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Cesare and I hurriedly returned to the mansion relying on a moonlight, we heard Gabriel’s news.

While we were away, Gabriel fell off the steps of the mansion and was seriously injured.

Why did he suddenly fall down the stairs?

A look of embarrassment crossed Cesare’s face. What was even more surprising was what followed.

“That is… It looks like Albert pushed His Majesty the Crown Prince on the stairs. He was arrested on the spot.”

“What? You mean the former butler?”

“Yes, Duchess.”

Suddenly I had headache, It was unimaginable.

Albert. How dare you repay my consideration in this way.

What if Gabriel harbors a grudge against us like this?

I guess I gave Albert too mild punishment.

Cesare and I hurried to Gabriel’s room.

The knights guarding the room where Gabriel was staying found us and looked at us with ferocious eyes.

The doctor who had just been called to the mansion finished his examination and was coming out of the room. Cesare grabbed the doctor and asked.

“How is the Crown Prince condition?”

“Your Majesty protected his head and luckily he didn’t hurt his head as he fell. However, the bone of the left arm joint that hit the hardest is out of place. I put a bandage on it and fixed it, but I think we will have to watch the progress.”


As soon as I opened the door, I saw Gabriel with a haggard face.

There was no blood on his face. The original white face looked paler today.

“What should we do? Are you okay?”

I hurriedly approached and looked at Gabriel.

As the doctor said, his left arm was wrapped in a bandage and fixed to his neck. His unbandaged right arm was also heavily bruised.

Gabriel’s aide stood in front of me. Oh my goodness. It’s a surprise.

“You can’t come….”


Gabriel orders his aide in a low voice.

He seemed to show the aspect of the crown prince in his own way. It was a new look.

“Stand back.”

“But Your highness….”

The assistant, who met Gabriel’s eyes, was forced to step back.

Gabriel made a sympathetic face towards me as the aide turned away. He looked like a sick person.


Gabriel opened his mouth in a weak voice.

But soon after, he bit his lip and frowned.

For some reason, it seems that Gabriel is often seen lying sick.

Come to think of it, this is already the third time.

The day I saved Gabriel from the filthy hunting groundskeeper, Gabriel got sick once, and when I tried to escape from the estate, Gabriel, who followed me, sprained his ankle and got sick again. And this time he fell down the stairs and got sick again…

Even in the midst of pain, Gabriel’s gaze was always on me. His free right hand fumbled for my hand.

Soon, Gabriel’s finger touched my index finger.

“Daphne… It hurts.”

And I was moved by his voice.

Although we were able to compete for the common goal of Cesare, I think Gabriel and I were close.

“Gabriel…. Oh my gosh.”

I held Gabriel’s hand, trembling sadly.

Oh my gosh. How could he even think of pushing such a nice and pretty angel down the stairs?

Albert, you are dead to me.

Suddenly, Cesare came to my side.

The aide said once again with an uncomfortable face.

“What are you going to do about this? The Crown Prince was injured. It cannot be easily passed.”

“Obviously about this…”

“That’s enough.”

Gabriel cut Cesare’s words.

All eyes turned to Gabriel. Again, the intercepted aide called out to Gabriel.

“But Your Majesty the Crown Prince! This is not an easy thing! From a distance, it threatens the future of the Empire!”

“Didn’t I say to stand back?”

Gabriel stared at the assistant with the dignity of a prince.

Finally, the aide sighed and stepped back.

It looks like the Crown Prince is really right.

Gabriel looked at me with a softened face.

Gabriel said as if he didn’t really care about Cesare’s existence.

“Daphne can take care of me. Will you do it, Daphne?”

Huh? me?

Gabriel nodded slightly as I pointed my finger at myself.

Gabriel’s gaze seemed to reach Cesare for a moment. But soon he turned his head to me and whispered.

“I want Daphne to be by my side.”

Gabriel murmured in a shrill voice. I cried out in a loud voice.

“Don’t worry! I will protect you.”

“That’s not allowed.”

I turned my head to the sound of a voice next to me.

Cesare was looking down at me with a stiff face. There is a frown on his forehead.

Cesare seemed to be holding back his anger and growled.

“My wife is not here to serve the Crown Prince.”

“But Cesare. He gets hurt…..”

“You don’t have to worry because I’m going to attach a servant. You want to take care of the Crown Prince? Think of the eye that sees. Daphne.”


After pondering for a moment, I came to the conclusion that Cesare was right.

The young prince and the young duchess together in the secret room of the bedroom. It’s a good situation to talk about.

I looked back at Gabriel with a sorry face. Gabriel’s expression contorted. Soon, a somewhat clear voice followed.

“I hope you will allow the Duchess to take care of me, Duke.”

“I refuse.”

“You dare to reject my order now?”

“I have the right not to obey unjust orders.”

Cesare said in a calm voice.

“Hah. Then will you serve me instead?”

“There is nothing that can’t be done.”

Wait a minute. Why is the story going like this again?

Who cares who cares?

Gabriel’s target is Cesare. And it is the easiest law to attack when a person is originally sick.

What should I do if the two of them stick together and Cesare separate from me?

No way!

“I will do it!”


“Cesare. Let me do it, I’ll do it. Even Cesare can’t stop me.”

Apart from being pitiful, Gabriel can’t lose Cesare.

I will protect my husband!




Cesare walked out of Gabriel’s room with a grimly stiff face.

In the end, Daphne took over Gabriel’s care. He could not dissuade the tough Daphne.

The moment he saw Gabriel smiling with the victor’s face, his jealousy surged.

It was the butler who made all these problems. And it was the doctor who could solve this problem.

Cesare called the newly appointed butler. He was a conscientious and non-gambler, unlike the ones he had worked with before.

I’ve been through it once, so this time I chose the person with great care.

Cesare gave the order with a solemn face.

“Send the former butler to the Imperial Palace right now.”

“Yes, Duke.”

“Also enclosed a letter detailing the crimes he committed. And bring all the great doctors together. It doesn’t matter, as long as he can quickly restore His Majesty the Crown Prince.”

Cesare’s eyes were burning brightly.

The criminal who injured the Crown Prince could not be punished without the permission of the Emperor. He should send him to Imperial palace, not Cesare, who decides the punishment for the criminal.

If he done something wrong, sparks may scatter in the Burstoad. And in the future, Gabriel might use this to put pressure on Burstoard, so he also have to reveal the truth first.

So, it’s not our fault. It’s like saying, ‘You can’t say it’s my fault even later.’

On the other hand, there was also an intention to inform the imperial family. ‘Your precious Crown Prince was injured in such a bizarre way here. It can be dangerous at any time, so why not take him with you?’

No matter how much Gabriel was called the Crown Prince, he couldn’t stay still. Gabriel is coveting his wife.

The reason for calling the excellent doctor is because I want to cure Gabriel quickly so that Daphne will stop sticking with him and nursing him.

Shouldn’t a wife be with her husband all the time?

Daphne’s face, which was holding back Cesare, comes to his mind.

‘Obviously Daphne said she didn’t like Gabriel…’

Why is Daphne trying to nurse Gabriel herself?

If Daphne had liked Gabriel, she would have named the dog Riel or Brie.

Daphne obviously doesn’t like Gabriel, but why… Did Daphne take care of him?

Only natural questions remained for Cesare.




“Gabriel, are you okay?”

I asked in the most friendly voice.

Gabriel said Cesare could nurse if he wanted to.

He wished Cesare would take care of him, but I felt he was saying it in a roundabout way.

Our friendship was on my mind.

It seemed like a really good thing to build a friendship with Gabriel in many ways.

I didn’t know if I would use that friendship in this sense, though.


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