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Chapter 47


“Yes. We still haven’t gotten any information about that wandering merchant.”

“I’m sorry, sir.”


I wondered if Daphne would be disappointed in him.

Disappointment was something I had never been aware of until now. As such, he was an ignorant person in emotional terms.

However, things have changed a bit since the existence of Gabriel.

He began to pay attention to every move and became more careful with his movements.

It looked like it was creeping in fear of being surprised by a little rabbit that had been spotted as a prey.

If Gabriel had been just a slave, he wouldn’t have cared so much.

But now, Gabriel is the most valuable Crown Prince in the Empire. And he’s aiming for Daphne.

If Gabriel grants Daphne’s wish, If Daphne’s heart were to be moved…


The report in Cesare’s grasp was brutally crumpled.

Joseph bent down and bowed his head.

“I’ll fasten the search as much as I can.”

“You must find out. It’s important.”


Joseph thought. The merchant may be the one who will seriously harm the business of Cesare and the Duchess of Burstoad.

The reality was that Daphne had only asked to find him.

At first, things seemed to pass.



A knock was heard and the butler appeared with a serious face.

The butler bowed to Cesare and said,

“A guest has visited.”

“I am busy today, so please guide the guest to visit again next time.”

“It’s a… messenger from the Imperial Palace.”

Cesare jumped to his feet.

Could it be that Gabriel came down again?

“He has brought the Emperor’s decree. I think the Duke should check it out himself.”

Unpleasant news caused frowned on Cesare’s face.



I muttered as I looked at the mottled windows of the mansion.

“I think the windows are somehow dirty…”

“Does madam think so too?”

“Yes, exactly. I guess it’s because no one has cleaned it for a few days.”

It seems that the former butler, Albert, did a good job despite his phobia of heights.

The windows of the mansion, which were satisfactory because of the glittering light, quickly seem to have become dirty

It felt pretty good to see them twinkling in the sunlight.

“I guess I should hire someone to clean the windows of the mansion.”

“Good idea, madam.”

“It would be a good to post an announcement in a local newspaper. But will a lot of people apply for it?”

“Since the pay is high, there will be a lot of people who want to do it. There are a lot of young people these days who can’t find a job.”

In fact, even when Albert was working, he paid all of his basic salary and risk allowance.

Even so, Albert, who couldn’t come to his senses and eventually pushed Gabriel down the stairs, was really… If it was great, you should have been satisfied.

“Is the former butler dead?”

“I guess….”

Shannet agreed with a sad face. As he has worked with me for a long time, I can’t just hate him.

In fact, most of the servants had the same mind as Shannet.

Perhaps cutting off one finger and kicking him out would have been a happy ending for Albert as well.

It’s like cutting off his neck while trying to avoid cutting his fingers…

‘No, no. It’s not my fault either.’

I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts.

“More than that, isn’t it a little chaotic today?”

“It looked like a guest came in the morning.”

“Really? What happened all of a sudden…”

My question came to light sooner than expected. Cesare came to me while I was taking a walk in the garden.

I smiled and greeted Cesare.

“Cesare, what’s going on?”

“I think I’ll have to go up to the capital in the near future, Daphne.”


“A decree has arrived from the emperor.”


[Duke Burstoad, come to the capital right now.]


A bitter wind was blowing over the peaceful Duchy of Burstoad.




“The capital?”

The teacup in my hand shook and a little water flowed out. I asked Cesare again, hiding my trembling hands.


“I don’t know. It’s just the Emperor’s order to come up within a week.”


“So I guess you will have to be alone for a while. There’s nothing else you should care about. I’ll leave it to the butler, so you don’t have to worry.”

Cesare said it favorably, but that wasn’t the part I was worried about.

‘This is the same as the content of the original novel in season 2.’

Cesare, who ascended to the capital at the Emperor’s call, meets Gabriel, whom he had forgotten. And at that point, he learns for the first time that Gabriel is the Crown Prince.

Of course, this was different from the original story as Gabriel himself came down to the Burstoad, but…

Anyway, the important point is that when Cesare goes up to the capital and meets Gabriel, the bitter love and war between the two of them begins once again.

Is it something called the original power?

I felt an ominous feeling and trembled slightly.

“I will be back as soon as possible, but I think it could take up to a month. If you need anything, tell the butler and the maid….”

“Cesare. I will go with you.”

Cesare had a surprised expression on his face as I spoke out of nowhere. But I couldn’t give way to this point either.

I can’t just leave Cesare and Gabriel alone.

If there is such a thing as original power, just sticking two people together may set their eyes on fire and love may sprout.

Then I’ll be abandoned.

‘Even so, it wouldn’t matter if she quietly left after the divorce, only taking alimony….’

On the other hand, like Daphne in the original story, I thought that I might end up begging for love like a fool, and I might end up with a tragic end.

“I will go too. He didn’t say we couldn’t go up together.”

“It would take quite a bit of effort to get to the capital. And you can go and get swept here and there.”

The Duke of Burstoad resembled the Duchess’s nature, and the social world was also like a mild greenhouse, but the capital was wild itself.

“It’s alright. There’s Cesare with me.”

I quietly folded my arms and whispered.

“Huh? It’s okay, right? honey.”


Chezare gave a dry cough. He said, turning red in his ears.

“Are you still using that title?”

“It feels close and it’s good. These days, even older couples call each other Honey. But why doesn’t Cesare call me Honey?”

“It was only intended to be used in Kazakh”

“It’s even better if we call each other Honey on a regular basis!”

There’s no harm in showing off that we’re a couple this much.

Cesare asked, blushing.

“Great. Don’t tell me you’re not going to do that in the capital either.”

“I think it will depend on the circumstances.”

If anyone dares to show a covetous look for Cesare, I will tell them proudly.

That handsome, easy-going man is my honey jar, my honey.

I have no intention of losing my husband to all the idiots except for Gabriel, who is the strongest in the world!

Of course, he won’t be taken away from Gabriel either!

Cesare, who had been coughing for a long time, finally declared.

“Okay. Let’s go together.”


“However, in front of His Majesty, the title…”

“Ugh. I have that kind of insight.”

I’m so sensible, you blunt husband.

Be careful not to lose the original and fall for Gabriel!




I was informed that Daphne would come to the capital.

Gabrielle’s white face flushed beautifully. Daphne is coming. This is where he is, to the capital of Imperial city.


Gabriel tried to memorize Daphne’s name with a tender heart. The farther away I was, the more I didn’t see that pretty face, the deeper my affection and thirst for Daphne became.

At first, I didn’t think my feelings for Daphne would grow this much.

It was just that I was grateful to Daphne for being kind to me in an unfamiliar place where there was no place for me.

It was considered unacceptable to wish for more than that.

However, as he saw Daphne struggling and wanting to get away from Cesare, Gabriel’s heart also grew deeper.

I want to save that lovely person. I want to always make you smile so that you won’t be sad.

That kind of heart grew Gabriel and eventually made him come this far.

To bring up the matter of trial in a congress full of elder aristocrats.

It would never have been possible for Gabriel before. Regardless of standing in front of the nobles, he showed no faith in his position.


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