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“Yes, Duke.”

Cesare sighed.

This is too difficult.

It would be nice if the answer was set like solving a problem. However, emotions were not a problem that could be answered as measured by a ruler.

“I really don’t know.”

Joseph laughed awkwardly.

He seemed to be able to understand Cesare’s confusion to some extent.

He grew up among ignorant people and was married by arrangement just like his parents.

He was a person who had never shared and interacted with anyone like that before.

Cesare has been immersed in battle since seizing the sword and all the achievements. Burstoad carried Cesare on his back and went on to win, but… Cesare may still have been staying there as a child.

Joseph kept silent for the sake of Cesare.





She entered Count Peliard’s mansion, burning her will to fight.

Well. What should I say?

It’s also smaller than the Burstoad…

The atmosphere was slightly different. Should I say that I’m reluctant?

“Duchess, This way.”

The butler who had met me looked at me strangely as I stopped walking.

“Oh yeah. guide me.”

He nodded his head and started walking again. It felt like my body was rejecting this mansion.

Leading the damp steps, we arrived at the drawing room.

It’s a drawing room. Do you usually greet your family in the drawing room? Not in living room?

I haven’t even started yet, but I’m already embarrassed. Doubts are growing that Daphne must have grown up in a complicated family like me.

“Oh. Daphne. It’s been a long time. How have you been?”

For a moment, my body trembled. It was a reflex movement that had nothing to do with my will, as if it had been imprinted.

As I turned my head to the side where I could hear the voice, I saw a woman looking up at me.

A smirk appeared on the woman’s tight white face.

What should I say, she was a woman who looked very fancy on the outside, but somehow made an impression. It reminds me of insectivorous flowers

I opened my mouth with half doubt.

“… Mother?”

“Why? You still don’t think so?”

The woman glared at me.

Oh, you are that woman.

Camila Peliard.

The Count’s affair partner who went in and out of the mansion without fear even when Daphne’s mother was alive.

And now she is the hostess of Count Peliard.

I sat comfortably in a chair. She wasn’t really Daphne’s mother, and I wasn’t the one to be obsequious.

Then the woman suddenly scolded me for my attitude.

“You’re still rude, Daphne. How can you be so uneducated? What do you do because nothing changes even after becoming a Duchess?”

What did I do…?

I just sat quietly in a chair, but suddenly she pointed.

Somehow Camilla seemed impatient to hurt me.

It’s like being treated like five sweet potatoes as welcome food? No sweet potato rotten?

“Why are you silent? Are you ignoring me?”

“Is it possible? I was listening.”

First, I decided to listen to what the woman had to say to me.

Looking at the flow, it looks like it’s only going to sound like a dog barking… Still, if you know your opponent and know yourself, I’ll win everything, right?

“You should thank the Duke of Burstoad for taking a wife like you.”

As expected, it was a piece of crap. There was a response to this, though.

“The Duke has been nice to me.”

Who knows Cesare better than me.

In the original story, Cesare only dug Gabriel. It’s a pity for Daphne, he abandoned his wife, but… I think it can’t be helped because Daphne wasn’t Cesare’s love.

But Cesare is different now! Unlike the original, Cesare is already a prisoner of my love!

How can Cesare get away from my charms?

“No matter how hard it is to hold a man’s heart. You’re…… Tsk Tsk.”

Camilla clicked her tongue as she looked me up and down. She seemed to criticize me.

As expected, the first impression was right. There will be nothing left even if I stay here for a long time.

I thought it would be better to go back to my house where I have a cute and adorable husband quickly.

“I want you to tell me why you called me first.”

I need to get things sorted out quickly.

I don’t know what they called me for, but there were several reasons why I answered the call.

First of all, knowing about Daphne…

The maid said that the new Countess seemed to be running a business with the inheritance given to Daphne.

A competent maid told me the story of the wanderings among the maids.

It was the money Daphne’s mother left me. She said she would take care of it, but she hasn’t given it to me yet, so why do she dispose of it as she pleases?

That’s absurd!

I don’t know what the original Daphne would think, but at least I didn’t want to lose mine. So I came to this mansion to get my share back.

“Hah… yes. I shouldn’t be talking about this. Do I have to talk to you about this without any manners?”

You are the first to speak up and then say something else. As she was sipping the tea elegantly, Camila said.

“First. Yes, we should use your future legacy. Your father is trying to run a business, but he’s a little short of funds.”


“I wonder if I can get the Duke’s investment. That’s what an arranged marriage is like. Helping each other.”

Camilla said with a face full of confidence. Camilla didn’t seem to think I’d say no.


What kind of life did Daphne live? This is no different.

A burst of laughter broke out.

It was no different from me in Korea. She must have been attracted to a small family and lived like a hog.

You stupid Daphne.

This may be the reason why Daphne’s family is not mentioned in depth in the novel. Anyway, she’s a villain in a cheap supporting role, so what are they going to mention?

Camilla frowned at my laugh.

“Of course you’ll do what I tell you, Daphne?”

“I am?”

It come out.

“Daphne! You have Peliard’s blood. Does getting married change that? If you do this, only you are at a disadvantage. Do you know what kind of power a Duchess can use without a proper parent?”

Whew. You’ve been worrying about me. She is an imperial official.

“I don’t care.”


“I have no interest in that.”

“Daphne. Because you are so young…!”

“And the important thing is that I have no intention of sharing mine with Count Peliard.”

I smiled brightly.

“Hey! Are you listening to me now?”

But the Count was faster than Camilla. He turned around and slapped me on the cheek.

His hand was so intense that in an instant, a star appeared in front of her eyes.

“Daphne. It shows to the extent that you’re not alone. How could you be so disrespectful to your mother unless you are insane! And you’ll do as I told you, what are you talking about so much!!”

Camilla hid behind the Count.

Knox Peliard. According to the information collected, he was unable to protect his wife’s death by playing in that woman’s skirt.

As if to prove this, there was not even any affection in the eyes of the Count I met. He just looks at his daughter, Daphne distastefully.


Maybe… you’re gonna have to do it. I can’t live with a person like that as my father, right?

I don’t know if it wasn’t your intention, but… I’m sorry. I don’t like it.

I stroked my cheek slowly.

“… Ouch. I don’t know who my mother is.”

I said in a sighed voice.

“I don’t even know who my father is.”

I raised my head coldly.

“Unfortunately, Duke Burstoad won’t give you anything. Because I don’t want it. And father will have to give it to me. Because this is what I want.”

“Daphne. You’re still out of your mind.”

I felt like I could see where the discomfort was.

The heavy discomfort I felt when I entered this mansion.

I’ve never been part of this Peliard’s family, so I can’t help but feel that way.

It was something I had to go through at least once. No matter what Peliard was, it was Daphne’s family.

Complicated families are everywhere.

Should I have known from the time it was said that the Count had sold Daphne for arranged marriage?

I shook my head slightly and continued.

“Congratulations on your marriage. I hope you get along well. And you don’t have to call me anymore. I won’t come.”

The Count’s lips trembled. A bright blue eye gleamed. It was because of me that he trembled.

“I’ll send someone, so you can send it over there. Even the ones you kept.”

With those words, he jumped up from his seat.

The eyes of the Count and Countess turned to me.


I shook off the Count holding my hand.

“Don’t touch.”

Who are you pretending to know me, old man?

I quickly ran out of the mansion.

It didn’t even last an hour, but it felt like my energy was sucked out.

I could see why Daphne left her body casually.

Because she has no regrets.

Family and husband. Nothing would have caused Daphne’s regret.

The Peliar family grew farther and farther away. Like they’re getting away from me.


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