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Chapter 61

Joseph, who was waiting for Cesare to see him, stamped his feet impatiently.

Damn it. Those who have been struggling to get acquainted with Burstoad can’t get in touch, where they’ve gone.

Moreover, even Friedrich, the oldest nobleman of the Burstoad, was out of touch.

The trial is tomorrow.

If everything can’t be turned over tomorrow, Cesare will be forced to serve his sentence.

There’s no good evidence, so you can’t get a big penalty.… Who will protect the Burstoad during that hiatus?

Joseph was approached by the servant who said he would check it. He shook his head coldly.

“He said no.”

Joseph distorted his expression.

“Don’t do that, just ask him one more time. It’s just face-to-face conversation. I’ve never heard of a visit being rejected.”

“ There are always exceptions. That’s why it sets a precedent.”

The servant said sternly.

Joseph tore his hair out. Looking at the momentum now, I thought anything I said would not work.

Something was strange.

I couldn’t get rid of the thought that everything seemed like a made-up script.

Trials are held in a hurry to the point where it is impossible to respond differently to those who can’t be contacted, and there are no visits.

Joseph’s heart grew cold. It felt as if reason was paralyzed.

‘The Duke…’

He was concerned.




Countess Peliard fixing her hair. It was her first time to visit the Burstoad Mansion.

Last night, she got a call from Gabriel. It was a call that Cesare would be away from the mansion from today.

The opportunity has come.

Countess Peliard pulled her sleeves straight and rang the bell.

Because it was a large mansion, people came out slowly.

If the security guard had opened the door right away, she would have gotten into the carriage, but it was absolutely impossible without permission.

Finally, after waiting for a long time, the Butler came out.

“Hello. I am Countess Peliard. I am the mother of the Duchess. I came to see Daphne.”

“Hello, Countess. It is an honor to meet you like this. But unfortunately, you cannot come inside.”

“What do you mean? I am the one who gave birth to the Duchess! Does it make sense not to see my daughter?”

Countess Peliard said angrily.

The butler hardened his face. In fact, the butler was also the second son of the Count.

He wasn’t the kind of person to be treated like that. The butler’s mood also subsided at the disrespect of Countess Peliard.

The butler looked at the Countess through the iron bars.

The Countess took a deep breath and clinged to the cage.

Countess Peliard shouted and waved the bars back and forth.

“Open the door now! You’re locking up my daughter or what! I’m going to go to the Imperial Palace right now and file a complaint! You have locked up my daughter!”

Countess Peliard kicked the cage.

The butler sighed.

Everyone in the world knew that Countess Peliard was not Daphne’s biological mother.

Still, she’s using such force while insisting that she is her mother.

Even if it was her birth mother, he had no authority to open the door the Duke had told him not to open. Countess Peliard screamed at the butler’s tough attitude.

The commotion eventually reached to Daphne as well.




What’s that noise I heard a woman scream.

I looked out the window and saw a woman making a fuss.

What’s going on again? My head is already complicated. I said it’s a representative meeting today, but can’t I come out with Cesare?

I was so sad that I couldn’t see him in the morning.

Perhaps Joseph went to visit the palace, but he still hadn’t returned.

“What’s going on? Who is it?”

“That is…

The maid moaned.

“Tell me.”

“… Countess Peliard has arrived. But the Duke told us not to bring in guests, so….”


Countess Peliard. She is a selfish woman. She was the one who would never go back if you didn’t open the door.

“You wouldn’t go back? Why did you come here?”

“I came to see the Duchess. I’m here to see my daughter, and I’m insisting I’m going to file an accusation.”

Why do bad things always come together?

A sigh burst out. It was clear that she had come with some intention.

Were you waiting for Cesare to leave?

“… Let me in, I will never go back from here.”

“Your Excellency told me not to let anyone in, madam.”

The maid said with a worried face.

Even without Cesare, the maids seemed concerned about what trouble Countess Peliard might cause here.

