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I was going to take this opportunity to be more passionate about making friends with Gabriel.

How can you think of stealing my husband when I’ve been so nice to you?

No matter how much Gabriel is the main character of the novel.

Aren’t I too smart? I’m a scheming girl. I have a plan!

Gabriel nodded to my question, apparently unaware of my dark innermost thoughts.

“Yeah, Daphne. I’m really fine now.”

Gabriel smiles pitifully.

It doesn’t look good at all.

I felt sorry for Gabriel. I don’t know why only bad things happen to him. So that’s why I can’t even kick him out.

“What do you want to eat? Shall I bring you some of the food that you ate before? Well, I think I ate the cream soup too….”

“… I think I could eat a little of it.”

Gabriel said in a soft voice. After the injury, he said he had no appetite and hadn’t eaten properly.

That’s why he’s so skinny.

I sighed deeply with concern.

“Then I’ll bring you some cream soup.”

“… I guess people hate me.”

As I was about to leave, Gabriel grabbed me with a crying face and a weak voice.

“What do you mean?”

“Before in the hunting ground… And the butler… Everyone seems to want to hurt me. Did I do something wrong?”

It was a look that I couldn’t help but be heartbroken.

What did he eat to look like this?

Gabriel, the most beautiful man in this world, had an aura that even the most beautiful country could not overcome.

Ugh, so dazzling

Yes, I admit it!

“It’s not like that, Gabriel.”

I patted Gabriel, who was showing symptoms of depression.

I had no choice but to leave the cream soup to the maid and stay by Gabriel’s side.

When he’s weak like this, it’s the easiest to penetrate, comforting, and strengthening our relationship.

“They’re bad people, and Gabriel did nothing wrong. I’m telling you, I like Gabriel so much.”

“… I like Daphne too.”

Gabriel mumbled, blushing.

If you say things like that with a face like that, the country will be blown away.

It seemed that Cesare’s mind in the novel was understandable.

Of course, I’m struggling because I’m falling for his face, but I thought I needed to be careful just in case.

Fortunately, Gabriel favored me.

Yeah, that heart doesn’t change. I’m keeping what you said. You shouldn’t take my man away if you say you like me, right?

I patted Gabriel on the shoulder and comforted him.

“We are good friends. Can’t you help me whenever I’m in trouble?”

Gabriel smiled.

The build-up of favorability was proceeding smoothly.

By the way, he’s still Gabriel, even after he regains his memory. Unlike in the novel.

Is it because I didn’t do this and that with Cesare?

To be honest, in the original story, Cesare played the biggest role in making Gabriel blackening in the original novel.

Or maybe this itself is a blackened appearance. Originally, Gabriel could have maintained such a soft and neat appearance even if he changed to 99%.

So Cesare must have been so obsessed with him.

Anyway… Isn’t it fun when you touch my husband?

When a normally good boy turns into a devil, you can see how scary it is.

In the past, my sister used to wear short skirts and point out one leg.

I have to be careful.





Daphne was also an angel. She is an angel that came down from heaven to save Gabriel.

What would Gabriel’s life be like without Daphne? It would have been no different than filth buried in mud.

It was Cesare who first saved Gabriel from the hunting groundskeeper.

Nevertheless, at the time, Cesare, who forcibly dragged Gabriel into the mansion, had only fear.

After that, it was Daphne who completely saved Gabriel.

And Daphne clearly wanted to leave Cesare’s side. In the end, he escaped with Gabriel and was caught and imprisoned.

Then it was Gabriel’s turn to rescue Daphne.

“Thank you so much, Daphne.”

“I hope you get well soon, Gabriel.”

Daphne smiled brightly.

Every time Daphne smiled like that, I was excited to see those green eyes. It was such an unrealistically beautiful green eye.

Gabriel looked at Daphne blankly.

“I don’t like it…”


Gabriel bit his lip and shook his head.

Earlier, when Daphne stopped Cesare and insisted strongly that she would nurse Gabriel, my heart was pounding. I feel like I’m about to cry.

Daphne seemed like a person who would never change.

Even though she came out of the tower, she still laughed and was kind. As if nothing like that had ever happened.

“Anyway, get well soon, Gabriel. So Gabriel can do what he wants to do.”

