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Gabriel took a deep breath and organized his thoughts.

No matter how much Daphne denied it, the trial could not be overturned.

The Prince’s words cannot be changed.

And Gabriel’s position, which was already precarious, could be shaken.

The Emperor was determined to make sure he succeeded in that place with his own bloodline, so there was no way for him to abandon Gabriel.

So Cesare will continue to be in prison and will not be able to get out until after he has served his full three-year sentence.

In the meantime, Daphne can stay here.

Since the Burstoad would fall into someone else’s hands anyway, there was no place for Daphne to return to.

Count Peliard? I can’t send Daphne to those bugs.

3 years.

At that time, Daphne will be able to change her mind.

People’s minds change. So Daphne’s love will also change.

The day will come when she will give her tender heart to Gabriel and not to Cesare.

“That’s it.”

Gabriel murmured.

I was sure of waiting. Wasn’t I the one who endured the life of that filthy hunting ground?

Gabriel raised his head slowly.

Nothing has changed.

Cesare was there alone, and Daphne was here with Gabriel.




The man paid for the carriage and got off.

Burstoad’s mansion, located in the heart of the capital, unfolded before his eyes.

Knights wearing the royal emblem were standing guard in front of it.

“What the hell are you doing?”

The man grumbled. The candy in his arms rattled.

Cesare’s imprisonment in prison would not have happened if it had been fate.

The main characters must not die. The story can be twisted any number of times, but the main characters had to be alive until the time the novel was finished.

That’s how the novel would continue.

As men were involved in this, it seemed necessary to find out what was going on.

Daphne’s characteristic calm voice seemed to resonate in her ears.


‘How the hell did you handle it.’



The man shook his head and moved quickly.

If it hadn’t been for this girl’s candy, I would have been able to recognize the anomaly sooner.

He grumbled like that, and he blended into the crowd.




The Emperor rubbed his head.

Due to Gabriel’s bomb declaration, he had no choice but to raise his hand on the spot.

This is because if Gabriel says something is wrong, his prestige will be undermined.

But he didn’t even think Gabriel would make such a big deal.

Gabriel himself testified that it was Cesare who set the fire on the spot!

I never thought Gabriel would push Cesare to such a corner.

It was very dangerous for Gabriel to go out on his own. If this is reversed, what will happen to Gabriel?


Burstoad has always been a sword loyal to the Imperial family.

I had the intention of scold the Duke Burstoad, who dared to commit the atrocities of making Gabriel a slave.

However, the result of this trial was excessive punishment and damage to the Imperial family.

Gabriel says it’s okay to have someone else as the Duke, but well. It was even questionable whether they would be able to fulfill their duties as a Burstoad.

“You look deeply troubled.”

His secretary said with a worried face.

“… Everything is regrettable.”

It must have been the foolish self of the past that caused all this.

He was the one who stood by watching Gabriel and his mother being expelled.

The Emperor let out a long sigh.

“What is the Duke doing?”

“… As ordered, I made sure to take care of it so that it is not inconvenient. He’ll be eating without any problems.”

“That’s not what the Duke of Burstoad deserves.”

He was the one who had worked for the Empire.

Perhaps other nobles were thinking the same as the Emperor by now.

The damage will be inflicted on the Empire if I lose the Duke of Burstoad.

And I’ll think about whether the Duke of Burstoad would make such a foolish mistake… 

In the end, all arrows were aimed at the Crown Prince.

it just has to be stopped.

Isn’t he a child who is already on the gossip because he is a prince who grew up outside?

It was all the Emperor’s fault. He couldn’t let Gabriel carry everything any more.

“Take good care of the Duke. And tell them not to be too harsh on the Burstoad members who were brought in.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

You need to find a way to make secret contact with Cesare.

Let’s get this all right, even for Gabriel.

The Emperor’s depths deepened.




Joseph moved quickly.

It was difficult to move while avoiding those who were pursuing him.

I had to go round and round, choosing a place that wasn’t a shortcut, and I had no choice but to go down the alley.

When Joseph is caught, everything goes down the drain.

Joseph has arrived at the Burstoad Mansion.

Joseph checked the main gate guarded by the Guard and circled around the wall.

Even the Crown Prince could not force the knights of the Duke of Burstoad to be taken to prison.

As a result, the knights were able to remain unharmed as long as they did not leave the Duke of Burstoad.

 It’s just a moment. The feisty knights had to contact them before rioting.

‘And I have work to do.’

Joseph skimmed over the fence when he saw the Guards knights disappearing while patrolling.

Since Joseph was chasing Cesare and holding up his sword, crossing this wall was nothing.

He landed safely on the soft grass. The mansion with the lights off was engulfed in dreary darkness.

There were not many knights that Cesare brought up from the Berstrod Territory.

However, it was obvious that contacting those in the Duchy would be more difficult than moving them.

Joseph lowered himself and ran towards the knights.

Fortunately, there was no security inside. Joseph, who reached his destination safely without encountering anyone, knocked on the door of the Knights accommodation.

“Who are you?”

“It’s me. Hurry open the door!”

The door was wide open. He saw his companions looking at Joseph in amazement.

They were the ones who had their backs on the battlefield in the moment of life and death. And they were the knights that Cesare trusted the most.


The knights hugged him roughly. The door to the dormitory closed behind Joseph.

Joseph checked the faces of his colleagues. Some of them were injured to the point of being scabbed over.

Joseph asked with a surprised face.

“Why is your face like that! How can you get hit? Even if you lose!”

The knight grimaced at this and said.

“I was trying to follow the madam, and I got kicked, by something. Didn’t you say that you should not touch the knights of the imperial family? Hah.. I have to be patient, is there anything special? But why do you look like a rat?”

“It’s only natural that he’s running away. But you guys… What were you discussing now?”

Joseph looked at the suspicious map spread out inside and asked.

The knights exhaled a vicious momentum and said.

“We need to rescue our master. Are you going to leave him imprisoned so unfairly?”

I knew this would happen.

Joseph sighed and shook his head. They were loyal, so it seemed like they were going to try to get Cesare out of it by any means.

But it was obvious that the knights were the ones who used their bodies rather than their heads.

I was fortunate to have arrived on time before the accident.

Joseph said.

“You don’t have to. I came here on the order of the Duke. And I have a way to rescue the Duke. Not in such an ignorant way!”

“What? You said you met the Duke?”

“”Say something! How is he doing? Is there any injury?”

There was a commotion.

Joseph shrugged off the rushing knights and shrugged. Among the dogs, the knight with a cautious expression said:

“He wants us to revolt right now…?”

“Shh! How could that be! That’s ridiculous! As for what the Duke said….”

Joseph cut the knight and lowered his voice. What they were supposed to do was decided.

Joseph’s eyes twinkled cruelly.




I couldn’t sleep. No, I can’t sleep.

I can’t close my eyes because of the anger that I had been deceived so far, the sadness of being betrayed, and the regret of everything.

It was only now that the truth of the incident was grasped that everything became visible.

The servants of this mansion were not serving me.

As Shannet said, they were monitoring me and Shannet, telling Gabriel everything I do.

The culprit who did all this in the first place was Gabriel.

So, the sudden fire at the hunting ground on the day of the festival, and the mysterious death of the hunting ground keeper, are all Gabriel’s faults?

In an instant, a shiver ran through my body.

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