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Chapter 33


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“At that time, Daphne spoke as if passing by… His Majesty the Crown Prince likes strawberries the most, so we should make strawberry cakes.”

“What? really?”

“Yes. But at the time, I thought it’s not something special, didn’t it? But now that I think about it, I doubt it. How did Madam know that the Crown Prince likes strawberries?”

“She might have asked.”

“Oh my! Did she give strawberries to slaves? How expensive are strawberries!”

The maid pounded their chest as if frustrated.

“Besides, how much sugar goes into the cake! It’s sweet food that we don’t eat often either. Madam obviously knew. That the slave has noble status!”

Some of them nodded as if in agreement. And among them was Shannet.

This is because her madam had secretly told Shannet about this and that.


‘Don’t be too mean to Gabriel, too. He will be sad.’


Or something like.


‘We need to free Gabriel, Shannet. We could all die from this.’


‘Uh-huh. Don’t even think about something! Anyway! You must release him! Or I’ll go by myself.’


The words that were said.

At that time, I just thought that madam was kind and gentle, so she was only concerned with the welfare of the slaves…

When the situation came to pass, even in Shannet’s mind, doubts abruptly raised his head.

‘Then what will happen to the Duke?’

Recently, Madam has been feeling better, and the Duke has also become more gentle. The atmosphere between the two of them has never been as good as it is now.

That was the first night of the festival, as Shannet was planning a bedroom full of flowers.

But, did the man who had an affair with his wife in the past come back to a noble status?

Even the Crown Prince… Isn’t he handsome to suit the taste of the madam?

This… is it ok?




It wasn’t okay at all.

Cesare took Gabriel and went straight to the office. He was a visitor to Daphne at first glance, but he did not want to leave Gabriel and Daphne alone.

I don’t know what the hell was going on, he was wearing the Crown Prince’s uniform.

However, it seemed like an undeniable fact that Gabriel was the bloodline that the Emperor was eagerly looking for.

Cesare clenched his teeth. His heart was pounding with the fear of not knowing what to do. The Crown Prince belonged to the Imperial Family, no matter how burlesque it was.

Cesare clenched his fist. I couldn’t erase the obsessive love he had when he saw Daphne.

Seeing Daphne and Gabriel standing next to each other was terrifying, as if a nightmare from the past was being rekindled.

“… What did you come here for?”

Cesare asked in a cold voice.

“It looks like I’ve come to a place I couldn’t come.”

Gabriel said leisurely. It was not the harmless figure he had seen in front of Daphne earlier, but the figure armed with the arrogance of being born into the Royal Family.

Cesare then sharpened it.

‘Crazy bastard.’

Daphne must have been enchanted by such a figure. Daphne couldn’t just pretend she didn’t know the poor Gabriel, but when I was alone, I was deluded.

“… No, Your Majesty the Crown Prince. However, there is no event right now. The hunting ground caught fire a while ago, and restoration work is still going.”

“Ah, that incident. I heard the story. You said there was a big fire? Did anyone get hurt?”

“People were injured, but fortunately the fire was put out. So the damage was not much.”

“Hmm… My father was wondering what it would be like to go hunting soon, but it was a pity.”

Gabriel said leisurely.

Of course, he knew about the fire on Burstoad. Wasn’t Gabriel the one who set the fire himself? But Gabriel was just calm.

They were just getting the punishment they deserved.

“Is the restoration going well?”

“Yes, Your Majesty the Crown Prince. But why did you come here without any message?”

Gabriel laughed coldly at Cesare’s question. Its appearance resembled Cesare in some respects. Cesare grabbed the handle of the chair.

Who would have thought that slave would be the Crown Prince?

Hebhad heard of the royal bloodline that the emperor was looking for, but it was difficult to match the slave and the prince.

Who would have imagined that that noble bloodline was acting as a slave?

He doesn’t know what the hell happened, but it must have been a twisted story. And it was best to avoid it without getting involved with it.

I felt like I was already entangled somehow.

“I was rude. I should have sent a message first.”

Of course, he didn’t mean to leave. He showed up without a word to give Daphne a surprise, so why would he tell him?

Gabriel said with a look of no regret at all.

“Yes, you were rude. We cannot accept the Crown Prince right now. You can leave today and see you…”

It was time for Cesare to get up as if to see him off.

“Hey, Duke Burstoad.”

Gabriel called Cesare.

“Would it be more disrespectful to expel the royal family like this? I’m planning on staying here for a while, Duke of Burstoad. When I lost my memory, shouldn’t I be grateful for taking care of me?”

Gabriel looked at Cesare. As if to let him know that this is an order, not a request.

A strong spark erupted between Gabriel and Cesare.

‘Shut up and get lost.’

It was that kind of look.




What’s going on? I’m so confused!

Gabriel and Cesare were obsessed with each other. It’s like no one in the world can spare them. In such a situation, why didn’t I think that Gabriel might come back!

I wondered what was going on between Gabriel and Cesare.

Aren’t the two of them going to fall in love again after leaving me? There is such a thing as fate.

Of course, Cesare was telling me that he liked me with his whole body.

What do you do when he says no? His eyes are already in love.

Cesare is already the prisoner of my love. it was

Ah! But is this a BL novel?

I was a little anxious.

What is it? I’ve already claimed that Cesare is mine, but when two people fall in love, I’m just a side chick, right?

Of course, if that happens, I can live alone and eat well and live well…

“Oh, it feels like I’m back in the first plan….”

I scratched my head vigorously. As I looked anxious, Cherry came over to me and slapped me.

“Cherry hey…”

I grabbed Cherry and rubbed my face against her small body.


I felt healed. Cherry struggled and slapped me in the face with her front paw.

“Cherry, what do you think this is? Huh?”


It was a time when I was so restless. Cesare opened my bedroom door without warning.


Startled, I hugged Cherry and stepped back. Cesare strode into the bedroom.


Cesare hugged me tightly without saying a word. The useless thoughts I had disappeared.

Also, look at him. Didn’t Cesare like me?



“You said you didn’t like slaves, did you?”


Cesare sighed at my denial.

What the hell did the two of you talk about to get this reaction?

Cesare pulled me out of my arms and made eye contact. Cesare’s eyes twinkled.

“Daphne. never… You can’t be swayed by that man.”


“We are a couple. that… You shouldn’t like that slaves.”

What are you talking about? It seems that there was such a cute misunderstanding. You thought I might still like Gabriel.

Cesare. Because Gabriel likes you! oh my, what a stupid man.


I clasped Cesare’s cheeks. Cesare opened his eyes wide.

“Cesare promises me! You will never get close to Prince Gabriel!”

I said it back, do you understand?

“… It can’t be.”

Cesare blushed. He poked his lips like a carp, and his cold impression collapsed, so this was cute. I stamped my seal on the lips of a carp Cesare. Anyway, Cesare is my man now. I thought this would be okay.

It wasn’t because I was in a hurry because I was afraid of losing Cesare to Gabriel.

But the moment Cesare was about to touch her, he covered my mouth and pulled his face back.

What? Huh, did I get rejected now? Maybe because of Gabriel? What is the force of the original or something like that?

Cesare groaned and slowly stepped back.

I’m really hurt!

“Cesare? now… Did you reject me?”


Cesare turned his head to look at me. He was frankly embarrassed. Weren’t we pretty close until yesterday?


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  1. Hm.. I understand thinking Cesare like Gabriel, but it should be obvious that Gabriel likes Daphne 🧐 Why would she think he suddenly liked Cesare? He even ran away in the original..

  2. Não se preocupa Daf, se o Cesare não quiser o Gabriel quer hehehehhehe
    Thank you for translating 😍🥰