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-… Hit… Decided to do so I… 


Maybe it wasn’t recorded properly, but more than half of the recording was a muffled mechanical sound…

“Really… There were other processors besides me.”

Oh, my God. I’m so touched. I wasn’t alone. By the way, the gender of the voice seems to be male.

A man is possessed by a R-19 BL novel?


Please don’t let that person’s sexual identity collide with the setting of this novel.




At that time, in a Coastal village quite far from the Burstoad territory, a man was looking for a boat to cross the sea.


The man sniffled. The salty sea breeze tickled his nose.

Originally, men did not like the sea. He tends to get seasick, so he hates ships. But this time he had to cross the border south.


‘I want to eat Rakasara candy.’

‘Raka… what?’

‘Rakasara candy. It’s a candy sold only on a vacation island in the south of the island, and I liked it when I was kid.’

‘So you’re asking me to buy it now?’

‘You know I can’t go. Please.’



The man sighed and shook his head. He has to go down there to get just one candy. It’s a business that loses a loss-making business.

In my mind, I want to get it through other merchants as a proxy, but it said that the candy is a luxury item sold only to nobles.

It was not only impossible to get ordinary merchants, but it was unclear whether they would return to their own hands.

So, in the end, I went down to buy it myself.

“Hello. Could this ship go to Rakasara?”

“Look. This is a fishing boat, not a cruise ship.”

“Oh, is it? So where can I board the cruise?”

“All ships this month must be over.”

The man put on a disappointed expression. The fisherman who was clearing the net clicked his tongue.

“Although Rakasara is a resort, it is not an island that you can enter at any time. Did you come down without knowing that?”

How would I know that! I never thought I’d run an errand like this.

“Then what should I do?”

“You will have to wait until the next ship arrives. It will be back in a month.”

It’s a month. A month takes too long. When the man’s face darkened, the fisherman asked.

“Is there something urgent?”

“That is…. Well, I’d say so. One month is too long.”


The fisherman, who had been counting for a while, suggested to the man.

“I’ll take you to the island.”

“Is that true!”

“Instead, if you show some sincerity.”

“Ah, of course, I have to do it.”

The fisherman shook his head as the man smiled like a fool.

“Somehow, I feel like you’re living with a lot of scams.”

“Hmm. Since then, I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying that.”

“I see.”

“Haha. thank you.”

“It’s not a compliment. Get in. If you want to go, you have to go now.”

The man jumped on the fisherman’s fishing boat.

He hope that he can find Rakasara candy at once.




As soon as Gabriel arrived in the capital, he was called by the emperor.

What a quick-tempered person, Gabriel thought so alone.

“Come in, Your Majesty the Crown Prince.”

The knight who was guarding the Emperor’s room opened the door. Upon entering the room, Gabriel’s eyes caught the image of the Emperor frowned.


“His Majesty the Emperor. I’m back.”

“Didn’t I tell you to call me Father, not His Majesty?”

“… Father.”

It is an expression that he’s not used to, no matter how many times he puts it in his mouth. Gabriel bowed his head, feeling as if there were grains of sand left in his mouth.


Maybe it’s because it’s been a long time. The Emperor sighed. However, if he wants to become a future Emperor as a Crown Prince, he must also have audacity…

The worries in the Emperor’s mind increased.

“Right, Gabriel. Let’s talk about why you go all the way down to the Duchy of Burstoad? Didn’t I tell you that you have a lot of work to do?”

The Emperor gave Gabriel a slight warning.

Gabriel was the bloodline of the Emperor who suddenly appeared. However, there were many nobles who did not recognize him.

If you want to convince them and make them on your side, even if you live busy day by day…

Despite the Emperor’s rebuke, Gabriel had a calm expression on his face. Gabriel motioned to his assistant standing behind him.

“Father, See this first.”

“… A report?”

Upon receiving the report from Gabriel’s assistant, the Emperor tilted his head. However, his eyes widened when he saw the contents.

“Gabriel. Was this true?”

“Yes, father. It was for this investigation that I went all the way down to Burstoad. According to my sources who remain there, the Duke of Burstoad has been roaming the hunting grounds and preparing for a while.”


The Emperor made a sound of dismay. Above his fluttering report was written the following words:


[It is believed that the Duke of Burstoad artificially set fire to the hunting ground with the goal of assassination of the Royal Family.]


The hunting grounds that existed in the Duchy of Burstoad were frequently used by the royal family and nobles. And during the festival period of Burstoad, there were a lot of people visiting there.

If this report is true, it is a grave felony that not only deprives him of territories and status, but also risks his life.

“Father. How did you punish the butler?”

“He is the one who dared to hurt you. I’m going to make it work soon. He’s now locked up in a dungeon.”

The Emperor’s eyebrows rose.

“It was the Duke’s right hand when I realized that I was investigating the scheming scheme of the Duchy of Burstrod.”


“Father. We must bring the Duke of Burstoad to the capital and bring him to trial. This is a felony that cannot be overlooked.”

Gabriel stood up and insisted.

However, the Emperor had one question left.

He was not a person who could rebuke even if he was blocked and frustrated, he was not a person worthy of rebellion. As much as he wanted someone not to touch me, he didn’t touch others either.

But he dreams to assassination the royal family…? What are you hoping for?

After Gabriel, who had disappeared, appeared in person before the Emperor, the Emperor looked into Gabriel’s whereabouts.

And he learned that Gabriel had been a servant in the mansion of Cesare Burstoad for several months.

And that at that time, Gabriel became fond of a woman.

It was a story that could be recognized quickly even if only one servant was planted in the mansion. It must have been that famous.

‘Do you want her?’

A kind of sympathy fell on the Emperor’s face. Or it was empathy.

Because he too had the experience of ruthlessly expelling the woman he once loved, and the experience of deeply regretting it, he could not devalue Gabriel’s love as just a childish feeling.

Maybe it’s a reparation for the rights he hasn’t given Gabriel so far.

On the other hand, with regards to the Duke of Burstoad, the remorse suddenly raised his head.

After all, isn’t it the sound of the Duke putting his son in danger because of one woman?

The truth is something to be explored, but if it is true, then the Emperor’s wrath will be unavoidable.

The Emperor gritted his teeth.

“The Prince is right. However, it is not an easy law to open a trial. We must first obtain the consent of the nobility of the council.”

In fact, with the authority of the Emperor, he could be brought to trial right away. However, the Emperor saw this as an opportunity for Gabriel to grow.

The council is a group of elder nobles. Convincing them and building authority in the process. The whole process will give Gabriel strength to become Emperor.

At the same time, the Duke of Burstoad, who is as stiff as the other side, is also trained with great effort.

“Since it was your initiative, you have to take the lead. Gabriel, can you do it?”

“If Your Majesty entrusts it to me, I will do my best to make it happen.”

There was nothing he couldn’t do for Daphne. He will surely set Daphne free from Cesare.

Gabriel made a firm determination and vowed to make the work successful.




Cesare Burstoad.

As the Duke of the Empire who ruled the vast Duchy of Burstoad, he had nothing to fear in the world.

Everyone in the Duchy respects him, and not even the Emperor interferes much with the Duke’s actions.

This was the Imperial respect for the Duke of Burstoad, the founding contributor of the empire and the historic Duke.

After receiving the commission, he started to stab me little by little, but it’s not that much to worry about.

But if there’s one scary thing that’s happened recently…


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