After all, Countess Peliard had only one business to come.

It would be money Cesare promised to restore my legacy.

“… I can’t let her be so noisy. Just ask the Countess to come in.”

“… Yes.”

Eventually, the maid came in with the Countess Peliard.

Countess Peliard had a shameless face, whether she was ashamed of the ugliness she had done outside.

“Bring the tea. Aren’t the people in this mansion so rude?”

“… We don’t have tea for the Countess. Is there any reason to serve tea to guests who barged in when the owner refused?”

Countess Peliar stared at me with a fierce look.

“It’s not too late now, Daphne. Ask us for forgiveness and promise to do what we tell you.”

Cesare had promised to bring me my share of the legacy of Count Peliard.

Seeing the Countess come out like that, it seemed that Count Peliard had failed to manage Daphne’s legacy at will.

“Actually, isn’t it natural for family members to help each other? It’s not like we’re asking too much. I’m just asking you to invest in our business. And we’re going to use your inheritance for the sake of the family.”

Countess Peliard took off the hat she was wearing on her head and set it down on the table.

Shaking her messy hair, the Countess sighed.

“Once again, it’s Daphne. We have a right to that legacy. Are you going to pretend you don’t know your father that fed you and raised you?”

How can you be so shameless?

“The money was left by my mother, Countess.”

Countess Peliard clicked her tongue.

“You don’t understand what I’m saying. Didn’t I say we had a right to that legacy? There is someone who will help us use your inheritance without your permission. I didn’t come here to get your permission, I came here to notify you.”

Who the hell helped them use my inheritance without my permission?

I’m Daphne the Duchess Burstoad

It was a load of crap. It didn’t seem necessary to listen any more.

As I was about to give an order to kick her out, Countess Peliard stood up and clicked her tongue.

“It doesn’t seem necessary… You’re still selfish and all you know is that. You’re a woman who doesn’t even know grace.”

The Countess shot at me.

“Don’t be surprised if the money disappears. Because it is written where it should be written and…”

The Countess grinned.

It was obvious that she was laughing at me. What are you going to say?

“Yes, what should you do now that your handsome husband has been arrested?”

“Cesare did nothing wrong. He will be released soon. Don’t worry.”

It’s annoying. You came here to talk about that, right? You’re trying to tease me.

It seemed that I knew the purpose of her visit. Also, she came here to declare that she will take my money proudly. Now that Cesare has been away, you’re confident, right?

It was a typical strong and weak lecture.

“Is that so?”

Countess Peliard smiled, curling her red lips.

“Don’t regret it later, Daphne. No matter how much you cry and pray, we will not accept you.”

Countess Peliard wore the hat she had put down on the table.

In fact, it had nothing to do with inheritance. Because it wasn’t mine in the first place.

The property was left for the real Daphne by Daphne’s mother.

However, seeing the behavior of Countess Peliard, it occurred to me that I must somehow obtain the inheritance.

Haha, that’s funny.

“You’re not a thief, so why are you so greedy for other people’s things?”


“Right now, you are just a thief. It’s like you’re greedy for what my mother left me, not you. After all, Can’t we deceive the people who came from it?”

“This, this, this…!”

I caught her raising her hand.

“There’s no reason for me to get hit twice, is there?”


“Madam is going to die soon. Take her outside.”

“Yes! Madam!”

The maids faithfully followed my orders.

“Leave this! Daphne! Daphne!!! This ungrateful girl!”

Countess Peliard was captured and dragged away by the maids, but she continued to be noisy to the end.

At last the Countess’ figure disappeared completely.

The maid approached me with a worried expression.

“Are you okay, madam? you don’t look good.”

“I’m okay.”

There was nothing to be afraid of. If that woman stole the money, it would be immediately thrown into gossip or the press.

And Count Peliard will be condemned for stealing his daughter’s property.

I’ll make you unable to carry your face in the social world.

All I care about now is Cesare.


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