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Gabriel straightened out his clothes. In his mansion, Daphne is waiting for him. I never thought I’d be so happy on my way back.

It felt like a rainbow had appeared in Gabriel’s life.

No one welcomed Gabriel.

Gabriel knew that people ignored him as a Prince who grew up on the streets.

Daphne was the only one in this world to treat Gabriel without any prejudice.

Gabriel fidgeted with a smile on his face.

This was the first time Gabriel knew that he could be so happy as an ordinary person.

Cesare was enjoying all of this.

To such a person who did not know how precious Daphne was, she was too much for him.

It was fortunate to be able to rescue Daphne from that beast now.

Maybe Daphne was getting tired of Cesare, who didn’t know how to thank her, and was trying to run away from him.

After confirming the scene of the mansion Gabriel was approaching, he smiled deeper.


Someone who can answer him when he calls, she will be waiting for me.

Gabriel’s heart swelled with anticipation.




I’ve been waiting for Shannet all day.

The maid came and suggested looking around the mansion, but I refused.

I didn’t want to fill my interest by wandering around unfamiliar places. I wasn’t even curious at first.

What I was curious about was the news of Cesare and the mansion.

Why can’t I hear anything here…

The long silence felt only ominous.

Finally, the waiting has come to an end. Shannet is back.

I opened the door directly at the sound of a knock on the door and pulled Shannet inside.

After closing the door, I urgently asked Shannet.

“Did you find out anything?”


Shannet held me with a crying face.

“What’s the matter? What happened?”

Shannet shook her head.

“It’s not me, madam. now… All the people of Burstoad were taken away.”

“What? What does that mean!”

In fact, I came here with Gabriel before I even knew the details of what had happened to Cesare.

I thought that if I and Gabriel worked together, we would be able to rescue Cesare quickly.

But all the people of Burstoad were taken away?

Are they trying to do an interrogation?

What the hell did Cesare do?

“I can’t do this. I’ll have to check with Gabriel…”


Shannet shook her head.

I stared in embarrassment at Shannet, who was crying in dismay.


“I mean, all this was done by His Majesty the Crown Prince! He framed the Duke and took people away. I found out that the Crown Prince testified that he saw the Duke setting fire to the hunting grounds!”

Shannet said with a whimper.


I couldn’t believe it. Why Gabriel? It can’t be. Gabriel would like Cesare… Or is it? Something like if I don’t have him, I’ll destroy him?

My mind was confused. I let go of my hand holding Shannet and flopped on the bed.

It felt like the things I had believed in before were falling apart.

Gabriel has always been kind to me. And didn’t he offer to rescue Cesare?

The whole thing is broken.

“Why is he lying to me? … Obviously, I’m sure…”

Shannet knelt in front of me. And she put her head on my lap and cried, she said.

“Because the Crown Prince likes you, madam…. So he lied.”

“It can’t be.”

Gabriel was born to like men.

Because in the original story, Gabriel didn’t get along with other women.

There were only men by his side.

It was a natural setting as it was the role of the main character in the BL novel.

And I didn’t think that Gabriel’s sexual orientation would have changed just because there was a change variable in this novel.

“It is true, madam. Everyone says so. The way the Crown Prince looked at madam was suspicious. His Majesty the Crown Prince has betrayed madam. He repaid the Duke’s kindness that had saved him… What should we do, madam? And we are now locked up.”

Shannet’s tears were dripping down uncontrollably.

Shannet was terrified.

“I lied and managed to get out. The knights were not trying to protect us, they were trying to lock us in.”

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t believe what Shannet said.

Even though I was possessed by this BL novel in the first place, I was able to trust Cesare’s heart because he was a man who respected his wife.

Even if Cesare’s true love in the original story was Gabriel, it could be thought that he fell in love with me because he was basically not a man who was married, which made it impossible for him to live with a woman.

In the midst of confusion, Gabriel returned.

“Duchess, His Majesty the Crown Prince has come.”

Shannet wiped her tears and jumped up. She then with a nervous look on her face she went to the corner and stood.

The door opened and Gabriel came in.


As usual, he had a friendly face. So it was even more confusing.

I couldn’t move around recklessly until I was sure.

Because I had heard that Gabriel was completely different from the original setting I knew.

I decided to test Gabriel.

“Gabriel, welcome.”

I purposely welcomed Gabriel brighter than usual.

After coming to Gabriel’s house, my behavior changed passively due to mental instability.

Gabriel was worried about that too, so he would often recommend me for a walk.

Gabriel looked a little surprised at the change in my attitude. But he soon came to me with a beautiful angelic smile.

“Yes, I am back. Daphne.”

It was clear that Gabriel’s mood was brightened.

Shannet came out with a tear-stained face and looked at Gabriel with a worried expression.

I felt the need to let Shannet go.

It is not a worldview that allows men and women to be alone in the bedroom without a maid, but if Shannet was here now, Gabriel would not be able to tell his heart honestly.

“Shannet. Can you go out for a while?”

“I can’t do that, madam.”

“No, just a moment. You can stand outside the door.”

Shannet had a face that wanted to protest something, but I raised my eyebrows sternly.

In the end, Shannet reluctantly followed my will.

After Shannet leaves, it’s only me and Gabriel.

“Did you have a hard day today? You worked hard, Gabriel.”

“No. It’s all for Daphne, what do you mean it’s hard.”

“Still. You have no idea how reassured I am that Gabriel is helping me out like this.”

Gabriel’s cheeks blushed when I said that I trusted him this much.

As beautiful as a flower, I felt bitter for nothing.

Please don’t break my trust, Gabriel.

“Everyone in the mansion here is friendly. Thanks to you, I am having a good time.”

“Is there anything else lacking?”

“There must be something lacking. I’m worried about the people who will remain in the Burstoad Mansion.”

I gave a hint and looked at Gabriel’s reaction. Gabriel nodded his head slowly and said to me.

“Don’t worry, Daphne. Because I’m taking care to make sure nothing happens.”


‘He framed the Duke and took people away.’


It was different from what Shannet said. I was confused.

It is the knights of the Imperial castle that are guarding the Dukes. And it was the people of the Imperial Palace who took the people of the duke.

Gabriel wouldn’t have known.

“If Cesare is to be released quickly, the real culprit must be properly caught….”

“We are expanding the scope of the investigation even to the nobles who visited Burstoad during the festival. Don’t be depressed, it will be caught soon.”


‘I found out that the Crown Prince testified that he saw the Duke setting fire to the hunting grounds!’


I clenched my fists and then loosened them at Gabriel’s remark, which was different from Shannet’s.

It felt like I was going to use the devil to tell the truth at any moment.

Not yet, not yet. A little more…

“If Cesare continues to be detained like this, I don’t know what to do.”

I deliberately blurted my words. So that Gabriel, who has loosened his guard, can react enough.

“Can I stay with the Duke Burstoad? I… Gabriel knows, but I once left Duke Burstoad. I’ve decided not to do that now, but I don’t know if that’s a good place for me to stay.”


“While Cesare is away, Count Peliard will continue to torment me, so what should I do?”

If Gabriel really wants to help me and Cesare, he will comfort me as he usually does and say that he will come to rescue Cesare. And I want that ending too.


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