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I wrapped my raging hair and curled my body. My head feels like it’s going to break

How many bottles did I drink yesterday?

“Water, water….”

I couldn’t even open my eyes and fumbled for water. It looks like my head is spinning. Fortunately, my stomach wasn’t very upset.

As I fumbled around looking for water by the bedside, I caught something soft in my hand. I was satisfied with the feeling of being nice and being held. It wasn soft just like rice cake.



Can there be anything like that on the bed?

I opened my eyes brightly. At the same time, I covered my mouth at the sight unfolding before my eyes


Cesare, with his upper body undressed, lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

He made a small noise as if he had woken up a bit by the noise, but then fell asleep again.

I swallowed dry saliva as I looked at Cesare’s sleepy figure.

How the hell did this happen? Did we had a big event yesterday?

I don’t remember last night. How could you forget such an important fact, Daphne! I should have remembered every minute and every second!

Alcohol is my enemy.

At that moment, Cesare rummaged around and changed his posture. His hard stone chest appeared before her eyes.

A thick white bed linen, dropped down, barely slid over his long bones.

My eyes lit up.

Oh my gosh.

If I had to choose the most beautiful of God’s creations, it would be Cesare Burstoad.

Perfectly sculpted muscles without a single fat, healthy-looking skin color, and a handsome face that sublimates all these advantages into art.

… Is it bare skin under that blanket?

I had an insidious curiosity.

No, this is not insidious. We’re a married couple. It doesn’t matter if it’s a couple.

Even if I don’t remember last night, wouldn’t it be enough to build history from now on?

My saliva fell over, and strength entered the hand holding the blanket. It was then.


“Uh…? Uh, nosebleed.”

Perhaps because I saw something too intense in the morning, nosebleeds suddenly started flowing from my nose. Embarrassed, I covered my nose with my hand.

I looked for toilet paper, but there was no such thing. A few drops of blood had already fallen on the blanket.

Meanwhile, the nosebleed seemed to be flowing more and more heavily. Countless times, I pulled the blanket and covered my nose.

And at that moment, Cesare woke up.

“… Daphne?”

Oh God. How could you give Cesare a handsome face and a slaying body, plus a cavernous voice?

Just hearing his voice, who had just woken up, made me shiver.

In an instant, I married Cesare, had three children, raised them well, formed a good mate, and then came to imagine his old age in a picturesque mansion.

Oh right. We married already. Hmmm, anyway, Cesare is guilty.

“Are you awake, Cesare?”

“Why are you covering your face?”

Seeing me covering my nose with a blanket, Cesare asked.

Well, actually, seeing you sleeping, I got so hot that I suddenly had a nosebleed. I am too embarrassed to say this in person.

just rolled around

“It’s morning… There’s eye boogers.”

“Isn’t it like that in the morning?”

“Can’t you think of it as a wife’s heart that only wants to show her husband a pretty side?”

Are you still curious about it?

But Cesare’s indifference was not the kind of thing I could control.

“We are a married couple, but I don’t think there is a need for that.”

Cesare said as he brushed away his flowing hair.

At that moment, the sexiness emanating from Cesare surpassed my threshold.


The nosebleed, which seemed to have stopped for a moment, exploded again like a fountain.

Cesare exclaimed in amazement.

“Daphne?! Where you sick?”

“Hey! Cesare! If you move now!”

If you move, you can see naked underneath…! Hey, I have to keep my eyes wide open.


Unfortunately, however, Cesare was wearing his bottoms. For a moment, her pulse slipped and her shoulders drooped as Cesare hurriedly grabbed my chin and lifted my face.

“Suddenly… Nosebleed?”

“Haha. yes….”

Cesare, who grabbed my chin and looked around my face, made an impression. He covered my nose with a white blanket. He tapped his arm with his hand.

“Ugh. Breath, I can’t breathe.”

“Relax with your mouth. Why didn’t you wake me up when you had a nosebleed so badly?”

