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Cesare called me in a low voice. As if he hadn’t gotten used to it at all, it was just awkward.

“The auction will start soon.”

“Ah, let’s go!”

I grabbed Cesare’s hand and moved quickly. Expectations were high as to what you might get today at the auction house.

Is there anything better than soju?

A hum came out from my mouth.




The Emperor pressed his throbbing head firmly. Duke Burstoad sent his former butler, saying that he was the culprit for hurting the Crown Prince.

There was nothing lacking in the report that was sent with him, so there was not even the slightest hint of suspicion about the Duke Burstoad.

The emperor stared at the kneeling man with cold eyes.

“What on earth were you thinking of harming the Crown Prince?”

“That that… just….”

The man shook his head. Judging by such a foolish appearance, it was difficult to see him as a hired butler.

“Well, I need money…. therefore… to borrow…”

The man stuttered and spoke. And that was consistent with the report sent by Cesare.

Gabriel was resentful for saying that he would not lend the money.

He told me before that Gabriel had worked as a servant in the Duke’s mansion. It seems that he had low expectations based on the relationship at that time.

The Emperor had a tired face.

He was already full of things to be concerned about, but he didn’t want to even care about a man like that, so the Emperor waved his hand.

“Kill him. He was the one who harmed the Crown Prince, so he deserves to die.”

“Pl-please save me!”

The Emperor shook his head. It means get rid of it quickly.

The knights dragged the man out.

The Emperor pushed the papers sent by Cesare to one side and asked the servants.

“Gabriel left?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Okay, that’s a relief. I don’t know what he’s thinking these days. What did he say when he went to Burst Road?”



The Emperor clicked his tongue in displeasure. However, if Gabriel doesn’t show his heart, how will other people know?

Recalling Gabriel, the Emperor made a complicated face.

Is there any Prince who has lived an eccentric life like Gabriel?

It occurred to me that Gabriel’s biological mother was kicked out in the past, because she’s from commoners.

The Emperor didn’t know, but at the time she was pregnant with Gabriel. Thanks to her, it didn’t take so long until the Emperor found out about Gabriel’s existence.

It is too late to regret it now.

But it would be better to turn something that can be turned.

I wanted to give Gabriel what he wanted as much as possible. If only a little bit of Gabriel’s wounds could be covered by that.

A sincere apology.

He couldn’t even think of such a thing. That was the Emperor’s way.

No one could have foreseen what the Emperor’s decision would have in the future.




As the maids said, everything came up at the auction. I got some gems from the auction.


‘That’s pretty… It’ll be pretty if I wear that purple dress, right?’


If I say this, Cesare would have bought all of them.

Oh my god… Who doesn’t like shiny things?

And all of this could be turned into money later.

Originally, precious metals were supposed to be stored at home. To sell in case of emergency.

And with a trembling heart, I lightly tapped the table. I wondered what the next item would be.

This is a world without magic… magic tools?

“Honey. What do you think will come next?”

“I don’t know either. What’s on the auction changes every time. No one can know in advance.”

He’s good at marketing.

People will have no choice but to attend, because they are curious about what will come out.

It seemed that people with a lot of money came. I thought there might be someone I know somewhere.

After a while, the presenter came back up on the stage.

“This time, we’ve brought something more interesting than you’d expect. Come on, it will be here soon!”

The man clapped his hand, and the little boy pushed the tray out. The man lifted what was lying on the tray.

“It’s a music box with songs! It’s a weird thing. No one knows how it works. I don’t even know what song it’s playing.”

I slipped while I was holding my chin. What the man brought with him was an MP3 player.

To see things that have disappeared as relics of old times here. Does that work here? Is it charging?

Why the hell is that here…

The presenter played the MP3. Then a brilliant song began to play from the machine.


-East Sea water and… Baekdu Mountain… Let it dry and wear out… 

(South Korea’s National Anthem)


… Oh god, Are you listening to that song here?


I called Cesare in a suffocating voice.

“I want to have that thing, Really.”

And the person who sold that thing was supposed to find out.

I had a feeling that I would be able to find out the secret of my coming here and Daphne’s whereabouts.

Cesare took the item without answering.

I have a diamond spoon.

I fiddled with the MP3 with my hands. Are there no other songs? Speaker mode seems to be working, but…. Any other songs?

Looking through the playlist, there seemed to be no other songs.

“Honey. Can you find the person who sold this item? I wonder if there are any more amazing things like this.”

“Huh… If you wish.”

Cesare beckoned to the back.

Of course, we weren’t the only ones here. There were people who were secretly hiding and escorting us.

Cesare gave the order in a low voice to the escort knight.

He shook his head and disappeared.

My heart was pounding.

“You look happy. Do you like it that much?”

“Yes. A strange song is coming out! What do you think about it?”

“… I feel something reverent. I don’t know what language it is, but it seems to be patriotic.”

Yeah, that’s right. this is the national anthem

A roar of laughter erupted.

Soju and the MP3 player appeared as if reminding me of things I had forgotten. And a mysterious existence that sells these things.

I wondered what secrets I would learn from these.

And the whereabouts of the real Daphne.




The person who sold the MP3 was not easily caught. Still, Cesare promised to find and bring him.

Will he like what I like? Anyway, what they couldn’t find today, I should enjoy romance.

I smiled and went down to the kitchen. Soju was kept in a cool place to suit my taste.

“Chef. Can you cook for me?”

“Yes, Duchess!”


It was only fish cake soup that could be made with the ingredients available here. It seemed like it could be implemented similarly if the fish balls eaten here were floated and seasoned roughly.

And when I was ready, Cesare came to the dining room. Cesare wiggled his eyebrows as he saw the simple food.

“What is this?”

“I prepared it with the chef’s help. I think something like this would go well with this drink!”

Cesare was relieved and sat down.

“Did you prepare it yourself? for me?”

“yes! I wanted to eat it with you.”

“Not for Gabriel, but for me…”

Oh, was that the point?

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever prepared food for Cesare before.

I was indifferent. I have to reflect on myself.

Holding a soju bottle in my hand for the first time in a long time, I felt alive. I swung the bottle around and tapped it with my elbow.

“What are you doing now?”

Cesare asked after looking at my flashy wrist snap.

“He told me to shake it before drinking.”



Roughly turn it around like that and turn the lid off. A pungent smell filled my nostrils. I quickly filled two small glasses.

“Come on, Cesare.”

Cesare stared at the glass with a suspicious look. I drank alcohol as seen by Cesare.


It’s been such a long time.

Then I quickly put the meatball in my mouth. I was excited by the smell of alcohol spreading along with the spiciness.

“Cesare, hurry up!”

Cesare drank with me. He frowned and put the meatball into his mouth.

“… Cough.”


Cesare continued to cough as his face turned red.

What? Are you choking?

“Ugh… Am I the first one you feed?”

Ah…. was that point? I think I’ve fed Gabriel before…

However, since I am a sensible person, it was clear what kind of answer I should give now.

“Yes, Cesare! Who am I going to feed?”

Cesare laughed shyly.

Hah. You really set my heart on fire, you. Ugh. Let’s drink today!

I poured the alcohol with excitement.

I and Cesare drank to our heart’s content, talking incessantly.

Fortunately, it seems that Cesare’s taste was also suitable. Somehow, out of the 5 bottles I bought, I managed to open 4 bottles.

But I forgot. The powerful hangover this alcohol brings.


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