Author: Byuon

Chapter 30


Gabriel’s eyes, standing in front of the blazing fire, were dyed red. Gabriel raised his lips. He burns all of his miserable past.

He was planning not to leave any traces of Gabriel in the hunting grounds of Burstoad.

This is to burn Gabriel’s past.

“Your highness the Crown Prince.”

Gabriel’s assistant bowed his head.

“The incineration has been completed. I think it would be best for you to leave now.”

Gabriel glanced at the assistant and turned the horse’s head. Gabriel’s shameful past was disappearing into ashes.

“What about the hunting ground keeper?”

“I’ve got him.”

Gabriel nodded. Even if the others don’t know, I promised myself that I would surely kill the hunting ground keeper.

Of course, the hunting groundskeeper was so messed up that he couldn’t escape. Without Gabriel needing to search for the keeper, he was drunk and lying in his den.

It is said that after he was fired from his job as a hunting groundskeeper, he was kicked out of the duke’s residence and ordered to be deported.

These are all orders of Daphne, Duchess of Burstoad.


Gabriel closed his eyes.

Although he didn’t resented Daphne for failing to punish the hunting groundskeeper who tried to harass and rape him, he was grateful to Daphne, who was unchangingly kind.

Thanks to her kindness, Gabriel had a chance to kill Triever himself.

Gabriel’s hatred and anger were directed both towards the tree and the hunting grounds. Both of them wanted to be erased.

Wasn’t it the one who presented Gabriel with the most humiliating past?

And… After all this is over, I will stand in front of Daphne again. Not as slaves, but as highest member of the Imperial family of this empire.

I’m sure Daphne… will be waiting for me. Didn’t that crazy Cesare also imprison Daphne?

There was no way Daphne could have been left alone with that filthy temperament. How sad and difficult! In that cold tower, she might be sleeping, curled up on a hard wooden bed. And hope for someone to save her.

‘I shouldn’t have been caught.’

Gabriel sharpened his teeth. Even in such a situation, the kind Daphne was the first to worry about Gabriel.

She sent a maid to the dungeon. It was clear to my eyes how much Cesare had been cruel to Daphne because of that.

I felt like Daphne was crying, so I felt dizzy every day.

‘Daphne… Wait…’

I will surely rescue Daphne from that man’s arms and set her free.

It wasn’t that man who deserved Daphne’s love, but Gabriel. The right person to live with Daphne is not the Duke of Burstoad, but Gabriel.

Daphne would also have a different idea.

Tired of the tyranny of Duke Burstrod, she eventually ran away and was caught by the Duke.

Gabriel had the confidence to make her happier than anyone else.

‘I’ll go now.’

Gabriel walked away from the rising flames.

My Daphne will be waiting.




“Is there a fire? Who was injured?”

“We are still figuring it out, Duchess.”

What is this? Upon hearing Sir Joseph’s report, Cesare’s expression grew serious.

“Daphne, I guess I should go check the hunting grounds.”

“Oh, wait! How are you going to shut the fire?”

“… Fire is not extinguished. waiting for it to turn off. The size of the fire is too large to be put out by pouring water on it. I’ll try my best to do it manually, but it won’t be easy. There is a limit to pumping water directly….”

After all, there is no such thing as a firetruck here.

“I’m sorry, but I think I’ll have to leave here today. Can you go back first?”

At the end of Cesare’s words, he used a sweet and soothing tone.

Once again, I realize that this world is based on the Middle Ages.

Do you put out the fire by scooping it out by hand? Yes, there is no way it can be turned off within today. But what if the fire spreads to other places?

Unfortunately, this was not a world where magic existed.

It was a worldview in which two beautiful protagonists share a devastating, beautiful and cocky romance.

Ooh, think, think! There must be a way to put out the fire. You can’t bring a fire truck here, but… ah!

“Hey, Sir Joseph!”

“Yes, madam.”

“Is the fire spread wide?”

“The fire is still spreading around the area where the hunting grounds keepers lived. The fire spread to where the slaves lived. However, as the fire is getting bigger and bigger, there is a possibility that it will spread throughout the hunting grounds….”