“It just exploded….”

And that means you exploded because of my sexy husband.

Thanks to the strong Cesare, the nosebleeds that flowed uncontrollably whether the nose was properly compressed or not, finally stopped.

Cesare sighed and threw the bloody duvet to the floor.

“Ha… It’s been noisy since morning.”

“Did I wake you up? Sorry.”

“It is time to wake up. There is no need to be sorry.”

Cesare, who had grabbed his neck and shook his head as if stretching, glanced at me.

“… It looks like you haven’t slept well lately, haven’t you?”


Cesare clicked his tongue in displeasure.

“That’s why you’re bleeding from your nose… It’s because you are taking care of the Crown Prince.”


I could feel my face turning red because of the naive misunderstanding.

Actually, I was looking forward to it…!

I couldn’t say it because of the ugliness I had committed.

“That… I guess I did.”

“It would be better not to do anything unnecessary in the future. You can leave that to me or someone else.”

Hahaha. Let’s just agree with it…

Haha, I’m going to die.




After a commotion in the bedroom, the maid, who came to clean the bedroom where the master couple had left, picked up the blanket that had fallen on the floor.

“Oh my goodness.”

A reddish blush appeared on the maid’s face. Traces like red petals remained on the pure white duvet.

It wasn’t their first night together. At some point, however, it was true that the relationship between the couple was bleak.

Especially since Gabriel, who is now Crown Prince, first came to this mansion, there was no relationship between the two masters to produce an heir.

It seems just yesterday that the old maids were having an adult conversation with the meddling that young people should not say anything, and the price would be cut off.

What’s the point of having red blood on the bed like this? No one’s hurt!

Whether it was all a rain, this hope was born.

“This is not the time.”

Now, let people know about this celebration. The joy of the owner couple is the joy of the servants.

The footsteps of the maid, who hurriedly cleaned the room and left, were as light and cheerful as a feather.




That afternoon.

Cesare, who was sitting at his desk in the office, frowned and gently rubbed his wrinkled forehead with his fingertips.

“My body is not in good shape.”

It was the price of drinking too much last night.

How the hell did I end up drinking like this?

Cesare recalled last night.

First of all, it started in the dining room.


‘Come on, Cheers- Let’s cheers, Cesare.’


Daphne looked very excited last night. Has Daphne ever been so excited, I can imagine. And the reason was because of the alcohol she bought from Kazakhstan.

She has been wanting to drink it since she saw it. Was this Daphne’s favorite drink?

However, since it is a brewery, even Cesare, an expert on alcohol, has never seen it before.

In fact, alcohol itself was not to Cesare’s taste. Soju was very crude and simple to his taste, who has always enjoyed only high-quality Western liquor.

However, Daphne liked it and put this and that in my mouth and acted cute, so I took it as I felt bad.

First of all, four of the five bottles of alcohol she bought at the market disappeared.

When Cesare told to drink the other bottle, Daphne hugged the bottle tightly and shouted.


‘No! This is mine!’

‘You can drink it all, but….’

‘It’s the only way I can get home… Cesare doesn’t know anything…’


Go back? Where?

It felt as if the feeling that had risen for a moment was thrown into the mud in an instant.

Daphne’s house is here. There is no place for Daphne, his wife, to stay except for the Duchy of Burstoad.

In Daphne’s home, Count Peliar…  Daphne could not be accepted. And it was unlikely that Daphne would return to Count Peliar either.

For Daphne, there was really only the Burstoad family.

But Daphne spoke as if her home wasn’t here, as if she was going somewhere.

If it’s not by his side, but wherever she wants to go…

‘Maybe Gabriel?’

The doubts that had been quelled have rekindled.

Come to think of it, Daphne insisted on taking care of Gabriel until the end, even though he said there was no need for it.

Even though her husband is still there by her side like this.




‘Why don’t you go upstairs and drink some more.’



Cesare decided to use the drinking power to find out Daphne’s true intentions.


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