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Daphne was the light he had found.

If he lost her, there would be nothing left for him. His breath caught in his throat at the thought.

“I am different from Your Majesty.”

Even though Gabriel was the son he cherished, he couldn’t accept that he challenged his authority.

The Emperor’s face hardened and a cold voice came out.

“This is an order.”

“Your majesty!”

“I will give you a week. Make up for what you have done, Crown Prince. Otherwise, you have no chance.”

Gabriel had no choice but to leave the Emperor’s office.




Gabriel, who had left the Emperor’s office, questioned this.

‘Cesare, Cesare…!’

How can he be so lucky?

All the luck seemed to be on Cesare’s side.

I didn’t know that even the Emperor would come forward and tell Me to release Cesare.

Things I thought I could barely hold in my hands were slipping through my fingers like sand.

At this rate, Daphne will return to Cesare again.

‘I can’t walk away from this.’

Gabriel clenched his fist.

Daphne must be delusional.

The reality is so painful that she must be deceiving herself that all her feelings for Cesare are love.

… Even if Daphne truly loves the Duke…

‘I need Daphne.’

My heart was pounding. I couldn’t miss the sun I had acquired for the first time.

Every time I headed to the house where Daphne was staying, I could only feel a breath of fresh air.

I couldn’t live without Daphne.

If she broke up with her husband, Daphne would be sad. But that’s only temporary, and she’ll get used to it.

Just like when Gabriel lost his mother.

Gabriel arrived at his residence outside the Imperial Palace.

Although he had a home called the Imperial Palace, he always headed outside the Imperial Palace to the residence.

Because Daphne is waiting for him there.

‘I don’t think she’s waiting’

Gabriel mocked himself.

Suddenly, he felt that his situation was miserable.

It seemed like he had everything, but in the end he got nothing.

Cesare, who is barely imprisoned, is on the verge of being released again, and Daphne is also ready to fly out of the cage he had made at any time.

“What about Daphne?”

“The Duchess entered the room early, saying that she would sleep first.”

The butler who greeted Gabriel said.

Gabriel nodded.

Since the day Gabriel revealed the truth, Daphne has been refusing to meet Gabriel.

It’s been several days since I haven’t seen her face.

When Daphne was trying to escape and was captured by the knights, it was all I could see from a distance out the window.

Gabriel stroked his cheek.

He tried to kiss her, but it was a cold refusal.

He just wanted to show. That I can love you like this.

I don’t know if I could have really kissed her.

Daphne despised myself and pitied myself at the same time.

The image of Daphne’s face in his mind made Gabriel hesitate.

He still felt like he was not enough to stand in front of Daphne.

So, I completely removed Cesare and decided to stand next to her proudly.

But today, just today, I wanted to see Daphne.

Gabriel walked towards Daphne’s room, knowing that he would be rejected anyway, and that her maid would do her best to drive him out.

There was no one in front of Daphne’s room. Usually, a maid would guard the front door…

Gabriel, standing in front of the tightly closed Daphne’s room, took a deep breath and then gently knocked on the door with a slightly trembling hand.


There was no sound from inside.

Gabriel carefully opened the door with vain hopes that maybe Daphne wouldn’t welcome him today.

Daphne’s bedroom was a space he could not trespass on.

But today he crossed that line without anyone knowing.

The room was dark with the lights off. Gabriel found Daphne.

Daphne was asleep in her bed. As he got closer, he looked down at Daphne’s face.

Daphne was asleep as if dead. Whether she was breathing or not, he didn’t see the slightest movement. It felt like a lifeless doll.

Gabriel found that the corners of Daphne’s eyes were red and watery. Gabriel carefully touch the corners of her eyes.


Gabriel was startled by the sound that came out of Daphne’s teeth.

Maybe Daphne would open her eyes, and his heart was pounding.

The part of him that wanted her to wake up and see him conflicted with the part of him that wanted to stay asleep and watch her sleep in peace.

In the midst of this conflict, Gabrielle carefully stroked Daphne’s hair. Her brown hair was as soft as it looked.

“Is it right to let you go like this?”

Gabriel murmured.

At that moment, a sleepy smile appeared on Daphne’s face.

Gabriel’s heart pounded loudly at the beautiful angelic smile. An inevitable euphoria flashed across Gabriel’s face.

Daphne’s mouth twitched.


Gabriel knelt down in front of the bed.

You’re calling out another man’s name, and somehow even that makes him feel precious.

“After all, I can’t give up on you…”

Only the falling moonlight caressed him.




I dreamed of the original novel.

In my dream, I was Daphne, the wicked evil woman.

I resented the attention my husband, Cesare, gave to Gabriel, a mere slave.

And when I finally found out that they had spent the night in the same bed, I was furious.

I wanted to kill Gabriel, who had stolen my husband.

I picked up a dagger. The well-forged dagger was sharp enough to kill even a raging bull with one hit.

I approached Gabriel, who was asleep on the bed, leaving traces of an affair. Now that Gabriel was asleep, it was my chance to take his breath away.

I thought I had put a sword in Gabriel’s neck, but when I woke up, the sword had already sliced my throat.

I think I caught one last glimpse of Cesare’s face before I passed out.

What was Cesare’s expression at that time?

The screen has changed.

In the changed screen, Cesare was friendly and gentle.

We were not in the capital, but in the Burstoad estate. Gabriel had never visited and the hunting ground had never been set on fire.

Cesare and I lived a normal life as a couple, sometimes fighting and sometimes getting along.

Later, we had a child who looked half like us.

It was the future I was hoping for.

It was morning when I woke up from the dream. My head hurt like it was going to break. I looked like I had tears in my eyes while I slept.

I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand moderately.


Then, someone knocked on the door.


The owner of the voice was Gabriel.

I turned my head. I didn’t want to answer.

I had sympathy for Gabriel, who might have misunderstood my actions, but was angry at what he had done.

Even now, Cesare is suffering in the dungeon because of Gabriel’s lies.

But what followed was not something I could ignore.

“I’ll let you meet the duke.”

I hurriedly ran and opened the door.

It was Gabriel I haven’t seen in a long time. His expressionless face seemed to be hiding some urgency. it would be the same for me

Soon, the other person raised an eyebrow softly and smiled.

“Good morning, Daphne.”

“Is what you just said true? Will you let me meet Cesare?”

“Yes. If you let me in.”

I quickly stepped back. Gabriel bit his lower lip. But he soon smiled softly and entered the room.

I looked carefully at Gabriel, who was sitting across from the sofa.

Did Gabriel suddenly change his mind?

By nature, Gabriel is a kind and friendly person.

Maybe it’s because he’s regretted and reflected on his mistakes over the past few days.

If that was the case, I was also thinking of forgiving Gabriel. Anyway, Gabriel said that because he liked me too…

It’s clearly the wrong way, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re not good at love.

But what Gabriel gave me was something entirely different.

I looked at the thick papers on the table and asked him.

“What is this?”

“Divorce papers.”

I opened my eyes and looked at Gabriel.

“This is a document that formally demands a divorce from the Duke of Burstoad, who has been dishonored as a nobleman and has failed to fulfill his duties as a husband.”

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