Author: Byuon

Chapter 48


He was a father who had lived his whole life without even knowing he existed. Her mother did not speak of his father until her death.

So Gabriel also lived as if he had no father.

But Gabriel was brave. For Daphne, whom he loves.

It was he who set fire to Cesare’s hunting grounds. Disguised as Cesare’s fault, he reported it to the Emperor and the elder nobles.

He knew it was the wrong thing to do, but now Gabriel couldn’t stop either.

Because his heart for Daphne has already deepened more than anyone else.

Because the wish that Daphne would be by my side grew even wildly.

The only thing that hasn’t changed in the rapidly changing environment is his feelings for Daphne.

“Daphne. Please come to me.”

If only Daphne was by my side, everything would be fine. In his anxiety, Gabriel exhorted himself like that.




After about 3 days.

A group was formed to go to the capital.

Unlike other nobles living in the capital, Cesare usually lived in his own estate.

For politics in the capital, he was usually too busy with his brewing business.

However, as the Duke of the Great Burstoad, he also had a nice mansion in the capital.

He contacted them in advance to have them prepared, so they’ll probably be busy with preparations before meeting the owner and his wife by now.

“If you think you’re going to get motion sick, tell me in advance, Daphne.”

“I’m okay.”

She replied in response to Cesare’s concerns. The scenery outside the carriage window is refreshing. She feels like her heart is being ripped open.

Don’t worry about it.

She’s actually a pro traveler. She really liked going around…. Well, did you like it? How old are these memories?

Anyway, I was excited about the first long-distance outing in this world.

“I think it’s the first time I’ve gone out this far.”

I was just saying that I was expecting that much, but Cesare’s face darkened.

I tilted my head and called Cesare.


“I’m sorry. You must have been very frustrated. You can’t go on a trip.”

What was that?

Oh my gosh. It’s so amazing that Cesare can think of all those things!

My man has changed so much!

I moved to the seat next to Cesare and patted his shoulder.

“It’s okay. You were busy.”

And actually, after possessing Daphne’s body, I was worried about when the original novel would start, so I didn’t even care about traveling.

After receiving alimony, I vaguely imagined that I would use it to go to a scenic resort and build a house and live there.

I thought it was comforting, but Cesare seemed to feel more guilty about my words.

Cesare took my hand and said.

“I will try so we can go on a trip once a month from now on.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yeah. So, think about where you want to go. Let’s go where you want to go.”

After saying that, I have nowhere to go. Occasionally I hear maids chattering, but I don’t know where I should go.

I passed the turn to Cesare.

“I don’t know, does Cesare know a nice place to go?”

“… I’ll try to find it.”

Fortunately, Cesare thought about it.

What are we going to do first?

It was a very, very useless worry. There was a lot of work to be done.




Even though it was a long trip, I never felt so tired. It’s like going on a honeymoon.

It was a different kind of fun to stop by each village and enjoy the high-end inns with Cesare.

Cesare knows much about the outside world, perhaps because he always working outside Burstoad. more than I.

In any case, I arrived at the place with a lot of breath in my nose.

Wow. Seriously, I’m biting a diamond spoon.

The townhouse was more than I had imagined. I have never seen such a huge mansion in my life.

It’s a mansion that you can only see in Europe. I could once again realize that this is a worldview based on the virtual Middle Ages.

This is the house where I live.

All the employees of the mansion came out and greeted us. There was tension on their faces as they welcomed the couple, who had been come to Capital for a long time.

The names of the two managers of the Burstoad Mansion on the mansion were Lacia Jester and Roland Embrio.

“Maid. please take good care of me from now on.”

“Rather, I would like to thank you, madam.”

That’s warm greeting.

There will be no problems like the former butler here, right? The person who still sits like a stone in his heart.

He clicked his tongue briefly.

“Daphne. Can you look around the mansion? I have things to report.”

“Sure, I’m not a little girl”

Cesare made a strange face. Then he said,

“We can have dinner together.”

Nodding my head, Cesare glanced back once, then hurriedly left.

I see you are busy. After all, he said he will be back after a long time, didn’t he?

“We ended up redecorating once again when I heard the news that you were coming. But if there is something you don’t like, please feel free to tell me, madam.”

I might not like it?

I think this is the place for a super luxurious vacation.

“I am very fine. Cherry, what about you?”


“Cherry said it’s fine too.”

“What should I prepare the meal with?”

“Good digestible food. I guess it will be better because I rode the carriage for a long time.”

“Yes, madam.”

This open garden view! And the life of an unemployed woman eating and playing!

Compared to before, I wonder if it’s heaven… This was a heaven to the extent that it was excessive.

I’ve been kind in my previous life.

If this life came as a reward for the past, I will enjoy it very happily.

After walking around in the hallway for a while, I went into the bedroom.

The bedroom is the best anywhere.

I sat on the sofa in a comfortable position.

“Madam. Several invitations have arrived on the news that you are coming. Would you like to confirm?”

“The maid has already skipped it. Bring it.”

“Yes, madam.”

I watched Cherry happily and ran through the room.

“Oh, it’s cute. oops! Do you like it?”


He licked my nose and ran to me, then ran off the road.

He has the best adaptation like me.

While looking at Cherry and feeling proud, the maid brought an invitation with a selection.

There are four invitations in my hand.

Come on, let’s see. where did they invite me.

There was an invitation card that caught my eye while I was flipping through it.

Peliard. It was an invitation from Count Peliard.



Peliard was Daphne’s father. So, it’s the mansion where Daphne’s parents live in the original story.

Because Daphne was a passing supporting role, the detailed narrative was not mentioned.

It’s just that Daphne got married by arrangement because of her father’s wishes?

And to guess one more thing… Since we haven’t had any interactions since I came here, it’s not like we’re close.

What do I do about this?

Original Daphne, give me an answer.

In fact, if it’s a normal family, I think it would be right to go and meet them….

I knew better than anyone that not all families are peaceful and happy.

I smiled involuntarily.

Why are you still thinking like this when you come here?

What do you think? This is not Korea.

The maid advised me as she noticed my hesitation.

“That… I think it would be good to go to Count Peliard.”


Ah. even though she didn’t know….

The maid answered without the slightest sense of incongruity.

“Count Peliard had registered the marriage.”

What is this again?

“… So, even if you think about a lot of things, you should go…”


Now, I think there is something I need to check before that.

The Count is Daphne’s father. No matter how much I know about Daphne, I do know that she has only one father. But if it’s a marriage registration…

A second marriage? Does that mean I have a stepmother?

“What should I do, madam?”

“… Other invitations are politely declined. It’s before my fatigue is over now.”

And I needed time to figure out the situation. It’s only a matter of time before you go to a place like that without knowing anything and become an idiot.

Ha… There is a lot of work to be done here too.

The number of aristocrats living in the Burstoard Territory was remarkably small, and the number of peers was smaller, so such social gatherings were rare.

“All right.”

“… Tell Peliaar that I’m going. Am I the only one invited?”

“Yes, madam.”

“What about Cesare?”

I opened an invitation that had not yet been opened.


[I wish you would come alone, Daphne. We have to discuss family affairs.]


“I don’t think Cesare should come.”

There seems to be something rotten.

Family affairs? That’s the worst.


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