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Chapter 23


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Suddenly, new furniture filled my room caught my eye. I opened my mouth as if possessed.

“The renovation of the room is what Cesare did.”

“Ahh.. yes.”

“Yogurt… Hmm. Did Cesare also direct Shannet to make up my diet?”


“You were afraid that I would be lonely, so you sent cherry.”

“I’m glad you know.”

Cesare… Were you such a kind person?

I suddenly had an absurd thought.

It was like an illusion that Cesare might like me.

The thought that maybe he liked me instead of Gabriel.

“Cesare… Do you like me?”

Cesare’s eyes widened at my question. As a male protagonist, it seemed that his eyes would fall.

What are you looking at? I didn’t ask you a difficult question. That’s right. That was all you had to answer.

Is that difficult?

Cesare opened his mouth and then closed it again. And I did it about three times.

“What are you doing, Cesare?”

Why can’t you answer

Cesare responded to my prompting.


“Ah, what a surprise! Why are you screaming? You surprised me.”

And no, no! Why is your face red?

Cesare turned into a burning sweet potato. His lips are quivering and his ears are red, He also can’t look at my eyes.

You’ve only been good at talking…

Cesare was speaking with a face. That he like me.

He didn’t mean it, but those expressions show he likes me.


But is this a BL novel? Didn’t you like men? That’s why you abandoned your wife, Daphne, and fell in love with Gabriel, wasn’t it? No, do you really like me?

In this case, it was necessary to look at circumstantial evidence.

In the past, I thought that Gabriel was the subject of Cesare’s actions. Changing it to me seemed to prove that Cesare likes me.

I used to think that Cesare was jealous of me whenever I was close to Gabriel. He hates me because I’m friends with Gabriel.

But it was the other way around.

It’s because Gabriel friendly with me! he was jealous because he like me

Oh my gosh….

Then, when Gabriel and I ran away, was it because of me, not because of Gabriel? to take me?

Was it because you don’t want me and Gabriel to see each other that locked me up in a place like this?

Since the original is the original, I thought that Cesare would never like me. When I asked him if he actually liked me, he said no.

By the way… Everything fits so tight right now.

All the circumstances explained Cesare’s expression now.

Come to think of it, there was a time when Cesare bullied Gabriel without knowing his mind and was cursed at by readers.

What if it’s still like that?

What if Cesare is doing this again without realizing his feelings for me?

… It seemed right.

What, do you really like me? What’s this?

It’s my first time getting a confession with  face-to-face.

Of course, this may be somewhat predictable.

Why? Because I’m pretty. It’s not unreasonable to fall in love even though you look pretty when I’m rolling upside down.

In fact, you don’t know how much admiration I get every time I look in the mirror after washing.

Daphne was quite beautiful, if not as good as Gabriel.

Maybe I should wrap up Snow White and eat it.

mirror, mirror who is the prettiest? I’m sick!

So, in a way, this is normal.


In fact, I tried to leave here and live quietly in an unnoticed place of the two main characters.

I thought that this was enough to get Gabriel a favor, and the main character didn’t have to come to me.

However, unlike the development of the original story, Cesare, the main character, came to like me.

Cesare is the master of a great duke. He was the head of this huge family and the owner of a vast estate. He had a lot and was going to have more in the future. It’s probably because he’s the main character.

Besides, how handsome is your face?

Red eyes that looked like they had been pierced with beautiful rubies under ebony black hair.

That combination alone is enough for the main character, but the harmony of facial features is insane. With a face like this, it seemed we will be able to forgive whatever he did.

Even the body is solid. It seems that the basic knowledge of the main character must have a big shoulder. 

If I had that shoulder, I thought I might be able to get on it by exaggerating.

Well, but since humanity is important to living…

Think of keywords.

Obsessive maniac.

Ha, it’s important. It’s very important. It’s ridiculous without that fun in marriage.

A naughty man.

This is good too. What does this mean? It means tsundere who pretends to be mean. This is something I have experienced myself.

You locked me up and didn’t you give me a vacation? Although he pretended to be grumpy and rough on the outside, he was warm inside.

What kind of man even takes care of his wife’s diet?

And again…

A kind hearted man.

It means that he’s kind man who only sees one person once you get into it. Judging by that face, he must have fallen in love with me. Are you dedicating all your innocence to me like that?

Obsessive maniac.

Now, this is another woman’s dream. A moderate level of obsession, without being excessive, was bound to invigorate the life of a relationship or marriage.

For example, isn’t there something like that? Something like when the wife hesitates when she’s having an affair with a man, he hesitates and asks carefully, ‘Who are you in contact with?’

If it’s this world version… When they exchange letters with someone, is it something like ‘write a letter for me, too’?

Anyway it wasn’t bad.

He’s smart on the way. Aren’t you taking good care of this huge family? I can’t believe it’s a husband with all his virtues.

There’s no reason to refuse…… Is there?

I don’t think I’m sick of this Daphne beauty.

“… Why are you looking at me like a cow brought to the slaughterhouse?”

“What kind of expression is that?”

“Looks like you’re measuring meat quality.”


It was also quick. Well, it wasn’t that far, but I was looking at the important factors that determine whether I stay here or not.

Judging from the reaction I showed earlier, I think it would be better not to use the same lines because you like me right now, so I will stay with you.

“… So, is our misunderstanding cleared now?”

“What misunderstanding?”

“I misunderstood Cesare and Gabriel and that Cesare misunderstood me and Gabriel.”

“… That… Absolutely not! What the hell did you see and think like that?”

“Okay, okay. I misunderstood.”

Cesare sighed at my reaction. Even though I thought it wasn’t something, it seemed like I couldn’t even refute it because I agreed with what he said.

“Then will we go back to normal?”

“If it’s the same…?”

“We are originally a couple. I’m asking if we’re going back to before Gabriel came.”

“That’s right.”

“By the way… Cesare.”

“Do you have anything to say?”

“Can I stay here for a few more days? Starting from the top view, it is a royal suite hotel that has no shortage.”

“What? What do you like about this small room? I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Hurry up, pack your bags and come back.”

Geez. It didn’t work. Well, I can use it anytime.

I grabbed cherry that had been curled up on my lap without a single whimper during our conversation.

“Our Cherry~ Let’s move. I’ll let you stay in a bigger room.”


“So cute!!.”

Cherry licked my cheek. Cesare, who was looking at it, made a strange expression.

What, are you afraid of dogs?

“Cherry… Did you give it that name?”


“No. I thought it fit her well.”


I don’t know what it is, but it’s good.

fufu. Yeah, Gabriel is gone too, so it might not be a bad idea to live in a hurry. Actually, when would I be the Duchess?




I don’t know what happened, but it ended well. Daphne is back.

Cesare rested his temples with both hands and placed his elbows on the desk.

Do I like her?

I don’t know why she asked such a question. Daphne and Cesare were married. Isn’t it natural for a wife to be with her husband?

“Duke? What do you think?”


At Cesare’s call, Joseph nodded. It means to say something.

His master used to look different than usual because of Gabriel and Duchess.

When he heard that Gabriel had left the estate, Joseph involuntarily cheered.

Gabriel was a demon that broke the relationship between the duke and the duchess. So when they said he left like that… 

Anyway, it’s a thing of the past now.

“Did I ever seem to like Gabriel?”

“… What do you mean? I wonder if it seemed that the slave was viewed as a sexual object… Are you saying that?”

Joseph stepped back slowly.

“No way….”


“First of all, I want you to talk here. Because I still want to see my child who will look like a rabbit.”

“It’s not like that. really.”

Cesare shook his head. Joseph, who had been on alert for a while, went back to Cesare.

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