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Chapter 6


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However, for some reason, it was unlikely that Cesare, who seemed to be in a bad mood, would reverse his words.

Daphne sighed.

Gabriel’s role in this devastating BL was planned.

Even in the novel episode, there was a scene where Cesare, who felt confused by his emotions at the beginning, made Gabriel as a servant.

‘Tsk, tsk.’

Daphne, knowing the end of this incident, cast a sympathetic glance at Cesare.

And that gaze was taken differently by Cesare.

‘I sympathize with him.’

It certainly seemed right that Daphne had given him a piece of her heart.

Cesare turned around.

He had to somehow release the rage that was boiling over him.

He doesn’t even know why he’s so angry.

The thought of Daphne and Gabriel getting closer just made him feel uncomfortable and angry for no apparent reason.




Gabriel looked around the room.

His bedroom changed suddenly, but it wasn’t too bad.

In the past, he lived as a group in a place like a barn.

It was an honor to be given a room where I could be alone like this.

There is only one thing that upsets me.

It was far from Daphne’s room.

“Lady Daphne….”

Gabriel’s cheeks flushed red as he tried to mutter Daphne’s name.

Just saying Daphne’s name is such a shame.

Daphne was the first to give Gabriel warmth.

Gabriel knew that he shouldn’t have any kind of affection for Daphne, but how could he drive Daphne out of his heart, who allowed him to enjoy things he couldn’t enjoy?

Daphne’s warmth still remained in Gabriel’s heart.

Gabriel lay on the bed and curled up.

All he could think of now was Daphne’s smiling face.

As much as her pretty face, her heart is also kind. Daphne, who only treated Gabriel, a slave, equally.

‘I hope to see her again tomorrow.’




Gabriel was assigned to clean the window frame.

Because the servants were also reluctant to Gabriel, no one wanted to come to him, so he took on a job that he could do alone.

This gave Gabriel some freedom.

This was nothing to Gabriel, who lived as a slave.

Perhaps it was because Gabriel had been praying to see Daphne all night, and Daphne appeared before him.

Daphne was walking around the corner, talking to the maid.

“Hmm. We’ll have to change the curtains entirely. As the days are getting warmer, it’s thin and bright.”

“Yes, madam. What color would you like?”

“A light beige would be nice to match the mansion.”

Daphne, who was thinking, answered.

Daphne may have forgotten about Gabriel by now.

Gabriel is only a slave and servant, and Daphne is a noblewoman and Duchess.

She has already been kind enough… 


Gabriel meets Daphne’s eyes.

And Daphne smiled brightly.

“Gabriel! Good morning!”

Really, it was a good morning.




Cesare caught the eye of Gabriel and Daphne talking affectionately.

Gabriel, who was cleaning the window frame, and Daphne, who stopped, were together.

He looked like he had nothing to say.

They look good together and Gabriel was doing what he wanted.


‘Do you like me?’


What if Daphne’s words were false, but he said yes?

If so, it wouldn’t be Gabriel and Daphne who are laughing right now, but him and Daphne? 

‘Why are you thinking like this?’

Cesare shook his head.


The owner of this mansion is Cesare.

If he wants, he can separate the two of them. So there is no need to have these unpleasant feelings.

If Gabriel is busy and I can’t prevent the two from meeting, I can make Daphne busy as well.

Cesare beckoned to the back.

“Yes, master.”

Replied the smart and capable aides, who had advised him not to bring Gabriel with him.

“I’m thinking of entrusting Daphne with all the affairs of this festival.”

“Ah… Are you talking about accounting books?”

Cesare had also discovered that the book had a massive loss of money.

It is most likely the work of an insider in the mansion, but Cesare, who was going to take care of this, changed his mind.


Cesare’s eyes darkened.

Daphne, who showed a stiff face to him yesterday, was smiling brightly in front of Gabriel.

My heart throbbed for no reason.




Gabriel couldn’t see Daphne for nearly three days. No matter how much he sneaks around Daphne’s bedroom and office.

‘Did Daphne forget me?

Daphne’s face, as she greeted Gabriel with a smile like the sun, seemed to twinkle in his eyes.

Even if Daphne had completely forgotten Gabriel, he had nothing to say.

In fact, what Gabriel said and how Daphne would even remember him.

Even if I tried to think like that, I couldn’t hide my upset heart.

After coming to this mansion, Gabriel knew what it was like to live like a human being.

Because of Daphne, who treats Gabriel as a human for the first time.

‘I haven’t met her in a while, but I’m so in love with her.’

‘What are you doing?’

Gabriel wiped the window frame.

Why do I feel like crying when I think of Daphne?

It was when Gabriel was rubbing the window frame, blinking his blurry eyes.


Cold water with the smell of dirty filth poured over him.

“Oh. I didn’t know you were here, sorry.”

I don’t know who it was, but the one who poured the water spoke softly and pushed him away.

Gabriel, who was staring blankly at the window frame, gently brushed his hair.

He knew that the people who live in this mansion rejected him.

In fact, all the slaves of the hunting grounds hated Gabriel.

This is because the caretaker who was managing the hunting grounds used to send dirty eyes towards him.

The slaves pointed Gabriel flirt with the caretaker.

However, Gabriel had never surrendered himself to the caretaker.

Rather, he was always busy running away from the caretaker.

It was the caretaker who always came near him, and Gabriel was always criticized for his low status.

He came to this mansion because he was found by Cesare while running away after being beaten by the other slaves who bully  him.

‘So I was used to being hated.’

Gabriel cleaned the dirt that ran through him.

He got goosebumps all over his body in the weather that has just become spring.

But it was Gabriel’s heart that was colder than that.

Gabriel’s pitiful heart want to see Daphne.

Gabriel finished cleaning with a sullen face..





I yawned loosely and looked around.


Fortunately, no one seemed to hear my grotesque yawn.

It was Cesare who uncovered the accounting problems and handled the work in the original novel.

At first, he fell in love with Gabriel and was unaware of the seriousness of this matter, but later stepped forward to solve it.

Of course, even if it’s late, he solves it nicely with the main character’s buff.

But this time, strangely, he said that he entrusted everything to me.

One thing is suspicious. He was only jealous of the closeness between me and Gabriel.


I murmured a little.

There should be only Cesare next to Gabriel, but it must be a nuisance because I am there.

I’m just struggling to live a little bit, but I’ll leave him alone for a moment….

Without realizing it, I stuck out my tongue.

Still, I think I need to be careful. She could become friends with Gabriel and try to avoid her death, but accidentally get killed by the jealous Cesare.

“This should be well-controlled.”

In some cases, she didn’t go to Gabriel on purpose because she feared Cesare would be jealous.

To show Cesare that she has nothing to do with Gabriel.

Of course, I was also busy.

On the auburn desk was a document containing the contents of the embezzlement accusation of the butler I investigated.

Anyway, I was going to try to solve this by myself, to make myself look good in front of Cesare.

But things got easier when Cesare gave me full control of the festival preparations.

“You’ve made a lot.”

The list that the butler took was enormous.

Is it easier after experiencing it in person than reading it outside the novel?


In the original story, the criminal is found guilty of infidelity and is punished by having his finger cut off by Cesare.

Perhaps it was possible because this novel was a R-19 BL.

Ugh. But even if he had committed a crime, I really hated being punished like that for the crime I uncovered.

I’ll have to talk to him about this part later.

Even though he is a person with an acquaintance…

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