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Leaving his body on a single rope, he barely climbed the wall and survived the day, and when he came down, his hair was leaking white and he felt like I was getting old.

It was so stressful that he dreamed of falling from a height every night.

“How could you do this to me, who dedicated my life to the Burstoad…!”

Albert bit his lip in a sense of humiliation.

Apparently, Albert was also reflecting on his actions at first. For that reason, he accepted the punishment to wipe all the windows of the mansion without resistance.

If you show gentle reflection, the Duchess will give you a second chance.

At that time, I was really determined to live a healthy new life.

But the Duchess never looked back at him again, as if she had forgotten about Albert.

Obviously, the news that he was having a hard time every day could have reached the Duchess’s ears through the mouths of the maids, but it was not good news.

Albert Owen’s family has worked for the Duke of Burstoad from generation to generation.

However, it was not enough to throw him away, who had devoted their lives to working, and made him suffer such humiliation.

And that’s because I borrowed only a few pennies!

It really was an absurd act.

“Even the sky is indifferent! How could you bring such an ordeal on me!”

Albert looked up at the gray sky and shouted.

At first, the punishment for stealing was cutting off his finger, but he had forgotten that the Duchess had mercy on him.

All that remained was the thought that an unknown young woman was tormenting him.

“This is why a woman should not step forward and set up a corporation.”

If the fair Duke had come to a conclusion, such an unreasonable thing would not have happened.

Albert deluded himself without knowing his place.

It was an absurd idea, not knowing that if it wasn’t for the Duchess, his neck, not his hand, could have been blown off.

However, even if helick his tongue and swears to his heart’s content, he still can’t get out of this job.

If only I had a lot of money…!

Albert counted the money left in his pocket. Unfortunately, he still has a few pennies in.

The salary he earned from cleaning the windows was going in to the Duke’s house in the name of paying off debts before it even went into his hands.

He was always provided with only a small amount of pocket money, which was enough to only snack on.

You don’t get a penny for working so hard!

One game. You only need to win one game.

From then on, the goddess of fortune would be with Albert and lead him on the road to success.

Albert went there to borrow money.

“Hey, Millie. Could you lend me some money…”

“I have no money.”

“Hey Come on, don’t do that.”

“No. And you haven’t paid back the money you lent last time. When are you going to pay it back?”

“If-if I win one big game, I will pay you back.”

“What do you mean, gamble every day? I should not speak.”

But there was no one left to lend him money.

When Albert was kicked out of the butler’s office, some people who felt sorry for him lent him money.

However, when it became known that Albert had spent all his borrowed money at the gambling house, people began to avoid him.

As it turns out, once someone fell into gambling, it was not easy to get rid of the habits.

He made all sorts of regrets and asked here and there, but no one offered to lend him money.

The only thing was the few pennies that Lena, the maid in the laundry room, handed over to me to buy a beer and food.

I couldn’t even enter the gambling hall with this, let alone a jackpot.

Albert, standing in the hallway nervously, bit his nails.

Does anyone have any money to borrow?

At that moment, Gabriel, approaching from afar, caught Albert’s gaze.

A few days have passed since Gabriel, who had escaped from the dungeon, returned to the Duke’s residence on his own feet.

Occasionally, while cleaning the windows, I could see Gabriel passing by the hallway.

The appearance of Gabriel walking down the street wearing a high-quality shirt and pants shone by itself.

Seeing that he must have come with a group of Crown Princes who had visited the mansion, it seemed that he had come as a servant.

Perhaps the Crown Prince’s authority was so great that even Cesare couldn’t treat the fugitive slave Gabriel rudely.

And every time that happened, Albert had to blush in contempt.

Apparently, in the past, that guy was bent on his back…

How did your situation come to be like this?

Albert also came from a lower aristocracy.

Isn’t Albert a better fit for that position than Gabriel, a former slave!

That further fueled Albert’s sense of inferiority and humiliation.