Joseph mumbled. I see Cesare’s face turn cold.

Cesare is the male protagonist of the novel, a man who loved his family and land.

It made me feel sorry for him, who had been smiling happily all day today.

Cesare rubbed his face.

“It’s helpless.”

“It’s like that in front of nature.”

Joseph muttered with a blank expression on his face.

Cesare opened his mouth.

“Daphne, now it’s really…”

“Wait! Wait a minute! Sir Joseph, one more!”

“Yes, madam?”

“Isn’t there a big lake nearby? It’s a huge lake so that it does not dry out no matter how much water is used!”

“Since it is a hunting ground and a forest, there are many rivers and lakes nearby. But if you try to shut the fire by using water from there, people will get hurt.”

“You have to use tools, not people!”

Even in this world, there was a pump that pumped water.

Wait, Cesare. This body will take care of everything! I say you look better when you smile!

“Are there any giant pumps? It was used in a brewery or something. What if we put it in a lake to pump water and then spray it with something like a rubber hose? A lake or a river! If only we could install it quickly…!”

Cesare’s eyes widened. Joseph clapped.

“I don’t know what a rubber hose is…! There’s a pump used to pump water, so it looks possible, Your Excellency!”

Since Burstoad was a famous estate for breweries, there were several huge breweries next to the wide hunting grounds. There will be several large pumps used there.

And since the fire could spread to the brewery, it seemed like it would be easy to ask for cooperation.

“Now go to the village and gather the people to see if they keep the coffins made of leather. And Joseph! Gather the knights and get ready to start the pump! And send the rest of the knights to the brewery!”

Unlike before, Cesare said vigorously.

It was much better than the cold-hardened appearance before.



“Thank you so much. You are truly a genius.”

I know!




Fortunately, the great fire that engulfed the hunting grounds gradually shrunk.

It is all thanks to the fact that the people of the territories took the lead in extinguishing the fire as if it were their own business. It was fortunate that the forest could have been burned down.

Besides, there were no injuries in the hunting grounds.

The only one who died was the hunting ground keeper. Triever, that bastard.

I told you to leave the Duchy as soon as possible, but why are you still there?

It is my responsibility for not checking because I was busy after the punishment was given.

Anyway, Triever said he was so caught in the fire that he couldn’t recognize it. It’s the worst death ever. Though he’s a man who deserves to die for.

The reason we knew it was a Triever was because the metal bracelet he wore was still there. Slaves working in the hunting grounds testified.

I shook my head.

Is this God’s punishment?

Shannet babbled as she combed my hair.

“Sir Joseph said we can put out the fire thanks to madam, is that true?”


I thought of hoses and pumps. That actually helped a lot in quelling the fire.

In such a case, a more definitive answer is to just pretend you don’t know and blush rather than answering outright. Shannett was smart and fully understood the signals I was sending.

“Also…! Madam is really great! In fact, I don’t know that a small fire can be such a big fire?”

“It’s… The technicians who installed the pumps, the people who connected the pipes, and the people who moved the pumps are amazing.”

I said humbly.

Shannet clapped her hands. The comb that was combing my hair had been handed over to another maid.

“Madam is really perfect!”

I know. I think so too! Aren’t I the hero of this Burstoad?

I raised my nose to my heart’s content. Oh, if only it was Korea… I’ll get a certificate of commendation. Unfortunately there is no such thing here.

“Ah, but… Did you hear that, madam?”


In this case, secret stories are bound to come out. I listened to Shannet’s words. Shannet lowered her voice, lowered her body, and whispered.

“Someone says that this fire doesn’t seem to come naturally.”

“What? Then who is doing this?”

“They don’t know that yet. The fire is so big, when I go there too. At that time, all the slaves were out and working, and… The only person who witnessed it was dead.”

“The keeper of the hunting grounds?”

“Yes! he have seen the face of the person who killed him.”

I have goosebumps. I can’t believe that person is dying.


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  1. Gabriel why? Bukankah kau putra mahkota bukankah akan mudah mencari informasi tentang situasi dulu? Saya kesal 😑

  2. He’s really ungrateful, that Gabriel. Makes me concerned about his behavior from here out.