a little comfort.

But if he changes… 

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