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Do you not trust me?”

“No, no. It’s not that…”

You’re really clumsy. But it wasn’t bad either.


“I like it.”

It was strange to say that he would even do that for me.

“Thank you, Cesare.”

Cesare coughed and turned his head. I could see his ear becoming red.

There was still a long way to go, but I thought that if I could keep looking at that cute figure, it wouldn’t matter.

“Don’t worry about Peliard, just keep doing what you’re doing. Ah.”

Cesare moved his hand mechanically. It might be annoying, but Cesare accepted all my pampering.

It was said in the novel that he would become an obsessive maniac, but what I saw in front of me was a golden retriever.

So it’s up to the person who tames it.


The next day, my energy soared as if I were flying again.

It’s a waste of my life to waste my feelings on such a thing! You can just ignore it.

Cesare promised that he would take care of Peliard’s affairs.

Soon, Daphne’s belongings will come into my hands.

What should I do today?

There was little for me to do here. I just arrived at the capital and I don’t have any contacts to manage, but that doesn’t mean the mansion is not well maintained.

It was my job to go sightseeing until Cesare finished his work..

“What about Cesare?”

“He will be busy today, madam. He told me that you would have to go out alone.”


He nodded.

“Maid. Are there any places worth visiting? I’ve been away for a long time and I don’t know anything.”

“Well. Anywhere you go…. How about going shopping? Shopping is the best thing to change your mood.”

“Is that so?”

In fact, Cesare’s busy schedule doesn’t make me motivated to do anything else.

No, wait. Was I in the imperial capital? Someone I know… Like Gabriel? I mean, there’s no one to meet.

Daphne, you didn’t even have friends! Say something!

“… the people I used to interact with when I stayed for a while after the wedding?”

The maid’s eyes widened at my question.

“You didn’t…?”

“Oh, I was. I asked for confirmation. just wondering.”

Daphne. Why did she live as an introvert in the corner of the room even with this beauty? I can’t do this. I’m going to make a friend.

It seemed like a good idea to buy a few clothes to wear in the capital. I still don’t know what the emperor meant by calling Cesare, but we will be here for a while.

I didn’t want to be a woman who could do nothing without a husband.

Right. The purpose of this outing is to make friends!

I went shopping with such broad aspirations.


The position of Duchess Burstoad was also great. Wherever I went, the owner ran out to greet me.

They said Cesare is the only duke in the empire. Is this the taste of capitalism?

“Why don’t you try on this dress too? The Duchess has fair skin, so it’ll look really good on you. In fact, I think you will look good with anything you wear. It’s hard to find this kind of fair skin anywhere.”

You have a good eye.

“Madam. I think this looks the best.”


I changed my dress because of Shannet’s recommendation. My reflection in the mirror didn’t look bad at all.

Is this the latest trend here?

The slightly exposed collarbone and the dress style that spreads down the shoulders or waist seemed to suit me well.

Besides, the color is also bright violet. The skirt shook as I spun around.

I seemed to feel refreshed as well.

“Okay. I will buy this.”

“There are matching shoes and jewelry, Duchess!”

I nodded.

Bring it all! I’ll show you the flex of this world.

The maid was right. Shopping is the best way to relieve my mood.

Time passed just by trying on and choosing several dresses.

I bought a total of five sets. This should be enough to wear to social gatherings for a while.

The Duchess Burstoad can’t refuse all social gatherings.

“Shannet. Shall we go in and eat dessert?”

“Yes, madam.”

Shannet nodded her head with excitement.

“The desserts at that store are so delicious. There is a mousse cake with oranges, and they said that was the most delicious.”


Shannet nodded her head with a fluttering expression on her face.

Then I should try it.

We ate dessert while chatting about today’s successful shopping with Shannet. It was time to go to the mansion and pack it up to share with Cesare.

“Oh my, isn’t it Daphne?”

I turned my head to the familiar voice calling me.

Three women standing side by side, arms crossed, were looking at me.

“It’s been a while, Daphne. I heard that you have come to the capital.”

“Hey, she’s the Duchess now!”

“Is that so?”

The three of them laughed out loud at the same time.

What is this?

“How have you been? In that countryside but. You were a better fit for a place like that.”

“Of course. Daphne is a little arrogant!”

Is this the scene of bullying?

A sigh came out. Daphne seemed to have lived a life that resembled me in many ways.

I think they were Daphne’s friends because they were women of their age.

Daphne… What’s up with the network? Is your husband really your best friend?

Still, Daphne, you’re much prettier and better than them. Why did you have to live with these kinds of people who are nothing?

A sigh came out.

The fortunate thing is that I didn’t feel so discouraged because I didn’t know them at all.

I thought that maybe it could be solved easily.

Shannet whispered in my ear.

“Knight… No, shall I tell Sir Joseph everything?”

Not to Cesare, but to Joseph?

It was surprising that Shannet had the option of talking to Joseph naturally, but soon realized that it could be because he was Cesare’s most trusted aide.

No need anyway.

“I can deal with these troublemakers by myself.”

I folded my arms and tilted my head.

“So I came here to go shopping.”

I smiled softly.

“My husband told me to buy everything I wanted.”

The quick-witted Shannet pretended to be carrying the shopping bags with good timing and showed them. I had already sent the big ones to the mansion.

That’s too bad.

Just by looking at them, they seemed to be the types who risk their lives on vain things. As soon as they met me, they quickly skimmed through my clothes and trinkets.

Mentioning my husband was intentional. Did I hit it right?


“So, I bought new clothes and new shoes to take off my old clothes. I also bought new jewelry. What were you guys doing? Oh, shopping?

Judging by the fact that they were holding shopping bags in their hands, they seemed to have the same purpose as me.

“What did you buy?”

“I bought a dress, dress!”

“How many dresses? no. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the capital, so I can’t get a feel for it. I bought about 5 sets. I’m worried it might be too little. How many dresses did you buy?”

The women’s faces turned red. I and those women knew very well that not everyone had the money to buy five sets.

“Why? Oh, your father doesn’t have that kind of money.”

I smiled brightly. It means, ‘Where are you fooling around?’

“I am married too!”

1 woman showed her finger. A large jeweled ring was twinkling on her finger.

What do you mean ignorant?

Just because it’s big doesn’t mean it’s all good. And if it’s a wedding ring, I have it too!

She covered her mouth with her left hand and whispered.

“Oh, I didn’t know. You must have been in the estate for too long.”

Well, look at this. Although the design is simple, it is adorned with the finest diamonds.

That woman must have seen the sparkle in my hand.

“By the way, your husband is not in a very good position to buy five suits… Things like that happen, too. Money isn’t everything, right?”

She gave me an unexpected consolation by shooting pitying eyes as if I was going to die of pity.

Those types of people are all about money.

“It’s big… ”

“My husband said he would do anything I wanted…. Maybe it’s because he loves me so much.”

Well, he said that if I wanted to, I could have all the Peliard too.

And Cesare had the ability to do that.

I had the brightest smile I could make.

“But don’t worry, even if you are poor now, if you work hard, won’t the day your husband becomes richz right?”

Pretending to be kind and wise, while putting the daggers in.

In the past, even if I wanted to say something like this, I couldn’t. Because I always lived only with patience. But not now.

Seeing the women’s faces turning red, it feels like something on my chest is cool down.

“I have urgent business to go. See you later, Daphne.”

The woman lowered her tails and pulled her friends. Watching them run away, I felt a sense of relief.

I wondered if I could have done this in my previous life. Why couldn’t…

Looking back, I was dazed for no reason at that time and was afraid of being hated by anyone.

After all, not everyone can like me.

It really didn’t matter. Really.

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