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I was so worried yesterday that I couldn’t sleep properly. After barely sleeping, I had a nightmare in which Gabriel kidnapped Cesare and ran away.

It must have been so difficult to argue with a lover over a man.

I looked into Gabriel’s eyes.

Today, I have to refrain from talking about Cesare as much as possible. Remembering the original story often makes me feel good.

If Gabriel keeps busy with other things, he could even distance himself from Cesare.

“What are you planning to do today? Have you read all the books I brought you this morning?”

“Ah…. I was reading an interesting book.”

Gabriel picked up a book that was on the bed. That shy smiling face was dazzling.

“Thank you, Daphne…. I haven’t done anything to Daphne.”

There’s something for you to do for me, that is most important. Giving up Cesare.

“No, Gabriel. I think we can do something like this. I just need to get better soon.”

I said as kindly as possible.

“That… Daphne. I have a request.”


Say anything. I’ll do anything for you. You have to get well soon and go back to your place.

“I want to meet my aide. Can I call him?”

“Of course!”

Gabriel’s aide had been away for a while, saying he had some business to do.

Why are you asking for something like that?

It always seems like his aide has something to see when I come in. Is he busy because he’s an assistant?

Apparently, our servants didn’t like Gabriel very much. So I guess he’s just asking him for such a simple request.

Gabriel smiled brightly. The way he carefully chewed the cake and ate it caught my eye.

That’s cute.




The doctor who examined Gabriel stood in front of Cesare.

“Then, what is the state of the Crown Prince?”

I hope he gets better as soon as possible and gets out of the Burstoad estate. Then Daphne, my wife, would not have to stay with Gabriel.

Cesare asked, hiding his disloyalty.

“That, that….”

However, the doctor trembled when I asked as if he had been hiding something.

The doctor felt that the Duke of Burstoad was offended by his inability to properly treat His Majesty the Crown Prince.

Wasn’t it the Duke of Burstrod, who was originally known for being strict and scary?

He was the Duke of Burstoad, who was said to be untouchable even by the Emperor.

The doctor swallowed a gulp and said.

“No, he’s much better now. We are prescribing the best medicine, and he will be well in a little while.”

“Really? Exactly how long do you think it will take?”

“Maybe in a week….”

Cesare’s red eyes flashed terribly. The doctor exclaimed, terrified.

“No, no! 3 days! We will help him to use his arm normally in 3 days! I promise with my 20th year as a doctor!”

It was the same remark as the previous pharmacist. There was no way that a person with an injured arm could use it normally in three days.

If that is the case, the doctor who treated the patient should be revered as a god, not as a name.

But Cesare, who wanted Gabriel to get away from Daphne quickly, was satisfied with the doctor’s answer.

He said, tapping the armrest with his fingertips.

“It’s important to be completely healed.”

“Yes, yes! Of course!”


Cesare paused for a moment. The doctor waited anxiously for Cesare’s next words.

“I have another question for you.”

It was an atmosphere that seemed to interrogate a person rather than ask a question. The doctor shook his head and answered.


“Recently, why is someone experiencing frequent chest pain?”

“Ugh. Do you mean the Crown Prince?”

Did he miss anything during his treatment? If it’s chest pain, even if it’s hurt, it’s not really a big deal.

“No. It’s me.”

“… Duke?”

“Yeah. Lately, I have been feeling pain and tight in my chest, why?”

In particular, whenever I saw Daphne, my heart was pounding than usual.

I’ve never been like that before…

If it was a symptom of a disease, it had to be fixed quickly.

“Usually, problems with the heart can cause chest pain. Or it can be inflamed between the central bone and the ribs, causing a stabbing pain with every movement.”

Cesare’s expression became serious at the doctor’s explanation. Seeing his hardened face, the doctor hurriedly changed his words.

“Bu-but the Duke is still young, you spend a lot of time outside and in good health, so it’s probably not the reason!”

“Then why?”

“It may have been caused by psychological factors. It appears when stress builds up and becomes overloaded.”


Because of stress If so, that makes sense. From the moment he brought that slave, Gabriel, to this mansion, he had been on a high alert day by day.

Again, the culprit behind all these incidents is Gabriel.

“If you remove the source of your stress, you will feel much better. And it’s important to keep your mind at ease and take it easy on a regular basis.”

“I get it. Let’s just go out.”


The doctor left the room for fear that Cesare would ask again.

Cesare, who was left alone, vowed.

He said that Gabriel should be go to the Imperial Castle as soon as possible.




Gabriel’s aide came to visit him. The truth is, only when Daphne was on Gabriel’s side, he was kicked out and then returned.

Gabriel didn’t like having an aide when Daphne was with him.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m okay.”

Gabriel noticed that the door was closed and got up. Watching him get up and sit comfortably in the chair, the aide widened his eyes.

Gabriel rolled his eyes at the aide.

“Sit down.”

“Yes, His Majesty the Crown Prince.”

The aide sat down.

“Report the things I need to know.”

“The Duke of Burstoad voluntarily sent the former butler to the Imperial Castle. He will arrive soon, so I think we will get a call from the Imperial Palace.”

That bastard.

Gabriel clicked his tongue. It would have been nice if he had finished them together, but Cesare leave the butler alone.


“The movement of the aristocratic faction is unusual. I think they are going to do something again soon. I’m afraid you’d better go home early….”

Gabriel sighed.

None of the circumstances help. When Gabriel is absent, the aristocratic faction forces rise again.

They wanted to make another emperor, not Gabriel, the only remaining Prince. They want to set up a scarecrow as a concession for the imperial family.

Gabriel clenched his teeth.

“I get it for now. Before that, there’s something I need you to do.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“I will tell the Emperor that the culprit of this hunting ground arson is the Duke of Burstoad. Write a brief report.”

His aide made a surprised face. Because he knew who caused the fire.

But Gabriel was trying to put it all on Cesare.

“The Duke of Burstoad must be brought to trial.”

“… It would be hard to punish without proper evidence. And if he is found innocent, Your Highness can be in trouble…”

“That is a matter for later.”

Now it was important to give Daphne a chance to escape.

The assistant nodded. Since it was Gabriel’s order, he thought there must be an important reason.

“I will do that.”

Gabriel opened his lips.

“… And get ready to go up.”

Leaving behind Cesare and Daphne again was really reluctant, but it had to be done.

Gabriel sighed once more in disappointment.

He will soon be able to see Daphne in the ecliptic though. All of the Burstoad will come up to the ecliptic.




Gabriel returned to the Imperial Palace faster than expected. His body seemed to have recovered quickly.

It’s all thanks to my hard work. Don’t ever forgets.

“Daphne. You have to be well until we meet again.”

Gabriel said with a sad face. It seemed like he had a lot of affection for me.

It was the fruit of my efforts.

“Gabriel should do well too. Don’t ever get hurt.”

Gabriel nodded. Cesare was also present to see Gabriel off, but the two did not say anything other than a formal greeting.

Gabriel glanced at Cesare and got into the carriage.

It seemed that Cesare was left with regret for not taking care of Gabriel.

I’m happy for you, my child.

I waved vigorously at Gabriel’s carriage leaving.

Let’s not see for a while! Please start a new love for you too!

I thought it would be lukewarm, but it was refreshing to leave like this. My sorry heart could not overcome the refreshing feeling.

After I finished seeing Gabriel off, I quickly turned around. I wanted to enjoy things with Cesare that I couldn’t enjoy before.

“Cesare, shall we go on a date today?”


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