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Without realizing it, I almost kissed Cesare. It might have been if Cesare hadn’t pulled the bell string.

The timing is not good.

Still, the meal that maids prepared was delicious. Cesare stayed by my side until I finished the meal and went back to his room.


“Cherry. I think Cesare doesn’t know my heart. right?”


Cherry replied. The way she wags her tail was so cute.

Instead of Cesare, I hugged Cherry and fell asleep.




The next day, as soon as morning came, Daphne rushed out to nurse Gabriel

Gabriel brings a book to read?

He said that if he just sits still in bed, he might be bored.

Cesare grit his teeth.

Joseph took a step back, avoiding Cesare, who was spreading darkness around him.

Because if he touches him, he may get angry for nothing.

It was time to go out again through the door that Joseph came in, saying that he was going to be absent from work today.



I think he was lowering his head. When did you see me?

Cesare beckoned Joseph to come here.

Joseph rolled his eyes and crawled right in front of Cesare.

“So far, nothing has gone wrong by doing what you told me.”

Ah, that’s why.

There was only one reason why Cesare praised Joseph like that. It’s because of Daphne.

The mansion was buzzing with stories about the return of a slave named Gabriel as the Crown Prince.

However, the slave who succeeded in reversing his status was injured by rolling down the stairs, and Daphne is now nursing Gabriel.

That was the only reason Cesare would dig into the ground like that.

Joseph clicked his tongue briefly.

“What would you like to do this time?”

“… The surest way is for the Crown Prince to quickly become emperor. Then he will not be able to leave the Imperial Castle.”

“It’s a problem because it doesn’t work out the way you want it to.”

That’s true.

Joseph nodded eagerly.

“Obviously Daphne likes me.”

Joseph made a serious face.

First of all, I thought I should know why Cesare had such great confidence.

“Why do you think so?”

“Daphne is my wife. Isn’t that normal? The couple should be next to each other. Actually, the feeling of liking is not that important.”

Oh dear…

Joseph looked at Cesare with a pitiful expression on his face.

It’s such a stupid idea… Cesare sometimes acted like a 60-year-old, stuck conservative old man.


“She named the dog Cherry.”

Cesare said with a proud look as if there was no evidence like this.

She probably wouldn’t have chosen a name for a dog she loved so much.

Joseph made another sad face.

Because that’s not it…

It was clear that the part of the brain that was in charge of dating died after living only as a Duke and never having a relationship before getting married.

How could you come to such a stupid conclusion? … Can you believe it for only those two reasons?

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

However, it didn’t seem like it would be so good if I told someone who was already digging these facts.

Joseph shook his head.

“No. I have eyes full of loyalty. As the Duke said, the Duchess may be fond of Your Excellency.”

“As expected, right?”

Joseph stuck out his tongue.

Did I say something wrong…

Still, if we approached rationally, it seemed that Cesare could dig into these details.

“Yes, well…”

Although Joseph hesitated, Cesare’s expression brightened a little, as if that alone was comforting.

“But didn’t you say that you sent a letter to the imperial family?”

“I did.”

“Would there be some kind of feedback then?”

Joseph lightly activated Cesare’s Hope circuit.

“… Your words are credible.”

Cesare nodded.

“Are you being kind and gentle with the Duchess?”

Joseph asked Cesare. In fact, the most important thing right now was Daphne’s heart.

Depending on where Daphne’s heart is inclined, the whole game will change.

Still, they are married, so I think I can say that he’s somewhat ahead.… 

Still, the imperial power could not be ignored. So Cesare had to put in that much effort.

“Actually, Daphne once asked me. She said, did I like her.”

Cesare muttered the words that were running through his head. This is because the question of Daphne that time kept coming to mind.

“So what you say?”

Joseph asked in a trembling voice.

Yes, maybe if Daphne is as dull as Cesare. It would be the end of the world.

It was fortunate that even one person was sensible.

Cesare replied as if it was natural.

“I said no.”

I don’t know why this conversation came to my mind when I asked if he was doing well, but Cesare answered faithfully.

Joseph shook his head.

Why the hell are you twisting things that can be done so easily? … Cesare didn’t seem to know. That he’s twisted his luck.

“Why, why? Do you really not like her?”

Cesare looked at Joseph with a puzzled look.

“You and Daphne are asking strange questions. Why is that important? We are a couple. Yes, we should be by each other’s side. Regardless of those feelings.”

Joseph patted the back of his neck.

I wanted to pierce Cesare’s head, which was tightly blocked back and forth.

Why are you so confident when you say that? No matter how I think about it, Cesare’s way of thinking seems strange.

“… Next time, I think it would be better to just say yes.”

Joseph’s advice was sincere.

“Why do you think so?”

Joseph thought deeply about what to do with this man.

Gabriel must be powering Daphne with nice words. However, Cesare did not have such sense.

“… Sometimes those things are helpful in a relationship. Even as a couple.”

“I’ll take that into consideration.”

Cesare replied meekly. There must be a reason why things at that time keep bothering me so much.

I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to say that.

Joseph sighed. Cesare was an idiot who didn’t even know Daphne’s heart.

Joseph shook his head slightly in mourning for Daphne.




Gabriel walked around the room.

Daphne couldn’t even answer Gabriel’s question.

Daphne was captured by Cesare, and it was clear that she wanted to leave, but she couldn’t.

Daphne’s deep face was caught in Gabriel’s mind.

What Gabriel can do for Daphne is…

‘I have to get Daphne out of here.’

If so, I thought it would be better to keep Cesare a little bit apart.

What method can I use?

Now the emperor wanted to listen to everything Gabriel said. Because he was the only son left.

However, he could not bring down the historic duke of Burstoad without any reason.

‘Then, if I lock him up for a while?’

It seemed like a good way. The point is to get Cesare off Daphne.

Gabriel’s beautiful blue eyes flashed darkly. To imprison the Duke of Burstoad, you need a reason.

At that moment, a flash passes through Gabriel’s mind.

‘Hunting ground!’

The hunting ground was originally used by the royal family. He did not manage such a place properly, and Cesare should be punished accordingly.

No. How about making up a little more story?

The culprit who set the fire has yet to be identified. What if that criminal is Duke of Burstrod?

Gabriel smiled with satisfaction.

It was that moment.


“Gabriel. I’m going in.”

Gabriel quickly returned to bed and sat quietly.

Daphne stuck her head out.

“Gabriel! You woke up. I remember you said you had no appetite yesterday.”

Daphne grinned. In Daphne’s hand was a strawberry cake.

“I baked it myself. So you have to eat even if you have no appetite.”

Gabriel’s eyes dimmed. Daphne’s loveliness colored Gabriel.

I could already feel the sweetness of the strawberry cake Daphne was holding.

“… Thank you, Daphne.”

Daphne shook her head.

“This is nothing, Gabriel.”

Daphne’s kindness seemed to warm Gabriel. Gabriel felt like hee was about to cry.

At the same time, a violent desire to grasp this warmth soared.




I’m not being rude, right? He knows what I mean, right?

I decided to try to get to know Gabriel better.

Gabriel stared at the cake with excitement.

“Eat now, Gabriel.”

Gabriel hugged the cake tightly.

Yeah,yeah. Why not eat that and give up Cesare?


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