Author: Byuon

Chapter 4


Thank you Kiki for the kofi~


Body and mind would have been overworked.

I approached Gabriel and pushed him on the shoulder.

Gabriel’s body, like a piece of paper, was pushed to me and stretched out on the bed.

I placed the water bag I had made on Gabriel’s waist.

“How about it? Is it okay? Does the pain seem to get better?”

Ugh. How harshly must he have treated such a fragile body?

This is sad…

Since Cesare could not have looked after Gabriel with such kindness and tenderness, Gabriel would have to endure all the pain alone.

Like in the original.

The pity for Gabriel increased even more.

You too, why were you found by such a guy?

With regret, I massaged his hard back.

It was then.


The sound of the stomach rang filled the bedroom.


Gabriel cleared his throat.

Yes, You’re hungry! It can be.

What are you embarrassed about? It’s all because of Cesare.

Eat well, keep your stamina, stay fit, and be happy forever in bed like this and that.

I patted Gabriel on the back and said to the maid.


“Yes, madam.”

“ Prepare something that Gabriel could eat and bring it. Ask the chef to carefully select ingredients that are particularly effective in recovering stamina.”

The maid looked at me with strange eyes. It’s like I’m paying so much attention to the slave my husband picked up.

Among the maids and servants who worked here, there was no one with a low status like Gabriel.

So even in the original novel, the servants did not properly serve Gabriel and harassed him.

You don’t want to have someone lower than you as your master.

It’s not that I don’t understand how you feel, but if you do, you’re all dead.

Does this angel take the place of hostess in this family?

“Are you disobeying my orders now?”

“How could I? I will do as you ordered,madam.”

“Thank you, Maid.”

The maid ran out of Gabriel’s bedroom.

Nevertheless, Gabriel and I couldn’t stay in the same room alone, so the other maid stayed and watched us.

All I had to do was put on a show like this in front of Gabriel.

It meant this kindness. Kindness that I had bestowed upon Gabriel did not make him want to kill me.

Did you see me, Gabriel?

Gabriel’s cheeks were stained red.

His skin was so translucent that the blood vessels could be seen through it.

Tears streamed down Gabriel’s cheeks.


“Why are you crying, Gabriel? Where are you sick? Did I make a mistake?”

When you cry, my heart breaks on two…  I’m afraid I’ll die at the hands of Cesare. Won’t you stop the tears thinking you’re helping others?

“You are so kind.”


Such a pitiful person…

“I have never had such kindness before.”

Cesare just rolls Gabriel through the middle of the novel, so it makes sense.

I patted Gabriel and comforted him.

Hold on until then, there will be a flower path on the road ahead.

“It will appear soon. Someone who will care and love Gabriel the most.”

“The person who will cherish and love me the most…”

Every time Gabriel’s eyelashes fluttered, tears fell.

Yes, if I were you, I understand! I’ll give you Cesare!

Soon, someone like that will come out of Cesare.

“To meet that person, you have to eat a lot and build up your stamina. huh? Gabriel.”

Until Cesare came to his senses, Gabriel’s thorny path was pre-planned, and there was no comfort I could offer.

Gabriel looked at me and smiled faintly.

“Yes, madam. thank you.”

Ugh. This brings me one step closer to Gabriel, right?

I’ll have to research a way to make sure Gabriel likes me.

Daphne was in the role of harassing Gabriel to the point of dying, so I had no choice but to be anxious.

“I’ll let you bathe in warm water. Shannet.”

“Yes, madam.”

The maid who I called out took a step forward.

“There will be a good perfume in my bathroom to recover from fatigue. Unpack it so Gabriel can wash with it. And massage them with perfume.”

Shannet made a surprised face.

Gabriel also shook his head in amazement, not knowing that I would give such an order.

“No, ma’am! No one like me can have such luxury!”

“No, Gabriel. Gabriel has always been my guest since you came to this mansion. I want you to feel comfortable.”

He smiled so much that his mouth twitched.

You must have overused your body, so you’ll feel better after a massage with balm.

The maids may protest now, but soon, as in the original story, they will fall in love with Gabriel and be anxious to serve him.