“What about you, Daphne?”


“Is Daphne doing what she wants to do?”

Gabriel asked sadly.

Even Daphne is not doing what she wants to do, but she is comforting Gabriel right now.

Daphne was a beautiful person in every word.

“I think it is, to some extent. If no one interferes, I think we can continue to do so.”

That person must be Cesare. Also, I must rescue Daphne from here. So that Daphne can do what she wants.

Gabriel added the question in a heavy voice.

“Do you still want to divorce?”

Gabriel stared at Daphne clearly. With a face that he must hear an answer.




No, what’s that question now? didn’t you hear me? I told you, as long as you don’t disturb us! Don’t you see it? It was you?


Gabriel seemed to have a pretty face and no sense.

Well, even in the original story, Gabriel doesn’t know my heart… It was double-radiated water.

It seemed that Gabriel was asking such a question because he wanted to marry Cesare.

Hey, weren’t we close? What about all the efforts I’ve made so far!

First of all, I asked firmly.

“Why are you asking that?”

“Daphne always wanted to leave this place.”

At that time, I didn’t know Cesare’s heart… But now, Cesare likes me.

I changed my mind to enjoying this golden spoon life with Cesare and continuing a happy newlywed life.

But I couldn’t tell Gabriel about it openly.

Even after recovering his memories, didn’t Gabriel come all the way here because he likes Cesare now?

Hah, I’m going crazy.

Is this an uncomfortable feeling when someone steals your man? This time, Gabriel cant have Cesare, never!


I apologized for not having anything to say.

Anyway, it wasn’t really my intention.

I guess I need to raise Gabriel’s favoritism level a bit more.




Cesare was waiting for me with a dissatisfied face.

Apparently, he was dissatisfied with the decision to nurse Gabriel. Looking back, he also believed that I liked Gabriel.


Cesare took my hand and sat me next to him.

“You really don’t like Gabriel, are you?”

This person… He doesn’t even know my heart, am I not a trustworthy person?

I suppressed the desire to shout that what Gabriel likes is Cesare.

Why is he slow?

“That’s right. I never liked Gabriel.”

“Then why did you say you would take care of him?”

“Of course, I must!”

As soon as I could think of an excuse, I spewed out excuses.

“The Crown Prince was injured in our mansion! What if we make a mistake and become wrong? I have to be sincere.”

“… Is that so?”

“Of course.”

I shook my head enthusiastically.

In fact, I wanted to prevent Cesare from approaching Gabriel, but I didn’t want to talk about it openly.

It’s hurt my pride.


Cesare nodded. He is determined to accept it somehow. Gabriel will leave here anyway when that arm gets better.

Can the Crown Prince be absent for a long time?



“Come here.”

Cesare also created a strange atmosphere. It looked like he was trying to do something he hadn’t been able to do before.

Ugh… Seeing him this close makes my heart flutter.

I wondered if history will be made today. Of course, I’m sorry for Gabriel, but…

It was when I tried to close my eyes without realizing it.


The unnoticed belly button rang loudly.

It was my stomach.

“… Haven’t you eaten yet?”

Cesare raised his head back and asked.

“… I can’t eat what the patient is eating.”

“Didn’t the maids take care of you?”

“I was going to come to my room and eat comfortably.”

“Hah…. You have to eat first.”

Ugh really.


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Comments (5)

  1. Alright it’s getting annoying that she thinks Gabriel likes Cesare, that’s just dumb.

  2. Alright it’s getting annoying that she thinks Gabriel likes Cesare, that’s just dumb.

  3. Its so annoying seeing the main problem is just Daphne not knowing Gabriel actually likes her! And the fact she won’t opened her mouth to answer honestly??? I mean its quite reasonable but still.. even though he’s a Crown Prince now, she could just ask him what is his true intention of coming back to the duchy!!! Ugh this story really just revolve around that premise of clueless Daphne, Gabriel likes her and Jealous Cesare

  4. Geesuz Daphne, this is a hilarious misunderstanding, but stop! You’re hurting Gabriel 😭

  5. She’s always constantly been inappropriately close with Gabriel but she can’t answer, “no, marriage is fine.” 🫠