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After winning Daphne’s heart, Count Peliard will receive his just punishment.

The one thing that made Daphne so hard and hurt so far.

This was a temporary alliance.

Count Peliard stared at Gabriel in thought.

Judging by the look on his face, he didn’t seem to have any ill will.


Gabriel looked at Count Peliard.

“May I ask why you are doing this?”

Gabriel’s answer will determine Count Peliard’s attitude.

If Gabriel wants to be hostile to Daphne, he will, and if not… He intended to try for a friendly relationship.

Count Peliard decided to hold the prince’s hand.

In fact, there was no connection to hold the hand of the opposition forces.

The golden opportunity fell from the sky like this, so is there any reason to miss it? This was the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Count Peliard.


Gabriel laughed briefly.

But he didn’t know why his expression looked like he was crying.

“Daphne is the only one who smiled at me.”

At the first meeting.

I will never forget the face that smiled at me at that time.

Daphne was the only one who gave Gabriel such a pure and bright smile.

Count Peliard drowned at the sincere smile that spread across Gabriel’s cheeks.

He peered into Gabriel’s feelings.

‘It might be beneficial to use this.’

A sinister mind swelled up.

No matter how much Daphne hated him, she was the Count’s daughter. Therefore, the Count also had a part in Daphne’s legacy.

What if Daphne divorces the Duke and marries the Crown Prince? If that’s hard, what if she lives as the Prince’s mistress while Daphne is married to the Duke?

Whatever it was, it was a helpful situation for Count Peliard.

‘This is also helpful.’

I’ll have to take the opportunity and go find Daphne and wake her stupid head.

It was difficult right now because Cesare is hiding in the mansion like a guard dog. I don’t think she’ll come even if I call her now.

Thinking of Daphne, who was rude, broke his teeth.

But Daphne would know if she had a head. Which one is beneficial to her?

Different thoughts popped up in one place.




Upon returning home from shopping, Daphne’s belongings that Cesare had brought from Peliard had arrived.

Come on, let’s see. Is there anything worth using though?

As I was rummaging through things, something caught my eye.

A diary? It looked like a diary.

Then will I find out who she is?

I opened the diary while eating the fruits Shannet cut. It felt like she was on a journey of memories.

I seemed to know roughly what kind of life Daphne had and what kind of person she was.

Daphne is a bit… I was always dazed.

The family is like that, so what can you do? This worldview does not mean that young lady can earn money outside and become independent.

It seems that the mistress that Count Peliard remarried was not an ordinary woman. Even when Daphne’s mother was alive, she seemed to have run around the mansion and acted as Countess.

There was also an argument that Daphne’s mother died of an illness because of that woman.

Of course!

They said that if you see a concubine in a drama, even your wife will turn around.

Besides, the Count was unconditionally on the side of my government… It was only natural that Daphne was persecuted.

Ouch… Come to think of it, my slapped cheek hurts. It should have been obvious.

Maybe it wasn’t that hard, so it sank on the way back.

Ugh, I should’ve made it obvious to Cesare and pretended to be sick.

I rubbed my cheeks and flipped through the diary.

So the atmosphere is… Daphne seems to have been a bit of a dark person.

She didn’t even have time to go out and make friends.

Mother is sick… … The government is… What was the child thinking?


“Do you get revenge?”

Cesare says I can do anything I want…

There was no reply to my question either. Because Daphne wasn’t here.

Looking at the diary, I thought I could understand why the women I met on the way home from shopping had such a reaction.

Daphne was a good prey to make fun of.

They say the social world is a battlefield without guns. Was that real?


I rolled around the bed and looked at the invitation.

Dozens of invitations were flying in front of the Duchess Burstoad every day.

“If you don’t want to go, you don’t have to go.”


The invitation flew into the air. A familiar hand supported me as I jumped up in surprise.


“… I knocked, but you didn’t hear it.”

“Oh, I was just watching this.”

I pointed to the diary and the messed up invitation.

Cesare picked up the invitations that had fallen on the floor and handed them to me.

“… You don’t have to go if you don’t want to go. You are in a good position.”


I knew that the hostess’s duty was to attend social gatherings, get information, and build connections.

And I had no intention of ignoring my duties while enjoying everything I had to enjoy.

That sounds like too much.

A vacation is a day or two.

“… How about starting with a small gathering?”

“A small gathering?”

Cesare glanced at me and gave him a summary of two of the invitations.

“It’s a simple reading group. On the contrary, this is more expedient. It can be difficult because we only live in the territory. In that case, I can ask for help.”

As I lay down on Cesare’s lap, Cesare coughed a little. It’s a shame.

So cute.

I opened the invitation that Cesare gave me. The title of the book was written along with the location.

“Which one is better?”

One was from the house of the Count Madrina, the other from the house of the Count Sage.

The date was two days apart.

“The Count of Madrina’s family is close to the Imperial factions. And in the case of the Count Sage, they stand on the opposite side.”


Even in the novel, Gabriel did not become a Prince easily. It seems that he grew up low and suddenly appeared to dethrone Gabriel, who wanted to become Emperor, and insisted on making another branch of the imperial family the Emperor.

Cesare is… He was a person who usually only lived in the territory, so he took a neutral route.

Then, as I got along with Gabriel, I sided with Gabriel in the second half.

How about now?

“Where do you think Cesare should go?”

“This place.”

Cesare knocked on the invitation of the Countess of Madrina.

“The cause of the opposition was nothing. Besides, it looks like the Crown Prince is doing his job pretty well. In that case, there is no reason for him to choose a difficult hand.”

This is difficult too.

From one to ten, headaches were intertwined.

After all, she’s a Count of Madrina, right?

“Am I going to have to be careful?”

Cesare looked down at me with dull eyes.

“No. Daphne. There’s no such thing for Burstoad. They have to watch out for us.”

Looking back, Cesare’s tone of voice was strangely soft.

Is it because of Peliard’s work?

“Are you feeling okay now?”


“It’s nothing. Shopping was fun and the desserts were delicious. I sent dessert to the office, was Cesare okay with it?”

“It was worth eating.”

“Next time, let’s go together. There was another charm compared to Burstoad downtown, right?”

“… I heard you met some unpleasant women.”

It must be Shannet who told him.

“Well. It was fine. In fact, it wasn’t even a big deal.”

“… I’m glad to hear that. I thought you were crying again.”

It must have been shocking that I cried because he was surprised when I saw me crying like a baby, right?

“I don’t cry over that. How strong am I.”

“If you have any difficulties, just tell me.”

“All right. Come on and promise.”

Cesare put his finger on my little finger.

But even after making the pinky promise, Cesare did not let go of my hand. Instead he asked me.

“Why is it so small?”


“Your a finger. Too small.”

Cesare fiddled with my hand as if curiously.

“They are all small.”

There was a strange atmosphere.

I instinctively realized, now is the right time, and this is it!

Well, it’s been a while…?

When I think about it, it was absurd.

Gabriel is not here too, there’s nothing stopping Cesare and me!

Does it make sense to say that no history has ever been built!

Of course, there was a fire in the forest and he was distracted… An assassin came out of the villa I was looking for to escape Gabriel… After that, I got a nosebleed! Even if I did, Cesare slightly misunderstood that I was very sick.

Looking back, it was very eventful.

It felt like this world was preventing me and Cesare from connecting, so I trembled slightly.

But for a while.


I was once again lost in the spirit of the voice of that charmed people. A low-pitched voice tickled my ears.

Glup, my mouth drooled automatically.


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