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Chapter 68


The power of the Emperor was needed to turn the table.

Now that Gabriel testified and threw Cesare into this dungeon, it was clear that no one would help Cesare.

Joseph was looking at Cesare’s lips with an anxious expression.

“… You must meet the Emperor in secret. Without the Prince knowing. I don’t care if you use any of the family’s assets for this.”

“Alright. And what else do I have to do?”

“… Keep an eye on Daphne. You have to protect Daphne.”

Joseph stared at Cesare with a sad expression on his face.

After saying that it wasn’t love, Cesare was nothing more or less than the man who fell in love.

To be framed and imprisoned in an inappropriate dungeon, yet worrying about the Duchess.

Joseph nodded.

“The Duchess will be fine.”

“Don’t trust anyone. Especially the elders of the family.”

“Did the elders of the family betray the Duke? They are mean and filthy bastards!”

Joseph chewed his teeth.

“They have colluded with the Crown Prince. The Prince promised the gambler a Duke’s seat.”

“Isn’t that crazy? What kind of family is the Burstoad, but to such a gambler…! Does the Emperor no longer need Burstoad? Therefore….”

“No. The Emperor will have room to stab. He’ll always need a Burstoad if there’s a problem. So you must approach the Emperor secretly.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

Joseph nodded his head hard.

The biggest enemy was inside. How dare you betray the kindness Cesare has given you and join the Crown Prince!

“The Crown Prince is too much. In fact, it was master that saved him! The Crown Prince, will…”


Cesare stopped Joseph sharply.

Joseph’s guess was correct, but it was nowhere to be spoken.

“Remember that Daphne is innocent. I don’t want any damage to Daphne’s reputation.”

“… I will keep that in mind.”

The guard, who had been absent for a while, appeared as if time had run out.

Joseph replied, looking sadly at Cesare.

“I think I should go now. When can I see you again….”

“Be careful. If it doesn’t work out….”

Cesare’s eyes gleamed fiercely.

“Even by using force, I have no choice but to make the Emperor aware of the need for the Burstoad.”

“… Yes.”

“I want the gambler who was promised to sit on the Duke and put it out of sight. To prevent the Emperor from finding an alternative.”

Understanding what he meant, Joseph shook his head and got up.

“I will make sure to see you outside next time.”

Cesare nodded.

“Take good care of Daphne…”


Joseph gave money to the guard and left the dungeon, being careful not to be noticed by anyone.

Joseph took a step forward.

‘I’ll have to remove that first.’

There was a fact that Cesare had not yet reported.

In fact, he was aware of the situation in the mansion. It had already been confirmed that Daphne was going to Gabriel’s mansion.

But he didn’t want to upset Cesare with that fact. Even now, it would be annoying enough.

I don’t know what Daphne was thinking of following him there, but I thought maybe there was some kind of deal.

Joseph knew that Daphne was not the person to betray Cesare at this time.

Daphne, whom he has watched, has always been a fair and reliable noble and Duchess.

Joseph hid in the dark.

Those who followed Joseph looked around.

In his eyes, hiding away from his tail, he saw someone familiar and nostalgic.


Obviously, Shannet went to the Crown Prince’s mansion with Daphne.

Joseph’s eyes lit up sharply.

It seemed like we had to find a way to approach Shannet. Shannet was also on watch, and Joseph was being pursued.

I had to move without a single mistake.

My throat burned with tension.




Shannet looked into Lily’s eyes.

“Isn’t it nice to come out like this?”

“I know, right. Thanks to Shannet, I can look outside! I thought I was locked up in the mansion for a while. It is said that I am the adoptive daughter of the owner of the Butler, but I came from a commoner, so I started working as a maid, and I was about to regret it.”

“I see.”

Fortunately for Shannet, Lily was moderately insensitive and had a light mouth.

Lily nodded her head.

“I don’t know what this is about. I’m sure the person who Shannet serves has a deep connection to the Crown Prince… Is the rumor true?”

Lily poked Shannet in the side with a curious face.

“There are rumors that the Crown Prince and the Duchess are going to get married. Everyone’s shivering, but they’re talking, aren’t they?”

Shannet cried, but held it tight.

Lily was the Crown Prince’s people. So, no one could predict what Lily would say to the Crown Prince.

Shannet laughed awkwardly.

“I hadn’t heard of such a rumor. It is clear that these forces are trying to undermine the Duchess!”

“Oh. Everyone was talking like that…?”

“Well. But, the Duchess has a Duke. Did the rumors reflect the Duchess’ thoughts? Or is it the will of the Crown Prince?”

“Who can confirm with the two of them? It’s just a guess.”

Lily cleared her throat.

“Then I think it would be better not to talk like that. The Duchess has no such idea. Even now, she can’t sleep at the thought of Duke.”

Lily pouted her lips at Shannet’s somber words.

Because it was more stimulating and interesting that Daphne was in a relationship with Gabriel than anything.

Lily exhaled.

“But then, why did the Duchess come all the way to the Crown Prince’s mansion? That’s means…”

“Miss Lily.”

Shannet looked at Lily with a determined face.

“Even if it’s Miss Lily, please understand the Duchess.”

Shannet broke down and started talking sadly.

“The Duchess loves him very much… Hearing such a story now would be very heartbreaking. In fact, a number of circumstances put pressure on the Duchess and she was forced to come here. She said that the Crown Prince would help her.”

“Uh… I see…”

Lily forcefully shook her head.

“Still, it may not be the Crown Prince. It’s a secret, in fact, because the mansion itself is like being decorated for the Duchess. Before Duke Burstoad’s trial. Oh, I shouldn’t have said that…….”

“I won’t tell anyone.”

Shannet said quickly. She urged me not to tell anyone.

Shannet nodded and smiled coldly inwardly.

That feeling of reluctance was right.

Daphne had no intentions, but she had intentions that the Crown Prince should not have alone.

Shannet took a deep breath and looked ahead.

It seemed necessary to avoid Lily and find out the situation in the mansion.

Lily likes to gossip and chatter. Then she has to do something to win Lily’s mind…

‘Ah! The perfume shop Mr. Kateman who was especially good at chatting!’

And the perfume shop was especially crowded with maids. It was one of the items that ladies were looking for. As a result, it was always crowded with maids.

Shannet decided where to go with Lily.

“Because the Duchess told me to buy her some perfume. Let’s go to the perfume shop!”

Lily nodded her head.




Shannet and Lily went into the perfume shop. The perfume shop was actually one of the favorites of ladies as well as the maids.

The generous owner of the shop used to hand out perfumed oil to maids.

Daphne also used to tell Shannet that she could bring perfume to use at any time, which made the maids envious of her.

It was only natural that it was a luxury and it was difficult to buy with the maid’s salary.

“Does Lily like perfume too?”

Shannet spoke deliberately.

“Yes! If you can wash this kind of enjoyment in water as much as you want…! Does the Duchess hand out ointment to Shannet?”

Lily asked with her eyes twinkling.

‘I got you.’

Shannet replied with a smile.

“It is. The Duchess is a good owner. She always tells me to bring perfume and use it to my heart’s content.”

“Oh my gosh…! I really hope… Actually, there is no hostess in the mansion of the Crown Prince, right? There is no hostess to hand out the perfume. Duchess…”

Lily looked into Shannet’s eyes.

This reminded her of the fact that Shannet had been in denial about Daphne’s affairs earlier.


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