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She insisted that the remaining bottle should never be used, so he brought the best liquor produced by the Duke of Burstoad. In an instant, a new prize was set up and the second round continued.

And that was the problem.

Neither Cesare nor Daphne herself knew, the fact, that Daphne was very talkative.

Even if she can’t remember the next day, she was the type of person who drank all the time at the party. She even had a cute drinking habit.


‘Cesare. my husband poured me a drink.’


Daphne smiled mischievously and held out her glass. At some point, Daphne’s words had been halved.

Cesare has always led a life of conquest. Doesn’t the wide hunting ground represent his personality? He didn’t even have the temper to bow his head to anyone in the first place.

But seeing Daphne talking to him comfortably, he thought that if it were Daphne, it would be okay. The taste buds are running out… It was the moment when dangerous tastes opened their eyes.

Cesare politely poured the drink into her glass.


‘Oh, why do you only pour this much? Is this all you love about me? You’re so mean.’


It was flustered. What was it?

She was about to cry, so I hurriedly poured a glass full of alcohol. I poured it in because I thought it would be better than not enough.

Then Daphne got angry.



‘… Why?’

‘How can you spill alcohol? Is this alcohol that just comes out? It’s all alcohol made from grain made by farmers with blood and sweat.’


Then, all of a sudden, she was muttering, ‘I’m sorry, Tree, I’m sorry, Earth.’

Daphne, who had been muttering for a while, turned her head towards Cesare as if she had suddenly remembered it, and suddenly began to scold Cesare.


‘Cesare! Are you going to reflect on yourself or not? Are you going to be a regretful male lead? Why don’t you say it to the Earth?’

Regretful male lead? What is that?

However, Daphne’s force was too strong to raise questions, so Cesare apologized first.



‘Sheesh. Apologizing is good.’

‘Next time, I’ll follow you exactly.’

‘Yes. Yes it should be. Hey, have a cup too Cesare. I’ll pour it for you.’


Fortunately, she seemed to have recovered.

Daphne, who had been drinking happily for a while…


‘Oh, I’m sleepy.’


In the end, she could not overcome her drowsiness, so she collapsed and fell asleep. I never asked anything about Gabriel!

Even by her side, three bottles of liquor that she drank with Cesare were on display, fiercely dead.

Cesare was also overdrinking, so he gave up everything.

He picked up Daphne who had fallen and went to Daphne’s room and laid her down on the bed.

I should have gone back to my room now, but…

It was too far to go back.

And there’s a bed right next to him, so do I have to go back? After all, Daphne and I are married, right?

After the rationalization process, Cesare took off his clothes, as usual in his habit. He was about to throw his pants off, but he thought that this was not his room, so he left it. Then he went into Daphne bed, where she slept soundly.

It feels warm when there is another person in the spacious bed.

Cesare gently brushed the hair on Daphne’s face back.

Eyes, nose, and mouth are densely packed into a small face. I thought it was a pretty good looking face.

After watching Daphne’s sleeping face for a while, Cesare also went to sleep.

It was a deep sleep after a long time.

and the next morning.

Daphne was bleeding from her nose as if she couldn’t remember anything from last night.

You don’t know how surprised he was to see blood in the morning. Cesare decided to call the doctor as soon as possible, even for Daphne.

“Master. Are you okay?”

At Cesare’s rare weakness, Joseph expressed concern.

“Here is the honey water prepared by the maid. Would you like to eat?”

“Leave it there. I’ll drink it later.”

“How much alcohol did you drink to have such a bad hangover?”

Joseph lightly beat Cesare. He waved his hand as if Cesare didn’t want to answer.

Joseph shook his head and set the glass of honey water on Cesare’s desk.

“Thank you for your hard work, though.”


“As expected, I thought the Duke would do it.”

It was a greeting given after hearing that a blood-stained blanket came out of the Duchess’s room, but unfortunately, Cesare did not know that.


Even today, misunderstandings and misunderstandings surrounding the mansion were accumulating smoothly.




-East Sea water and… Baekdu Mountain… Let it dry and worn out… 


Old-fashioned MP3s turned on and off. I played the song again.


-East Sea water and… Baekdu Mountain… Let it dry and worn out… 



“Yes…. Cherry this isn’t weird. It’s called the national anthem.”

I hugged the vigilant cherry and laid down on the bed. The national anthem, the only song on the MP3, was played quickly.


Soju and even MP3s with the national anthem.

The merchant who sold the goods said that he did not know because it was bought from a wandering merchant. Neither age nor gender is known.

“Are there any other processors besides me?”

But again, there was no evidence to confirm. Because only things came to pass, and it may have been picked up by someone and wandered around the world.

“Hah… It’s difficult, Cherry.”


“I think it would be nice if there were other Koreans.”

It was a past life that couldn’t be said to be memorable, but I still had a nostalgia for the country I lived in.

I miss the spicy kimchi stew, and I often remember popular songs I used to listen to.

And above all, it was the most lonely that I had no one to share my past experiences with.

I couldn’t bring up the things I knew about it, blindly telling Cesare that I was actually a person from a place called Korea outside of the novel, but there are no such things in the neighborhood.

No matter how much Cesare has fallen for me, at that moment, he may be wondering if I have gone crazy.

“In the end, I think we will have to wait until Cesare asks us questions.”

I lay on the back of the bed.

Yeah, I’ll wait. Gabriel must have gone back to the castle. It’s time to stay!

I made up my mind like that, but I still have lingering feelings.

I was fiddling with the MP3 to see if there were any hints left, and I discovered that the MP3 has a recording function.

When I clicked the convex button, the recording function really started.


I could see my bewildered voice being recorded on the screen. I was thinking of just dragging it, but suddenly I wanted to play a prank.

Loudly, I cleared my voice and spoke in a voice like an oriole.

“Cesare, idiot, idiot, dog, sea anemone.”

Oh, it’s so relaxing and refreshing

I decided to say a little more.

I decided to say a little more.

“A fool who doesn’t even know his own heart. Really stupid, you idiot. You like me, don’t you? Your face turns red every time, so that’s what I like.”

Of course, that was the Cesare setting in the novel, but it was a bit frustrating as I was going through it myself.

Whew, Cherry whined as I sighed.

“Yeah, Cherry. Mom is fine.”

No. It’s really not okay. I’m a little anxious. Perhaps, perhaps, I am following the footsteps of Daphne in the original work.

Cesare, who I thought liked me, actually still has a heart for Gabriel, so I fear that I will be abandoned like Daphne in the original.

Just imagining that moment brings tears to my eyes. I sniffled.

“When are you going to tell me you like me?”

I definitely want to hear it from Cesare. So I want to be assured that I will not die, that this is where I will be staying.


Recording ended. Somehow, I felt better. Should I tell Shannet to bring me some cake?

First of all, delete the recording first…


As I was looking at the recording, I jumped up from my seat in surprise.


Surprised, Cherry got down on my bed and ran away. She couldn’t even look at Cherry and stared at the MP3.

There were four recorded files. There was obviously only one voice I recorded.

Could it be that this is a clue left by someone who, like me, possessed this novel?

Grabbing my pounding heart, I looked around. Fortunately, everyone was busy and no one was in the room.


Swallowing the tension, I played the first recording.


-… j, jig….…


Only strange mechanical sounds were heard. It seems like it wasn’t recorded properly. I gave up and played the next recording.




There is no sound.

What, is this a joke?

The fourth recording was recorded by me. I played the third recording without high expectations.

-… Lost… The impersonation…. There….



Eureka! This is real! I raised the sound a little bit and brought my ears closer to the MP3. Little by little the sound was heard.


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