In fact, Gabriel himself was the Crown Prince, but Albert, who was isolated in the mansion, did not get any information.

He just thought Gabriel was lucky because he was wearing nice clothes.

Albert’s head turned violently.

Apparently, he had shown favor to Gabriel when he was a slave.

When Cesare told Gabriel, a slave, to stay in the mansion, didn’t he do it without objecting to it?

If he had raised his arms against him at that time, Gabriel might have been kicked out of the cold street rather than staying in the warm mansion.

Albert, who saw the opportunity, coughed and approached Gabriel.

“Hm.. Gabriel.”

Gabriel, who was heading somewhere, looked back at Albert slowly.

Albert’s gaze did not contain any emotion. It was a little embarrassing, but Albert smiled and said.

“That man… Did you come out? Congratulations.”

It was an inappropriate remark that seemed to be treated like a subordinate to pass it on to the Crown Prince, but Gabriel did not respond.

In fact, he didn’t care what Albert had to say. Albert was not important to Gabriel.

But Albert, who did not know this, thought he still had gratitude for him.

Albert gained courage and opened his mouth.

“I mean, so… Can you lend me some money?”


“I’ll pay you back right away double. I will never forget your help.”

“How much.”


“I asked how much you need.”

Albert was perplexed. He didn’t even think that Gabriel would do him a favor.

In his opinion,

‘Oh, of course it is. Didn’t he get a lot of help from the butler before? He’s a best that repays favor,’ he said, judging that he would show respect for himself as a venerable contributor to the Duke’s family.

Anyway, it was the nuance that Gabriel could lend him money, so Albert spoke quickly.

“One gold, no… three! Three. With three, I can make ten by tomorrow!”


“I’m in a hurry, so it’s okay. Can you lend me some right now?”

Albert anxiously waited for Gabriel’s answer. Time is passing and the game is still going on. You can make more money by taking one more round.

Gabriel, who was standing here, continued to be late.

At that moment, a cold smirk appeared on Gabriel’s face.

“You were kicked out for embezzling public money.”

“Uh? Oh no. Not that much.”

“I heard it’s a three-year budget for the mansion?”

“That, no! Don’t be deceived by false rumors!”

I only took a little bit each time, but what kind of nonsense is that 3 years budget!

Gabriel chuckled in front of Albert, who was trying to deny himself.

After a while, Gabriel stopped laughing and shrugged with a cold, hardened face.

“I have no money to lend to you.”


“Besides, Daphne suffered because of you. Daphne is friendly and I think he barely made you wash the windows, but I would never have done that. Let you live in gratitude for the grace that Daphne has bestowed upon you.”

Then he hurriedly turned around and walked away.

Alone, Albert’s face burned bright red.

What is the point of looking at that garbage!

Besides what? favor?

Did the Duchess do herself a favor?

It was clear that he had eaten with the Duchess since the days of slavery, and the two went crazy in pairs.

Unbearable anger heated his head.

Jealousy, hatred and contempt. Various emotions swirled in Albert’s eyes.

You dare insult me?

“This person… you only a low slave!”

Albert sprinted towards Gabriel, who was moving away. Then he pushed him vigorously down the stairs.


Surprised, Gabriel opened his eyes, but had already lost his focus.


Gabriel tumbled down the stairs of the beautiful Duke mansion.

There was a loud sound, like a rolling log.

Gabriel, who had fallen to the floor on the first floor, was holding onto his left arm with a sharp scream.

Yeah. That’s the right place for that lowly slave.

How dare you look down on me

A mischievous smile appeared on his face. A maddening laugh erupted.

The servants ran out in a sudden commotion.


“His Majesty the Crown Prince!”

Gabriel’s attendant was astonished and ran to him.

What? Are you a Crown Prince??

That slave?

Before Albert was surprised, the knights of the mansion were aware of the situation and arrested him.

This is nonsense…!


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