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Chapter 8


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The thought of having to keep looking at that beggar-like face made my head go blank.

The dirty words I had heard from Triever went round and round in my head.


‘If he were a woman…’

Gaze from bottom to top and savor.

  1. ‘You look pretty today. Even flies will perch to your skin.’

Triever spit such words.


‘I have to run away to a crowded place…!’

Gabriel, terrified, turned around and ran away.

“Ah there!”

Triever ran after Gabriel as he ran away. Every time he jumped, his huge belly wobbled.

“What? What’s the fuss?”

“Who is that person? It’s my first time seeing him.”

The sudden chase drew the attention of servants.


However, Gabriel was soon captured by the Triever.

Triever’s strong hand grabbed Gabriel’s soft hair carelessly. Gabriel’s tears welled up in the pain as if his head was about to be pulled out.

“Let go of this!”

“Our Gabriel.”

Gabriel, who had lost his memory, remembered only his name.

It was not a name that commoners or slaves could easily acquire. Maybe that’s why he was drawn to him.

Triever held out what he was holding in his pocket with the intention of taking Gabriel back home.

When he found him in the woods before, he was starving, so it was easy to twist.

Triever smiled.

Since it is in Cesare’s territory, it would be difficult to forcefully take him to the hunting grounds.

Gabriel must return to his feet.

“Are you hungry? Eat this bread. huh? You liked it before.”

Gabriel saw the bread in thick, dirty hands.

It looked like he was wet with sweat.

Gabriel shook his head.

“Get away!”

Triever’s face wrinkled.

“It was the best time to eat! Are you saying you can’t even eat these things because you’re full? You slave bastard!”

Triever screamed and threw the bread. His eyes flipped. It seemed that this anger would be relieved by catching Gabriel right now and satisfying the greed that had not been achieved so far.

The sense of inferiority that had grown in the deepest part of Cesare’s servants exploded.

After Gabriel disappeared, the things that they couldn’t sleep will be passed by like a wind.

“Come on!!”

Triever grabbed Gabriel’s slender wrist.

“No! Let this go!! Someone please help!!”

Struggling Gabriel.

But no one here was willing to help Gabriel.

The eyes of the servants looking at Gabriel were transparent.

You may feel sorry for him, but you don’t want to be involved in this.

Gabriel was just a hindrance to them. A foreign substance that causes broke between Cesare and Daphne’s relationship.

If the conflict due to Gabriel intensifies, the effect will also extend to the servants.

Gabriel kicked Triever and struggled.

“Let go of this! You crazy bastard!”

Gabriel shook his head.

This time, he wondered if it was going to be something he had barely avoided.

It was time for Triever to pull Gabriel in, revealing his yellow teeth.

“Stop, there.”

Sweet and gentle voice, Gabriel’s savior has come.

“Who is it! Who dares to stop me!!”

Triever screamed in euphoria.

No one stops him.

In addition, because Gabriel was being helpless like this, a sense of joy rose and he forgot where this place was for a moment.

“I am.”

Daphne smiled brightly.

This time it was Triever who was surprised.

Trevor became a complete underdog and backed away in the form of a fat rat.


“That servant. You wish you could take. Do you have any business here?”

“That, that….”

“There should be nothing. I hope I will never see your face again in the future.”

Daphne whispered coldly.




This scene was familiar to me.

I happened to hear that the hunting groundskeeper had arrived, and I managed to find Gabriel while walking around looking for him.

He almost messed up what I was planning to do while I was looking for cookies.

Well, well, what are you doing with my life insurance!

Originally, it was Cesare’s role to rescue Gabriel from here.

But I needed a room where I could build the perfect intimacy with Gabriel.

So it had to be me to save Gabriel this time.

“What do you mean by that!! I am the custodian personally appointed by your excellency!!”

“That doesn’t mean I won’t be able to drive you out.”

After all, there are always criminals like that everywhere.

I kicked my tongue and ordered the servants around me.

“I will punish the man who dared to harm the servant of the duke. Put him in prison and flog him!”

“Yes, Madam!!”

Seeing the man screaming as he was being dragged away, Daphne secretly raised her middle finger.

Eat that, you son of a bxxx.

“Gabriel, are you okay?”

Gabriel got up from the floor.

Sadly, Gabriel seemed quite shocked. The trembling appearance caused pity.

Oh my gosh. Where else are your clothes going and why are you half-naked?

Surely that filthy bastard didn’t do anything horribly?

I hurriedly put the shawl I was wearing over Gabriel’s shoulder. Gabriel’s cold body, touching her fingertips.

What should we do? He must have been very surprised.

To reassure Gabriel, I stroked his back.

“That man will be punished severely and kicked out of this place.”

Tears fell from Gabriel’s eyes.

Ou-our angel.

I wanted to support him all the way to his room, but if she did, she could incite Cesare’s jealousy.

First of all, I’ve saved Gabriel from that filthy bastard, so I should be content with that.

Don’t worry, Gabriel. I’ll make that guy a eunuch.

TL/N: eunuch in Korean castration included removal of the penis as well as the testicles (see emasculation). Both organs were cut off with a knife at the same time.


I commanded the servants standing behind me.

“Take Gabriel to the room.”

“But, Madam…!”


The servants finally listened when I stared into their eyes.

You’re scared of me being angry, right?

Well, I’ve never been very angry with the servants after possessing this body.

But where is Cesare?

At this point, he had to show up like the main character and match my anger. While playing the role of a Prince who rescues her lover from a crisis.

However, Cesare did not appear until Gabriel disappeared with the help of his servants, perhaps because he was busy at other places.

Isn’t it today?

Well, thanks to Cesare’s delay, I was able to arrive on time.


By the way, it seemed like we should create more opportunities to put Cesare and Gabriel together. There would be no such contact.

Cesare must be moved by appearing out of nowhere and saving Gabriel, but Cesare foolishly missed that opportunity.

Tsk. Is it because he is always jealous? You have to take direct action.

Should I go ahead?

At the same time, I need to show that I have no intention of disturbing them.

Anyway, it’s hard to survive.

Still, things are going according to plan… I’ll take a closer look and bring up the divorce story.




Knock, Knock-

“Cesare, are you in there?”


Cesare winked at the secretary.

The secretary opened the door and helped Daphne in, then went out.

“What are you doing here, Daphne?”

Cesare stood up without realizing it.

These days, Daphne has been careless with him. Daphne has been quite favorable to him when they got married for political reasons.

Cesare was just thinking that his marriage with Daphne wasn’t bad.

It’s gentle, soft, and even sweet.

But Daphne’s attitude changed. Ever since he brought that pretty slave from the hunting grounds.

Cesare was quite concerned about Daphne’s change of attitude.

It was inevitable.

I’ve noticed that Daphne’s eyes are full of likes for Gabriel.

Now he regrets bringing the slave with him.

At that moment, I somehow felt like I had to bring Gabriel with me. An unknown force pushed him.

Every time Daphne looked and paid attention to the slave, his stomach twisted.

I don’t doubt Daphne’s fidelity. Daphne, unlike the secular noblewoman, has an unspoiled place, so it must have been simply a kindness.

I decided to think so. Perfume or whatever.

Like this, Daphne came to Cesare first.

“Cesare. I have a request.”

“Request? What is your request?”

Cesare walked out of the desk.

Daphne had never asked Cesare for a favor.

His wife was very frugal, although there would be many things she wanted in such a high place.

So Cesare was quite happy with the current situation.

“I was thinking about moving Gabriel place. I think the place where he works now is too hard.”


Until Daphne asked for Gabriel.

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