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Cesare wiped his lips.

Daphne sent Cesare away without regrets at all.

Does it bother me so much? Maybe it’s because we’re stuck together the whole time. I was disappointed.

Cesare laughed.

I should have met a doctor before coming to the capital and heard the truth!

Obviously, I couldn’t depend on someone like this without getting sick.

Am I sad?

Cesare clicked his tongue at an unfamiliar feeling.

Besides, didn’t I feel pain in my heart throughout your trip with Daphne?

This was obviously a problem.

Cesare stopped walking with a serious face, and Joseph called.

“Your Excellency. Why?”


Joseph, who had the highest trust from Cesare, smiled.

“I think I have a strange heart disease. Bring a famous doctor in here.”


Joseph made a surprised face.

“The doctor in the Burstoad…. No, Let’s talk about it when you’re sure.”

How can he easily say that he thinks he has a heart disease? It was an issue that should not be recklessly disclosed until a proper diagnosis was made.

Especially since Cesare is a Duke. I’m not the only one who believed and followed him.

“… I’ll bring the doctor quickly.”

Cesare nodded.

“Hah…. Today, let’s start by checking urgent documents first. During your stay in the estate, you should also check the budget spent in the townhouse and the income from the capital.”

Cesare had to check what had been left only to the vassals.

In addition, it was necessary to grasp the works that were necessary or not in the territory before the emperor’s call.

He still didn’t know what the emperor’s calling meant.

Cesare turned and looked outside.

When Gabriel left, he was quite happy that he was finally separated from Daphne. But the road is getting so close…

For some reason, I had a strong foreboding that Gabriel was related to this time in matters.

It was an ominous and unpleasant feeling.

Cesare’s eyes darkened. Whatever he was thinking, he had no intention of going the way he wanted.

‘Daphne is my wife.’

She was mine that would never be taken away from anyone.




It was dinner time before I knew it. Cesare, who had not been able to show his nose all day, showed up during dinner time as promised.

Cesare had a tired face, as if he had been working.

He works as soon as he arrives…

Cesare must also know the true taste of vacation…

“Daphne. Did you have a good time?”

“Well. In my own way.”

I was having a bit of trouble. I had to squeeze my whole head to figure out how to find out about Count Peliard in a non-obtrusive way.

Some say that I should check the flow of the capital, or that it will be easier to fit in here and there by knowing what has happened. I persuaded Shannet with her flashy speech to receive gossip and newspapers to read.

And, as I said, she was really writing about the fact that Count Peliard had a new wife.

Conversely, in Gossip…

There was also a detailed account of the Count Peliar’s affair before his ex-wife even died, and the story of my marriage was also detailed.

I knew it. Gossip is the best for this kind of thing.

Cesare who had no idea what I was thinking.

“It’s been a long time since you’ve been here, so this place feels unfamiliar. Is this the first time since the wedding?”

Did you notice something strange?


It’s my first time here since the wedding. Thanks for the hint, Cesare.

“It’s a little strange, but… actually, the atmosphere is similar to Burstoad.”

“Then that’s good.”

Cesare started eating.

“Ah. I think I should go to Count Peliard.”

“Count Peliard?”

Cesare raised an eyebrow.


In fact, I had more questions than the situation of the Count Peliard family. I thought that if I went there, I might be able to find traces of the original Daphne.

There’s got to be something.

“… I remember you didn’t like him at all.”


Don’t like…?

“Of course it is, but…”

For once, I blurted out the end of my speech.


“Since you said he will get married, I think you should check it out.”

I hypnotized myself.

I hate the Count, I hate the Countess. I don’t want to go, but I’m forcing myself to go…!

It was that kind of hypnosis.

Thanks to my efforts, I was able to imitate a mean smile.

“I was wondering how well you would live.”

Thump Thump.

This is right?

I was just hoping that my reaction wasn’t very different from the original Daphne.

“… If you want to go.”

Somehow, Cesare’s reaction was shaky.

there’s something

“I will go tomorrow. I’ll be back as soon as possible, so don’t miss me.”

As I giggled, Cesare furrowed his eyebrows as if nonsense.

Why, you like me. Then you’ll miss me. I don’t know the original Daphne, but I should dig more information about her, right?

It’s been a few days since we’ve been together. You won’t be able to deny Daphne charm soon.




I’d rather be better.

Today, while Daphne was out, I was planning to see a doctor closely.

I didn’t want to tell Daphne until everything was clear.

Daphne was Cesare’s wife, so it was natural to worry about Cesare.

For some reason, I didn’t want to see Daphne drooping and worried.

The doctor who came in beyond Burstoad’s mansion bowed his head with a puzzled face.

Cesare asked with a serious face.

“He’s the most talented in the territory?”

“Yes, yes! Duke!”

The man in front of him right now was the one who shook the social world just by appearing.

Duke Burstoad. Contemplating the wealth and power that Burstoad had, this position could not help but suffocate him.

“Tell him your symptoms, Your Excellency.”

Joseph took a deep breath and said. It had never occurred to me that Cesare would be sick.

He was a strong knight, and he didn’t neglect his training… He didn’t usually overwork his body.

Even for Joseph, this could be a thunderbolt in the clear sky.

Cesare nodded.

“My ex doctor told me I might have heart disease. It feels like my stomach is churning. My heart is pounding and beating strangely. Furthermore….”


Joseph gently raised his hand. Their eyes turned to Joseph.

“… Do you have any of these symptoms when you are with the Duchess?”

Joseph’s expression darkened.

“Ugh. I guess so.. Probably this….”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought you all the way here.”

Joseph said to the doctor with a bewildered face. Cesare’s words were cut off and buried.

Cesare looked at the two with a confused look.

The doctor shook his head.

“Oh no!”

Even though the expression on his face contained criticism that he was busy with useless work, come and go.

“Haha. This butler will take care of the rest…”

Joseph quickly drove the doctor out of the room. To offset this embarrassment…

“Your Excellency, Duke!”

Joseph cried with a face about to cry.

“What? What’s wrong with the doctor…”

“Isn’t that what is called love!”



Cesare’s movements stiffened.

“Yes, love! That love! You really don’t know this much?”

I didn’t understand what Joseph was saying now. Love?

“It just makes my heart race. It’s not like that feeling…”

“Really, The Duchess…. It means you Love her!”

Cesare blinked.

I’ve never learned the feeling of love. He had never even put such a word in his mouth.

Cesare’s parents were married by arrangement. His mother was devoted to his father, and his father was also faithful.

That was the only relationship.

The two maintained the same attitude toward Cesare. Perhaps it was an attitude that could be seen as a business relationship.

As a child who was born and raised, he fulfilled his responsibilities, but there was no affection.

If anyone sees the Duke of Burstoad, they can say that it is a perfect family, but they won’t say it’s a family full of love.

So it was difficult for Cesare to realize about such a sweet feeling.

“… I don’t know.”

Cesare muttered with a confused face.

Joseph and Daphne had previously said similar things to Cesare.

Like or love Daphne…

As a married couple, I thought it was a natural thing to do.

I thought that desire to have Daphne’s often came from the lust and possessiveness that came from Gabriel intervening in his life, who had never been defeated.

But is it all about love, an ambiguous feeling that is hard to define?

Cesare shook his head slightly.

“… You just have to accept it. That feeling.”

“… I…”


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