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Chapter 27


Feeling awkward, I asked while fiddling around my collarbone.

“Shannet. A necklace?”

“Fufu, madam. I think it’ll be fine if you don’t wear a necklace today.”


“Oh my gosh, madam. There is such a thing.”

What is that?

I didn’t understand what she meant, but when it comes to fashion, I nodded, because I could completely trust Shannet.

This may be the trending fashion these days, which I am not familiar with.

Anyway, I liked the overall outfit, so I decided to go out as is.

As I went down the stairs, Cesare was waiting for me at the door.

Cesare’s lips met my gaze, and his lips softened. I was purely admiring his radiant appearance, which stood out from afar.

If Gabriel was a man with fine lines and beautiful like a fairy, Cesare seemed to see as a perfect gentleman.

Did he show the strongest and most perfect beauty that only men can show? He really looked like a creature of God that God put all his heart into his face.


Especially that cave voice!

Just listening to it makes my ears feel sweet and melts!

His voice has created a fantastic collaboration with his appearance that feels even more dazzling today.

How can such a handsome man like me?


I wiped my saliva pretending to be smiling.

Cesare reached out to me.


I gently placed my hand over his hand.

The servants were looking at our outing with thrilled eyes. While I was having a happy vacation in the tower, the mansion must have been quite gloomy.

Anyway, the couple seemed to be at peace again, so they must have put their minds at ease.

We got on the prepared wagon and left the mansion. In the carriage, I couldn’t hide my excitement and told Cesare about various things.

“The weather is really nice today! I’m glad it didn’t rain.”


“You know what I prepared for this festival, right? Cesare will be surprised by how nicely I prepared it, right?”

“I know.”

Although it was a long outing and our first date, Cesare was reticent even today.

How important is the human reaction? But Cesare is that kind of person, so I didn’t even care and just said a lot of things I wanted to say.

It was half talking about the festival and half talking about cherry. Anyway, Cesare listened to me well.

“Hmm… Daphne.”

And when we got to the main square and got off the carriage, Cesare suddenly held out a small box to me.

What is this? I opened my eyes brightly and looked at Cesare. Cesare coughed over and over again, he said.

“My hands are heavy. Get it right away.”

I accepted what Cesare had given me.

A long rectangular box was tied and decorated with a dark red ribbon. The box was light. It was a box with accessories that anyone could see.

And at that moment, I realized why Shannet didn’t put a necklace for me today.

Cesare was trying to give me a necklace!

That’s why I didn’t wear a necklace on purpose!

Whoa, it turned out to be this, Cesare is really sweet!

I pretended not to know.

“What’s this?”

“It’s nothing. I came and picked it up.”

Cesare casts ‘I came and pick it up’, which blunt men use as excuses whenever they are shy!

I wondered if this was the idea of Joseph, Cesare’s assistant.

Rumors from various places said that Joseph was trying to be the brains behind the Duke’s love affair.

But Sir Joseph, you’re not married yet…

When it comes to love, Cesare, who is a young man, and Sir Joseph, who has no real relationship.

Isn’t this a bad combination?


However, contrary to my expectations, what came out of the small gift box was a simple style necklace.

At the end of the sophisticated seam, there was a cute little red ruby resembling Cesare’s eye color.

Because it’s red, it doesn’t look like it’s going to go well with my clothes, but it’s a simple style, so it’s not too much of a problem to wear every day.

I took my judgment of Joseph’s image up a notch. Joseph had a good sense of gift selection.

Why such a clever and sensible man not yet married?

I guess I’ll have to find a good girl later and put him on a blind date.

Come to think of it, Shannet is still single. Did Shannet have a lover?

“Do you like it?”

Cesare asked quietly. He seemed to be trying to look calm, but there was a nuance of expectation in his voice.

To be honest, I really liked the gift he gave me. Did it make me feel more directly that Cesare likes me?

But watching Cesare, nervously waiting for my answer…

Would it be good if I play a joke?

“Um, well. It’s because you came and picked it up…”

Cesare’s complexion darkened slightly as the words slowly exhaled. His expression didn’t change much on a regular basis.

I desperately held back the laughter that was about to come out.

It was likely that Cesare was swearing at Sir Joseph for suggesting this plan in his heart.

Cesare reached out to me.

“I’ll give it back-”

“Oh, by the way.”

I stepped back slightly, avoiding Cesare’s hand. I smiled and lifted the necklace up to my gaze. I said while tapping the pretty shiny ruby with my finger.

“It’s because the color is the same as Cesare’s eyes.”


“It’s pretty cute. I love it.”

I grabbed Cesare’s hand, which was floating in the air. It’s not really the first time we’ve been touched since we were a couple, but Cesare stiffened in surprise, like a boy experiencing his first love.

I placed the necklace on Cesare’s palm.

“Will Cesare put it for me?”

Cesare, who had been frozen for a moment, nodded slowly, as if he had understood my words belatedly.

I smiled and turned my body back. And I grabbed my long hair so that Cesare could hang the necklace around my neck comfortably.

It was as if I could feel the rough man’s breath on the back of my neck.

Hey, beast man!




‘Do you know! Never give at the first moment! Give it naturally at the end of the date. Make the Duchess be moved to the very end!’


Just before the festival outing, Joseph reminded Cesare of today’s date schedule.

With the seemingly arrogant statement that he has come up with the perfect plan, he wants to go out with the Duchess and have a good time and hopefully the thread of the two of them will get better.

Cesare glanced at Daphne.

“Wow, Cesare! Look at that. Did you decorate the street with flowers? Whoever did it was really good!”

Daphne’s face, looking at the beautifully decorated street through the carriage window, was red with excitement.

Cesare was fiddling with the gift tucked away in his pocket.

Joseph insisted on giving a gift to end the date, but…

He thought that giving a gift before starting a date would make both the receiver and the giver feel better.

It was the first time in Cesare’s life that he had so much trouble preparing a gift for someone.

Until now, whenever I needed a gift, such as an anniversary, I would send Joseph to pick a reasonable gift and send a plausible gift.

Cherry was just brought to me because the stable keeper’s dog gave birth to a baby.

This time, however, Cesare actively came forward and prepared a present. He wondered how Daphne would react.

What kind of image will his wife show this time, who is moved by the dog and gives her a nickname that resembles his name?

However, when I tried to tell her that I had chosen a gift for Daphne, I could not easily open my mouth.

In the end, Cesare uttered an idiot-like statement.

“It’s nothing. I came and picked it up.”

Daphne raised her eyebrows. Cesare recognized that she had misunderstood his words. But he couldn’t take back what he had already said.

It seemed like it was ruined. Cesare held out her hand to make it happen.

“I’ll give it back-”

“Oh, by the way.”

Daphne stepped back slightly to avoid Cesare’s touch. Her smiling face didn’t look like she was angry.

Daphne said, tapping the ruby on the necklace.

“It’s because the color is the same as Cesare’s eyes.”


“It’s pretty cute. I love it.”

His hands were caught in the air. Cesare’s body stiffened.

Even when I ran into a wild beast alone in the hunting ground, I wasn’t so nervous. Daphne, small like a squirrel, was making him completely incapacitated.

Daphne said with a seductive smile.

“Will Cesare put it for me?”

Daphne’s white nape appeared before his eyes.

Cesare held his breath involuntarily. At the same time, he realized that he had been living a boring life for too long.

When was the last time you and Daphne spent the night together?

Looking back on his memory, it seemed that his past was far more than, he had expected.


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