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At that time, Cesare was walking outside the mansion.

Joseph gave the ridiculous diagnosis that the cause of all these strange symptoms he was experiencing was love.

What do you mean love?

I didn’t think that just rolling the word with his mouth would suit the feeling of spring breeze.


‘Cesare. Those who are in a position to take responsibility for someone should be able to think one step away from their emotions.’


These were the words of his mother holding him back when he was still a child.

The former Duchess of Burstoad was a fair and wise woman who was respected by everyone.


‘Emotions, like water, change and have no fixed form. But when you decide something in charge, you have to have a firm principle that doesn’t change. Being swayed by emotions can lead to impulsive choices and misleading results.’


The former Duchess used to tell me to be especially careful with the feeling of love.

She added that there is no emotion that burns and cools down like a fever.

She had a dull marriage, as if she was putting into practice what she said. It was a relationship with responsibility for the role, but no further emotions.

And Cesare, who grew up watching this, lived the same life.

In order to develop the estate, he traveled abroad, signed a brewery business contract, and ruled over the people of the duchy.

The imperial family fulfilled their necessary responsibilities.

His wife, Daphne, also made sure that she was properly treated as a Duchess.

Because that’s what Cesare, Duke of Burstoad, was supposed to do.

The first time that Cesare acted impulsively was the moment he picked up Gabriel from the hunting grounds.

When I first saw Gabriel, my eyes were drawn to his appearance like a fairy, but that was all.

Even now, I don’t understand why he brought that demon into the mansion. He simply said to himself, probably because of his responsibility to take care of him as a Duke.

However, as if the day had been an opportunity, Cesare’s impulsive behavior increased from that day on.

He ends up doing things that he doesn’t usually do. Didn’t he make Gabriel organize the documents because he didn’t want Daphne to be with Gabriel?

It was genuinely inefficient.

Besides that, he has done things that the original rational Cesare would not have done.

I thought everyone was just doing what they were supposed to do as husbands and owner of the family.

But is it all because he loved Daphne?


Cesare shook his head.

I don’t understand. Anyone would have done the same thing if they were in his place. Because that is the responsibility and role of the Duke and a husband.

Still, I don’t know why I’m wandering out here like a child who has no place to go.

Cesare, who was walking around the mansion, stopped. In the distance, I saw a small head.

it’s Daphne.

As soon as he recognized that his opponent was Daphne, Cesare’s heart began to beat as if he had been waiting.

Somehow, it seems to be ringing louder than usual. He’s getting hot all of a sudden.

Without realizing it, his steps were already moving. To the place where Daphne is.




Step step.

It really seemed like that was coming from my feet. I felt really depressed.

When he gets home, I hug Cherry and sleep right away.

I was walking while looking at the ground, and shoes appeared in front of me. Raising my head, I was a little startled.


“… From the moment you suddenly said that you were going to Count Peliard, I thought it was strange. What happened?”

Cesare asked bluntly.

The affection and warmth contained in Cesare’s blunt words.

Is it because of that? Tears welled up.

I wanted to cry. I was in such a dazed mood.

How can there be no family fortune in the past life or this life?

Maybe I had some expectations. May it be an ordinary family that I have never experienced before.

I felt like the emotions I had endured from the past burst out as if I were releasing a bundle.


Cesare took my arm in surprise.

“As expected, something happened.”

Cesare stroked my cheek with a frown. It seemed that Cesare knew that Peliard was like that.

“Why didn’t you stop me?”

Cesare sighed at the slightest resentment. Cesare grabbed my arm and held it in his arms.

“I tell you not to go.”

“I thought there was a reason.”

A calm cave-like low tone gave me a sense of stability. Tears continued to fall silently.

This is the dirt spoon life. It’s the same like having a family and not having a family. Am I an orphan or what?

My lips trembled.

In line with my previous life, I felt that my poor situation was more prominent.

What about the real Daphne?

Even her family is like this, but when she lost her husband because he was obsessed with a beautiful blonde man, not Daphne…

I slapped Cesare’s chest at the slightest resentment.

“You haven’t done anything good either.”

“Yes, yes.”

Cesare gently patted my back. It was a touch with no command.

Stupid. You don’t even know how I feel. You’re sweet at times like this.

I rested my forehead on Cesare’s chest and cried for a long time.




Gabriel stood on the balcony and looked down under the Imperial Palace. It was a location with a panoramic view of the city.

Daphne is over there.

The news that Daphne and Cesare had arrived in the Imperial city also reached his ears. Wasn’t it Gabriel’s plan in the first place?

There was an eerie spark in Gabriel’s eyes.

Saving Daphne from Cesare. To offer sweet freedom that Daphne would never have had.

That was Gabriel’s goal.

To do that, he was ready to take on anything.

“His highness the Crown Prince.”

Gabriel asked in a cool voice to the assistant who bowed his head.

“What did I tell you to prepare?”

“It is said that they bought a mansion not far from the Imperial Palace and are in the process of renovating it.”

Gabriel nodded.

“There should be no shortage.”

“Yes, His highness the Crown Prince.”

It was where Daphne would stay while Cesare was brought to justice. A place to be Daphne’s new home.

Gabriel turned away from the flashy city lights. A shadow was cast on his face.

It seemed to reveal the dark side of Gabriel even more.

The motion of the representative was obtained by half. It was for now that Albert, the former butler of the Burstoad mansion, had not yet been killed and kept alive.

Albert was a jerk full of self-pity. It was just a matter of soothing him a few times and pulling him to this side in an instant.

Albert firmly believed that if he did what he told him, he would set him free. He said he would be a witness to Cesare’s setting the fire.

Now, if only half the consent is obtained, Cesare will fall into the pit prepared by Gabriel.

‘Welcome, Duke Burstoad.’

Gabriel smiled coldly.





Cesare scooped out the soup with a spoon and fed it to me.

The savory taste spreads throughout the mouth. . After crying for so long, I lied down under the pretext of being sick.

Cesare was steadily feeding me the way I wanted.

“Are you still sick? Hm.. I think it would be better to call the doctor.”

“My heart hurts, but what can the doctor do?”

Cesare flinched at my gloomy murmur.

“My heart….”

He murmured and shook his head.

What’s wrong with him?

“Yes, I see… Then how can I cure it?”

What a tactless, romantic man.

At times like this…

You should have said ‘Don’t worry because I’m there’.

Like ‘I’ll be your family’

You have to throw those lines. How can you heal my heart?


Still, the hand feeding me was clumsy but friendly.

Eating like a baby bird makes me feel better. The feeling of someone taking care of me… How long has it been?

“… Send someone to Count Peliard, Cesare.”

Cesare frowned.

“When I heard it, it seems that Count Peliard still has what my mother left for me. I need to get it back. And if there are any leftovers of my belongings in Count Peliard, I want you to bring them back.”

“I get it. I’ll do that.”

Cesare nodded as if he knew what I was talking about.

“Is that enough? What else do you want to do?

“What do you mean you want to do more?”

“I can do whatever you want.”

I opened my eyes and stared at Cesare. This is Cesare’s version, if you want anything, I’ll do it, so just say it. Isn’t it?

“What can you do for me?”

“If you ask me to destroy Count Peliard, it will take time, but I can do it.”

Cesare said with a serious face.

“And again?”

“If you want Peliard, I’ll give it to you.”


Unknowingly, I burst into laughter.


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