Gabriel looked at me with a sad expression.

Okay, It’s going according to my plan!





Cesare, who was being informed about Daphne’s abnormal behavior, frowned.

“You mean she brought the water bag to him?”

“Yes, sir.”

Cesare smiled and shook his head.

The water bag I thought she was making for me, turn out it’s for a slave brought from the hunting grounds.

It wasn’t weird.

“And you said she told the maids to massage the slave?”

“Yes, sir!”

The reason this incident came to Cesare’s ears was because the maid felt a sense of crisis.

Cesare and Daphne were pretty good friends. And the gold thread of the husband and wife was connected with the peace of the servents.

Gabriel’s appearance in the mansion, which had been peaceful for a while, is about to cause an unbelievable storm, so the maid came out.

Cesare took a long breath and sharpened his teeth.

“Let it go. Make sure the maids are strictly enforced.”

“Yes, sir!”

When the maid saw Cesare’s eyes, she ran around in the office.

Realizing once again that Cesare is one of the few sword masters in the Hylister Empire.

The general knight said to Cesare, who was holding the desk with his arms and taking a deep breath.

He was still receiving reports and went to the hunting grounds together.

I advised you not to bring Gabriel along.

“What did I say? Didn’t I tell you that young and beautiful slaves are dangerous! Oh my gosh! It’s a perfume massage!”

The general touched his forehead in front of Cesare.

It wasn’t that Cesare didn’t know what that meant.

Next time she’s going to put him in the bedroom!

Of course, he knew that among the nobles, he was not the only one who had an affair with the government.

But what about that Daphne?

My head felt like it was going to explode.

Cesare grimaced it, and said.

“For now, be quiet.”

Daphne hadn’t brought him to bed yet, so he couldn’t belittle his prestige.

But the words from my mind could not be erased.

Fragrance massage…

Fragrance massage…


It was the sound of Cesare’s desk twisting.




I took care of Gabriel’s meal and immediately returned to my room.

I ordered a cup of tea from Shannet and sat down at the desk and pulled out a piece of paper.

I was going to make a plan to ingratiate myself with Gabriel as I decided to cut the radish if I had pulled out the knife.

“Isn’t it better to attack with the things you like?”

Taking good care of the food and letting him bathe in warm water only gives temporary impressions.

What about Cesare? There’s a bigger and bigger impression!

That was a R-19 BL novel.

Any kind of emotion will not be able to overcome the emotion that Cesare will give.

I needed to target a little more delicate, emotional aspects.

“Because there’s nothing wrong with creating debt.”

I grabbed a fountain pen and started writing large letters from the top of the paper down.


[What you need to make Gabriel happy.]

  1. Cream Cake – I like the strawberry topping.
  2. Swimming – I am good at swimming. very.
  3. Reading – I like to read poetry and I also like to write. He reads poems in a pretty voice like a nightingale.


I used only three, but it was blocked quickly.

I thought about the original story fiercely, but when I thought about it, I couldn’t think of it well.

The writer shared TMI stories on social media. I should’ve read that.

Seriously, who knew I would possess this body?

I gave up on thinking more and made a detailed plan.

No. 1 whipped cream cake was easy.

By the way, there is an excellent chef in this mansion, so if you ask the chef, he can make as many cakes as you want.

Come to think of it, there were a lot of scenes in the original that weren’t good.


The second time was a bit difficult.

Even so, I couldn’t suddenly create a swimming pool in the mansion.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have enough money, but I didn’t have much time.

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Comments (3)

  1. Girl! You put his NAME on the paper?? *facepalm* I understand wanting to stay alive, but sheesh! All you have to do is not torment him! Be kind, fine, but no need to seduce him! You should be ingratiating yourself with the man who is actually supposed to kill you so he’ll just divorce you in the end 😛 Though, of course it’s not going to go that way anyway…

  2. Isn’t the author pushing this ‘i’m the villainess so i’m going to be extra kind’ trope a bit too far? The fl is so stupid that every choice gives me second hand embarrassment. Why is she trying to seduce him and whatnot when she’s literally married??? She could just be civil and kind but the way that she’s acting now is just excessive. Hope the plot improves soon…